November Beds

By: dragonflyF15, 9:20 PM GMT on November 02, 2015

-Continue watering evergreens until the ground freezes. Soils must not be dry when winter arrives.
-Now is the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs. Before digging the hole, prepare the site by loosening the soil well beyond the drip line of each plant. Plant trees and shrubs at the depth they grew in the nursery and not deeper. Remove all wires, ropes and non-biodegradable materials from roots before back filling. Apply a 2-3 inch mulch laye...

Autumn to do's!

By: dragonflyF15, 4:49 PM GMT on October 06, 2015

Wow! Hard to believe another month has flown by! Happy Autumn!

-Plant yearly spring bulbs among hostas, ferns, daylilies or ground covers. As these plants grow in the spring they will hide the dying bulb foliage.
-Plant tulips now.
-Container grown and B & B trees and shrubs can be planted. Loosen the soil in an area 5 times the diameter of the root ball before planting. Mulch well after watering.
-Continue watering, ...

Updated: 4:52 PM GMT on October 06, 2015

August To Do's in the Garden

By: dragonflyF15, 4:55 AM GMT on August 01, 2015

While July started off quite the wet month, it ended up being quite hot out there and we've been melting. August looks to be starting off at normal temperatures though. Hope everyone got a chance to glance at the blue moon July 31st. We were lucky, it was clear and it was beautiful! Got your to do list for zones 4-6 and hope you all are finding ways to stay cool!

-Annuals may appear leggy and worn now. These can be cu...

July 1st Garden do in zone 4-5, White Rabbits and more rain....

By: dragonflyF15, 11:49 AM GMT on July 01, 2015

Been behind with Garden Posts last few months, back on it!

Gardening tasks for July, Zone 4-6:
-Remove infected leaves from roses. Pick up fallen leaves. Continue fungicidal sprays as needed.
-While spraying roses, mix extra and spray hardy Phlox to prevent powdery mildew.
-Keep deadheading spent annual flowers for continued bloom.
-Keep weeds from making seeds now. This will mean less weeding for next year.

Updated: 11:54 AM GMT on July 01, 2015

April Showers

By: dragonflyF15, 3:35 PM GMT on April 03, 2015

Just when we think it's finally Spring, Winter keeps wanting to bite back as we here dip down into the mid 30's again after hitting 80 a few days ago. Ah Mother Nature is so fickle.

April to do list (Zone 4a-6a) Each category is listed in order of activity from top of the list to be done in the early month to the end of the list to be done mid-late April.

-When buying bedding plants, choose compact, bushy plants that have n...

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