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Snow, +nearly 3 minutes, Quest update

By: jitterymoose, 6:20 PM GMT on December 30, 2006

...If you can call it morning. We're still over an hour and a half from sunrise (I think it's 10:57am this morning), but sunset is edging closer and closer to 3:00pm (we're at around 2:48 now). We gain 2 minutes 59 seconds tomorrow, and it's to the point where it's almost noticeable. :-) Yukon Quest Crab Feed tickets (for those in Fairbanks and its environs) are going fast, so make sure you get them. Crab, fixin's, LIVE MUSIC, fun, and more! It's next Saturday at the Carlson Center. We're also in the final planning stages for Quest Fest, which will start around February 21st--when the first mushers begin to cross the finish line from Whitehorse. It's going to be a blast, and I'll start posting here as soon as things get finalized. It's about 6F at the house and pouring down snow. Sounds like the ATV's fired up, so the boys'll start plowing. Still no impressive amounts of snow, yet. We'll probably head down to Copper Center one of these weekends to check on the house. It's still for sale! Hope everyone has a great day! JM


Parents in Fairbanks Survival Calendar and weather updates

By: jitterymoose, 5:38 PM GMT on December 26, 2006

-9F at the house and pouring down snow. It's snowing harder here on the ridge than it is in town, and the road reports sound pretty good. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Today's a cleaning up the house, burning the boxes and paper from Christmas, and heading down the hill to do laundry day. Tomorrow's a "back-at-it" day, and the kids are off to camp for break. At least there are good places for them to hang out and do sports and crafts over break (and see their friends). There's a youth dog mushing program at the Noel Wein Library on January 4th (if folks are looking for things for their kids to do in Fairbanks). It's not associated with the Yukon Quest, but I'm going to take some time off and go check it out with the kids. Hope everyone has a great day!

Parent-in-Fairbanks-Survival-Calendar entry of the day:

"Marcia's Marvelous Movie Matinee" from 2-3pm at Noel Wein Library: "Peter and the Wolf," "Harry Comes Home," and "The Hat" FREE

Alaska Public Lands Information Center (APLIC), "The Lorax" at 12:00noon, and "Winter Patrol--Denali by Dogsled" at 2pm FREE

Check out the listings for tomorrow here!

Have fun out there! JM



By: jitterymoose, 5:42 PM GMT on December 23, 2006

Okay, so it's a really fine, wet snow, but, hey, it's SNOW. The forecast is for less than an inch, but I think we've got about 1/4" at the moment, and it's really coming down. Snow IN Fairbanks isn't the big deal, it's snow to the north and east--through Central and Circle and on over through Yukon-Charley Rivers NP&P and into the Yukon Territory. The last major storm stayed to the south. Valdez and Anchorage both got hammered, and I'm waiting to hear how much landed in Copper Center (there's still a house for sale down there!). The Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race begins January 13th. Check out their website: http://www.cb300.com for conditions, musher info, and to follow the race online! Temps on the ridge are about -10F, and forecast for -35F by Tuesday (I hope it's wrong!). Still, we'll take the SNOW. Crab tickets for the Yukon Quest fundraiser are still available. Check out http://www.yukonquest.com for more info, and if you're stumped for a Christmas present, the 1K Mile Membership jackets are in and they're GORGEOUS (and unique--not a lot of Lower 48-ers are members.....yet (wink)). Have a wonderful day! I'm off to stupidly brave the roads and Fred Meyer's. That'll teach me to wait to food shop until the last minute! :-)


Happy Day After Solstice!

By: jitterymoose, 4:20 PM GMT on December 22, 2006

So bummed I didn't get to post yesterday. Then again, I didn't get to be outside at ALL yesterday. Today, we GAIN 8 seconds (hooray!)! Tomorrow, we gain a whole 29 seconds! What's going to be nice is that, in about a month or so, we'll be gaining over 5 minutes a day of light (nearly an hour every 10 days). It's -8F at the house, and -20F in the valley below. The forecast is for a return to "stupid cold"-- -30's or lower -- over the next week. We got a dusting of snow--probably less than a quarter of a inch--and I've actually had the phone ring at work with people asking if the Quest will be cancelled due to lack of snow (race start in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory is February 10th). Not yet, but we're actively praying for snow at the moment! Hope everyone has a great day! JM


A miracle.....

By: jitterymoose, 4:21 PM GMT on December 20, 2006

..we were supposed to have highs of -10F to -5F today. The puppies at Pioneer Park are going to be outside (don't worry, these are huskies, and that's actually nice....for them! Not so much for the humans!)...Well, it's now 16F down in the valley and 29F at the moment at the house! Hooray! Highs in the valley expected near 25F! Puppies at Pioneer Park for Military Appreciation Day (The STYKERS ARE HOME!--okay, most of them), and the public is invited. Noon-4pm for the puppies, noon-6pm for Santa at the Tanana Valley Railroad, and the train WILL BE RUNNING! :-) It's going to be such a fun day! Pics here tonight of all the festivities. Fireworks at 7:30pm (last I heard) at the Carlson Center. And if anyone from Fairbanks is checking this out--the CRAB FEED is back. All you can eat Alaska Crab on January 6th. Yum! Call 452-7954 to get your tickets! Needless to say, they're limited. Happy December 20th! We only lose 13 seconds of daylight, and turn the corner after tomorrow! Sunrise is now at 10:57am and it sets at 2:40pm. Have a great day! JM


Puppies at Pioneer Park 12/20 12-4pm

By: jitterymoose, 6:29 AM GMT on December 19, 2006

Go, dogs, go! Volunteers from the Quest will have puppies at Pioneer Park for Military Appreciation Day on Wednesday, December 20th from 12pm-4pm. Folks in Fairbanks might want to know that the CRAB FEED for the Yukon Quest is back (all you can eat!) on January 6th. Call the Yukon Quest Office at 452-7954, or stop by the Cache downtown for your tickets! Mmmmmmm......crab..... :-) Shameless plug for membership--check out http://www.yukonquest.com and scroll down to see the WAY TOTALLY COOL jackets for the 1,000 Mile Members. Bugaboo Columbia, and with personalized embroidery! Okay, shameless plugs over. It dumped snow here this afternoon (hooray!), but now the temp's dropped to about -10F up here on the ridge, so it's much colder in town. Only a couple more days and we start to GAIN light. HOORAY! Hope everyone's having a great night. Puppy pics here on Wednesday night (oh, and these are adoptable pups for those coming to the event!). JM


I got a job!

By: jitterymoose, 7:09 AM GMT on December 13, 2006

Hooray! I got a job--a really COOL job! Finally! I've been on furlough now since 1 October, and I've been worried about finding something. While it doesn't pay much, it's going to be SO MUCH FUN, and it's flexible, so that's great for the kids! Check out http://www.yukonquest.org. I'm the new Project Coordinator for the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race! Won't the blog get really interesting NOW! :-) Hope everyone has a GREAT NIGHT! JM


The Aurora's Out!

By: jitterymoose, 7:08 AM GMT on December 12, 2006

..and it's just beautiful. I'm going to run out and try to get a photo. Back in a minute!


38F at the house, 9F at the airport!

By: jitterymoose, 10:39 PM GMT on December 07, 2006

I'm mmmeeeellllttttiiinnnggg..... (melting). It was so warm, I took the dog for a walk and didn't wear a jacket! Short sleeves all around! What a difference a few days (and a few feet in elevation) make! Of course, I know we'll still be in for at least -30s in January, but 38 at the moment feels like SPRING! :-)


Update--Sorley's home!

By: jitterymoose, 5:29 AM GMT on December 06, 2006

Just wanted you all to know that Sorley made it home. She's pretty thin, but okay otherwise. Hope she doesn't run off again.


Sorley's gone missing

By: jitterymoose, 1:56 AM GMT on December 05, 2006

I posted a picture of her on my blog. If you've seen her in the vicinity of either Farmer's Loop or down on the other side of the ridge, please e-mail me here. Oh, in Fairbanks, AK. I know she's fast, but I think she's stil in the area. We've been out driving around looking for her and walking around calling. The kids are really sad and we're getting worried, too. She's a great dog. I know why someone might just want to keep her, but we really want to know she's okay, too.
Thanks. JM


Sunny and warm!

By: jitterymoose, 10:03 PM GMT on December 02, 2006

It's 32F at the house! We haven't seen temps like that since early October. Fewer than 2 hours left before the sun goes down, but it's just GORGEOUS up here. It looks like fog in the valley, and I'm sure it's colder down there. The haze is really apparent today. I've had birds like crazy at the feeder, and even the black caps have come back. I'll post pictures in a bit.


Warmer with snow & Dublin Calling

By: jitterymoose, 8:50 PM GMT on December 01, 2006

It's gotten up to about 12F here, and we're sweating to death after the -20s. Really. I know it sounds bizarre, but being above 0 makes a difference. I'm down with what looks like strep throat (I'll know this afternoon after the doctor's appointment). It started Sunday night, and I was pretty sure it was just the flu (haha--JUST the flu), but after 4+ days of feeling like I'm swallowing razor blades, well, it's time to go to the doctor. Other than that, it's been a pretty eventful week. I survived an interview in Fairbanks (although, the cold medication started to wear off after the 4th of the 5 hours), and, to rip off The Clash, (remember "London Calling?"), I found out I have an opportunity to interview for a job in Ireland. Oooooooo....it's like a dream, only, in my dream, the kids are older and I don't have guilt about uprooting the family and moving them half a world away. Still, it was nice to be invited to the dance. It's all in the timing. Hope everyone's having a nice, safe day! JM


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