Christmas Week Snowstorm Update

By: djdowning017, 10:31 PM GMT on December 19, 2012

Alot has been going on lately with the models and trying to push this system next week to the north and that cant happen because of the strong blockage that will be in place in canada. now here is my thinking right now im leaning towards the euro model even though its doing the curve north thing but it does show more of a southern track which the low is position south of arkansas which if we can get the winds to be east to northeast snow totals will shoot up like po...

Christmas Snowstorm Surprise!!!!!!!

By: djdowning017, 3:21 AM GMT on December 18, 2012

Now i know what all of you might be thinking of the title and ask yourselfs what are you talking about by Christmas Snowstorm surprise. well i will tell you now im not really into it just yet but there is a chance of a major snowstorm in arkansas around Christmas now the European is really kicking it into high gear with Snow and possibly 50 to 60 mph winds. the gfs wants to push this system north and towards a block which will develop into canada in the next few day...

Updated: 3:49 AM GMT on December 18, 2012

Next Week still in question, But next week will be cold

By: djdowning017, 10:43 PM GMT on December 14, 2012

The models are still having trouble with this next week system neither of the models have any snow showing in them. still a few days for everything to turn around but right now it looks like there wont be any snow for next week. now looking into the future the christmas holiday could be rather chilly and possible snowy but still about two weeks away so still time for that to change. this is only december and we still got two months to go in winter so still plenty of...

winter for december

By: djdowning017, 7:36 PM GMT on November 22, 2010

the weather has changed again like i said it would. now they are saying snow for the first part of december maybe for a whole week but that is a long time off. i will be checking it out but for now that is what it is saying right now.

winter not expected

By: djdowning017, 8:44 PM GMT on November 18, 2010

the models changed yet again so no snow for the south right now but that will change again. so will the south get snow or not. you be the judge?

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