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Hope everyone has a safe and fun night tonight and time to sleep it all off in the morning. LOL :-)


Living in Middle Earth

By: jitterymoose, 9:58 PM GMT on December 27, 2009

....the more I see of this place, the more I believe Tolkien would have been right at home here.... and that's a good thing. :-)

Okay, I'll admit it. Prince of Wales and the area around Craig has got to be the most beautiful place we've EVER lived. There's that old saying about if you're lucky enough to live by the sea, you're lucky enough. Yeah. We've seen thousands of sea birds, seals, we've seen whale spouts in the distance, watched the fishing boats, walked on rocky shores, walked through shadowed woods with trees that the four of us holding hands could not encircle (and that's saying something 'cause my husband has weirdly long arms :-) )... you could really believe in Ents and Dryads, and all those things those guys wrote about...

The kids love the school (all two weeks of it they got before Christmas break), and it's an insanely NICE community with a great arts movement including more musicians per capita than most places, and there's a theater group. Who knew? I ended up playing at the P.O.W.E.R. benefit concert last Wednesday night (after not touching a piano for about three weeks), and I was terribly nervous, but it turned out to be so much fun (and I got to meet more musicians, so that was cool, too).

So, we're settling in. We're in a trailer that makes a lot of people say "Oh...that one," but it keeps the wind out, the rain off (and there hasn't been much rain--our first week was all warm weather and blue skies), and it's really cheap accommodations until we find a place to buy. It blew and rained like crazy on Christmas day, but now it's in the high 30s, and I took a two hour walk with Katie and all I needed was my Carhartt jacket.... I didn't even need a hat or gloves. Amazing, when you think that it's 46° COLDER in Fairbanks at the moment....

Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekened and had a wonderful Christmas! I need to be better about writing here and posting pictures (in case folks want to come and visit -- remember, we're in the Top 20 of the best places to fish on the PLANET). I just need to get that story done.... :-) Winning NANO was one thing, but finishing the thing is something entirely different. 109,000+ words and counting. Nearly there....



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Home of the North Wind..... :-)

Yep, we believe it, 'cause it was HOWLING through the pass and in town last night. We made it from Fairbanks clear to Haines Junction, YT on Tuesday (we left Fairbanks at 10:21, so we got out right at sunrise). We got to Beaver Creek, but there was no room at the 1202 Road House (bummer, because they have FANTASTIC rooms), so we headed on to Haines Junction. We forgot about the time change (oops) and ended up getting in at 11:40pm. Did I mention the snow storm and high wind warnings that we didn't know about. My daughter had the best comment of the night--as the wind was whipping the snow around up and over the highway--that it looked like monsters jumping in the snow. It was WILD, and I was so happy we weren't towing anything....

YESTERDAY, we headed to Whitehorse (and you have to stop at Tim Horton's for coffee and donuts when you get there), and that part of the drive was absolutely lovely. We were really impressed that the roads were so good (and incredibly clear). It was around 34°F in Whitehorse, and we hit 43°F at one point along the road before we got into town. THEN, we got on the Klondike Hwy headed to Skagway. It started out okay....

Then, we got up into the mountains and the pass outside Carcross, YT and OH MY UNHOLY HECK! 4 wheel drive and second gear for most of the way. High winds, DRIVING snow, guys on snow plows who were VERY surprised to see the trucks on the road (we were the only ones for MILES). The gates weren't down at Carcross, and they weren't down further up the pass, but WOW, I just wanted to not see white anymore. There wasn't much fog, but it was incredibly overcast, and when we finally started to descend, we descended into this smokey, inky greyness that just swallowed up everything. And at 4pm, the sun went down.

We got past the Border Crossing and continued down toward Skagway (you know, the Home of the North Wind). Two miles past the Border Crossing....rain. The snow just STOPPED and there was RAIN. Not freezing rain, not sleet, just RAIN. Found a place to stay last night (we can REALLY recommend Sgt. Preston's Lodge--they're VERY nice here, and Snickers likes the window), and I've been walking Katie all over the place. This morning, we headed out of town over the Skagway River and found where the Gold Rush Cemetary is, so we're going to walk back down there this afternoon. Got checked in with the ferry (pics if they're modern enough to have WiFi on board), walked around town, and found a neat coffee shop. Skagway's nice, but I was surprised that it doesn't really start moving until after 8 in the morning. There was NO ONE out and about when I started walking Katie at 7am.

Here today, here tomorrow, and load the rigs and us onto the ferry at 7:15 tomorrow evening for a 10:15pm departure. I'm sorry we're leaving Skagway in the dark because it looks like the view heading out the inlet and toward the Lynn Canal is STUNNING. :-)

We miss Fairbanks. It's nothing if not an adventure......
Hope everyone's having a great day! JM

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