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By: don62009 , 9:54 AM GMT on August 18, 2014

We had rain in our area for most of the weekend. The rain was mostly slow and steady, but Saturday night we did have some Thunderstorms move through the area at 9-10pm. The crops in the field look very healthy.

Today is the first day back for the school district. The teachers have been preparing for student for the past few weeks. Today school buses and children will be walking to to school so be vigilant watch for them as you drive to work this morning.

A friend of mine is growing hops in his garden and I noticed last weekend that the cone shaped flowers were visible. I think the weather might have cooperated with his hop growing. He plans to use the hops in batches of home-brewed beer.

Venus and Jupiter are close to each other in Mid-August if you have a clear morning. You might enjoy this vista of the two planets. We might have some clouds and fog from the recent rain but I'm holding out that I might get to gaze on Venus and Jupiter as move along in their orbits.

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