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Garden almost beat!

By: georgevandenberghe, 1:35 PM GMT on February 15, 2014

I am remembering with humor and irony the period sixty days ago when I tried to get lettuce and broccoli through the winter. Not this winter!

The previous insult was a nine day period of arctic (well for this mild area!) cold with highs in the 20s and lows in the low teens and lower excursions. Now the Brussels sprouts have been crushed to an unknown degree by a 10 pound/square foot load of snow. I'll wait for the melt to find out how much they were crushed. Spinach remains fine, what little Bambi and Thumper left.

I tell the kids it should melt by June but the truth is that substantial warmth is expected next week and the deep dense snow cover should all be gone by next Thursday or so, 'Bout time! I'm also down to my last half cord of firewood.

But I've been busy around the too messy house; need to get the broccoli, lettuce, onions, and sweetpeas planted (can't right now being at hockey practice). Tomatoes (yes spring is coming!!) are 4" high and ready for next week's chilling exposure and sun, a practice which makes for earlier blooms on sturdier plants. March always provides some opportunities to get this done before late April planting in soil prewarmed with clear plastic mulch.

Updated: 1:37 PM GMT on February 15, 2014


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