Isaac's blob

By: cynvision, 1:42 PM GMT on August 28, 2012

It's attack of the blob of Isaac today, Tuesday. Monday's brush with the blob dried out before getting to Hilton Head proper. This morning I got out of the house to see a big blob of low cloud heading north towards my house. Bluffton, SC got a good drenching from the small band this morning. Now it's Charleston's and North Carolina's turn. A sweep of moisture is still heading north offshore.Additionally, Isaac has formed an eye and perhaps now will get called a hurr...

Tropical Storm

Blessings of blog ignore

By: cynvision, 11:48 AM GMT on August 28, 2012

I've ignored Tasmanian before. I've just ignored him again. Blessed be I don't have to listen to his bashing the NHC on the blog simply because they're not a member of WeatherUnderground. Other members can say "isn't that cute, he is English as a second language." No. He's bashing at every turn a hundred people who've got Isaac down better than he does. Awww. He wants to drop cows on the NHC... I'll drop some crow by his place. Buckup Taz. There'll be a storm you "g...


TS Isaac

By: cynvision, 4:37 PM GMT on August 27, 2012

I knew TS Isaac was not going to rapidly intensify. Too many things going against it as it came off Cuba. A number of people on Dr. Master's blog wanted rapid development. All they wanted to see was the computer models validated Sunday afternoon. Nothing else could satisfy them. Nothing. Not even the truth on the radar showing no eye, no wrapping of center of circulation. They came down on people like me being endangering of lives for downplaying the potential of th...

Updated: 10:52 PM GMT on August 27, 2012

TS Issac

By: cynvision, 4:28 PM GMT on August 27, 2012

Watching Issac. We had a very sunny Saturday and Sunday, perfectly clear skies the whole time and lower high temps than I expected for August. Overnight, a push of tropical air from Issac came north and pushed onto Hilton Head Island to rain down pretty good just about 11am. Seems TS Issac had to shed convection and dry air onto Florida and it's causing a mess there. Up here, we're seeing a tiny bit that the GFS precip model hinted at the few times someone posted it...

Tropical Storm

Wet Weekend

By: cynvision, 9:09 PM GMT on October 12, 2008

It's been a wet few days here. Finally! There's been about 2.5" of rain since last week. Temps bopping up and down as a few fronts move over and stall. Saturday was cool. Today it flipped to warm and steamy in the space of an hour I spent in a store. At first the thunderstorms moved up from the south and now they're steady in from the ocean on the east. No weather forecaster gave this thing a name but it feels like it should have one. It's hanging around. Another o...

Updated: 4:29 PM GMT on August 27, 2012

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