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wintry mix

By: fred37, 3:41 PM GMT on January 26, 2013

Weather was active the last week. Stagnant conditions finally gave way to some minor storms around Wednesday. We had snow, rain, even a little freezing rain/sleet, off and on through Friday. Friday evening saw a pretty good rainfall with temps 2-3C. Current forecast calls for minor snows over the next several days as air will cool. I need to get some ice cleared off the patio roof while it's still above freezing this a.m. Ice that always forms (crappy attic insulation!) but slid down over the edge of gutter during our last big warmup (around Jan 8-9).


midst of winter

By: fred37, 4:26 PM GMT on January 12, 2013

For a few minutes this a.m., wunderground was reporting the local temp as 7C (~44F). It's actually -7C; I've never seen that sort of thing happen, except the time several years ago when Soda Springs, ID was reporting something like 1000F (I have the screen shot!). Yes, modern equipment malfunctions occasionally.
Anyway, the winter has been pretty uneventful. We've had some snow & cold, overall I believe a little bit warmer than usual. This week is forecast to be typical Jan high pressure which means clear (hopefully) and cold. Cold/snow into Feb would be nice. bfn...


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