April to do's a bit late...

By: dragonflyF15, 8:22 PM GMT on April 23, 2014

Just when we think it's finally Spring, Winter keeps wanting to bite back. Way late on my blog this month, mainly cause everything is just so behind season this year. Crazy thing is next week we have chances of hitting the low 40's, high 30's...so it's screwing up planting schedules.

April to do list (Zone 4a-6a) Each category is listed in order of activity from top of the list to be done in the early month to the end of the list to be done mid-late A...

March Madness

By: dragonflyF15, 7:16 PM GMT on March 05, 2014

Doesn't feel very March like yet, but that may be changing this weekend with 50-60° weather coming in!

Your gardening tasks for March
FYI: Mother nature overrules any to-do list when it comes to gardening. This information is a basic guideline. To actually work with mother nature and pest management, check out a great book called Coincide by Dan Orton. March is a guessing game in the garden. Will it warm up soon? Will it stay warm? Will the ra...

White Rabbit! February to do in the Garden!

By: dragonflyF15, 2:11 PM GMT on February 01, 2014

January makes one realize that it's winter...February makes one realize that it's not over.

To do list for February for zones 4-6:
-Winter aconite (Eranthis sp.) and snowdrops (Galanthus sp.) are hardy bulbs for shady gardens that frequently push up through snow to bloom now.
-Water evergreens if the soil is dry and unfrozen.
-Inspect summer bulbs in storage to be sure none are drying out. Discard any that show signs of rot...

Winter Gardenland!

By: dragonflyF15, 12:56 PM GMT on December 03, 2013

Zone 4-6, this is your list!

-Water houseplants with tepid water. Cold tap water may shock plants
-Be sure newly purchased indoor plants are well protected for the trip home. Exposure to icy temperatures for even a few moments may cause injury.
-Overwintering geraniums like bright light and cool temperatures. Keep soils on the dry side.
-On cold nights, move houseplants back from icy windows to prevent chilling injury. ...

November gardens

By: dragonflyF15, 2:36 PM GMT on November 07, 2013

-Continue watering evergreens until the ground freezes. Soils must not be dry when winter arrives.
-Now is the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs. Before digging the hole, prepare the site by loosening the soil well beyond the drip line of each plant. Plant trees and shrubs at the depth they grew in the nursery and not deeper. Remove all wires, ropes and non-biodegradable materials from roots before back filling. Apply a 2-3 inch mulch laye...

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