Tallahassee, FL forecast discussion 6-24-2015

By: jaws2003, 4:36 PM GMT on June 24, 2015

Short Term(Today-Friday Morning)

Showers and thunderstorms will dominate the short term period. For Today temperatures will be around 93F with some afternoon showers. There is a disturbance coming from the west moving to the east. Lows for tonight will be around 78F. For Thursday highs will be around 92F with a chance of afternoon showers. Thursday night/Friday morning lows will be about 76F. Temperatures during the short term period are a...

Tallahassee,FL forecast discussion 4-19-2015

By: jaws2003, 6:21 PM GMT on April 19, 2015

Short Term(Today-Tuesday)

Currently there is a frontal system passing through the forecast area bringing thunderstorms and rain to the area. The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch that is currently in effect until 3pm EST. There is also a Flash flood watch in effect until Sunday evening. Also there is a severe thunderstorm warning until 1:30pm EST. Some of the storms that are in the front will be strong at times bringing gusts of rain....

Tallahassee, FL Weekly Forecast 3-30-2015

By: jaws2003, 7:37 PM GMT on March 30, 2015

Short Term(Today-Wednesday afternoon):

Currently there is a frontal system that is approaching the Tallahassee area and will bring in showers later this afternoon. The high for today is expected to be around 75F and the low for tonight is expected to be around 60F. Highs for Tuesday will be around 78F with some cloud cover and chances of rain in the afternoon hours. Lows for Tuesday will be around 65F and Highs for Wednesday will be around 77F. These...

Updated: 7:38 PM GMT on March 30, 2015

Tallahassee, FL forecast discussion 8-17-2014

By: jaws2003, 9:51 PM GMT on August 17, 2014

Short Term(Today-Tuesday)

Currently there are a band of showers coming from the southwest. This band of showers will bring some thunderstorms to the Tallahassee area. Current temperature is 90F with a dewpoint temperature of 78F and this will bring the heat index to 104F and caution should be used in order to avoid any heat related injuries. Tonight lows will be around 78F which will be slightly above average. Highs on Monday will be around 93F with dew...

Tallahassee, FL forecast discussion 3-23-2014

By: jaws2003, 5:28 PM GMT on March 23, 2014

Short Term(Today-Tuesday)
Currently there is a frontal system in the area that will bring some rain for Sunday. Current radar images show the system coming from the west and is near the Panama City area. High for Sunday will be around 78F. This temperature is slightly above seasonal averages. Sunday night low will be around 63F which is above seasonal averages. Mondays high will be 68F which will be below seasonal averages. There will be some rain in the morni...

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