Know what I mean?

Know what I mean?

By: earnestp, 11:28 PM GMT on October 04, 2011

Boy Howdy! I finally made it on the innernet! My buddy Vern's been a tellin me all about it! Why, he figgered out how to assemble a cold fusion generator just by readin what somebody wrote on there! All he needs now are the parts! Any of yall know how I can get ahold of somebody at Los Alamos? My 4th cousin twice removed Bobby works at Oak Ridge, but I think he's just a janitor!

Anyway, I saw this Weather Underground place, and I thought to myself. And then I thought some more, and then I said "Earnest." "Huh." "Why do they call it the Weather Underground? If they are underground, how can they see the weather?" "I dunno. Maybe they are reporting the weather in caves or basements or something like that." "But there ain't no weather in basements." "It does if theres a pipe busts, then you have rain and fog." "Oh. OK."

Vern also told me there was a lot of pitchers of half nekkid women on the innernet, too, but all I see here is lots of purty pitchers of outdoors and critters and things, with some of cousin Cletus' weenie roast gone out of control. There's a FlaBlondie out here in the underground that's kinda purty, but I don't think she can fix fried taters and balony. If a woman can't fix fried taters and balony, she ain't worth spittin at, do you know what I mean?


Know what I mean?

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