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Deadly Worldwide Coral Bleaching Episode Underway--Earth's 3rd on Record

Dr. Jeff Masters, October 9, 2015

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

Earth is entering its third worldwide coral bleaching event of the last 20 years--a disturbing example of how a warming planet can harm vital ecosystems--NOAA announced on Thursday. NOAA also released an eight-month outlook that projects even more bleaching to come in 2016.

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Risky Business on the Way to Paris

Dr. Ricky Rood, October 4, 2015

Professor, University of Michigan

Of course, the leading example of cities and corporations facing the most immediate credit challenges would be those vulnerable to sea level rise and storm surges.

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South Carolina Floods, Extreme Weather Survival, and a Few Poke The Bear Topics

Dr. Marshall Shepherd, October 7, 2015

2013 President, American Meteorological Society
Director of Atmospheric Sciences, Univ. of Georgia

Dennis Mersereau (@wxdam on Twitter and worth a follow), in my opinion, is one of the most significant weather journalists out their right now, period. He writes meteorologically-accurate material for...

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An extraordinary meteorological event; was one of its results a 1000-year flood?

Stu Ostro, October 5, 2015

Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Channel

The confluence of meteorological ingredients the first weekend in October 2015 resulted in an extraordinary weather event with severe impacts. Was one of them a 1000-year flood?

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2015 Youth Fishing Clinic rains buckets of BIG fish!

Jim Root, October 5, 2015

Professional Bass Angler

I had no idea that kids would be as excited to fish in 40 degrees and rain as they were yesterday at my annual fishing clinic at Amahami with the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc. Special thanks to Trokar, Slop Frog Baits and Elite Tungsten Co. for donating hooks, baits, and weights.

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Prodigious Rains in South Carolina

Lee Grenci, October 4, 2015

Retired Senior Lecturer and Forecaster, The Pennsylvania State University

Over the weekend, I heard a myriad of explanations for the cause of the historic rains in South Carolina, ranging from “moisture from Hurricane Joaquin” to “Joaquin had nothing to do with the pr...

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Portlight and partners respond to massive flooding

Portlight, September 30, 2015

Disaster Relief Organization

Portlight and partners respond to flooding disaster.

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First Rain of the Season for Southern California

Zachary Labe, September 13, 2015

Northeast Weather Analyst

The remnants of Hurricane Linda will track toward southern California in addition to a deepening trough. This will allow for a moist, upslope flow to provide the first widespread rain of the fall season across the region.

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