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Possible freeze on 6/24!

By: jitterymoose, 5:43 AM GMT on June 23, 2006

Okay..... I think I'm just going to have to face the fact that this wasn't the year to try anything other than broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower..... They're forecasting a freeze here (down near the river) tomorrow night! It was COLD here today--not just termination dust but REAL SNOW on the mountains, even as low as Fireweed and Donoho, AND, the fireweed's BLOOMING. Fireweed usually doesn't begin to bloom until about mid-July, and by mid-August, the blooms "reach the top," and the story goes that it means it's 6 weeks until the first snow. The worst I've seen is when it reached the top in July 2003, and we had a hard freeze August 15th and the first snow soon after! Ah, well. At least we finally got RAIN. It rained so hard in McCarthy last night that it kept waking us up (metal roof on the cabin)! It cleared off by mid-morning, but it was just cold... so cold.... Highs tomorrow are supposed to be in the 40s. Yikes. Hope everyone's having a nice evening! New pics tomorrow (after a good night sleep). Take Care! JM


Fairbanks bound? New pics on the blog

By: jitterymoose, 4:34 AM GMT on June 19, 2006

Well, there's a better-than-90% chance we're moving to Fairbanks. ???!!!! Did you know that there have been record lows of -66F in Fairbanks? Have we lost our MINDS? Probably, but that's okay. While I'll be sad to leave the Copper River Valley, it's only 5 hours away, so that's not too bad. It's not like we're moving to the Lower 48 or anything like that. Still, I'll miss it (especially the garden). New pics on the blog from Sheep Mountain and the trips in and out to Anchorage to get the kids back and forth to summer camp. Hope everyone's had a nice week! JM


Stay safe in Florida--Eric call mom when it's over

By: jitterymoose, 7:50 AM GMT on June 13, 2006

I hope everyone in Florida has battened down the hatches or gotten out of town. It's been WINDY here today, which means the satellite doesn't work, so I've been trying to follow along on line. Home this week. Fires to the west of us in Nenana (over 40 acres burned, 3 houses gone so far), but so far it's not like the fire season of a couple of years ago--when the smoke was so thick from the Fairbanks area fires (300 miles to the North) that visibility dropped to 1/2 mile here and I felt really badly for all those folks who spent all that money to come here and not even be able to see the mountains.... Conditions here--WINDY, cloudy, still around 58F at 11:50pm, and broad daylight outside. June 21st can't come soon enough! Hope everyone's having a nice, safe evening. Eric, if you're reading this--CALL YOUR MOM AFTER THE HURRICANE'S OVER. Thanks. JM


Home again, home again (pics of Kennecott)

By: jitterymoose, 6:27 AM GMT on June 09, 2006

Ah.....home....a hot shower, an indoor toilet... there's nothing better... except that we had quite the cold snap Sunday and Monday and it looks like a bunch of plants in the greenhouse didn't make it. :-( Oh, well. There was a freeze in McCarthy this morning, and all the trees' leaves were droopy. I was hoping it stayed warm in Copper Center, but it didn't. Kennecott is where we spend the majority of our summer. I'd have loved growing up here (with it being a ruin)--lots of twisted metal and places to explore.... Of course, there are lead, arsenic, and other nasty issues there, too, but, details, details. My weather station's down at the moment, but I'm guessing it's around 45F, no wind, and still light as day outside (ugh). Hope everyone had a great week! JM


Thanks for the Bumps!

By: jitterymoose, 8:01 PM GMT on June 01, 2006

Thanks for the bumps, everyone! My dad finally saw it. I'm in Fairbanks this week--it's cloudy and COLD. Even though all the thermometers are reading 67F or so, there's a really crisp wind blowing and it's overcast. I'm hoping for rain--actually EVERYONE'S hoping for rain. It looks like it rained at home (hooray!), but not enough to show up as being measureable. Hope everyone's having a great week. We should be home late Saturday night, so I'll post pictures of the trip then (along with a new entry). Have a great week! JM


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