Tunnels stop drought.

By: cyclonebuster, 12:03 AM GMT on April 09, 2015

http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2015/02/multiple-be nefits-of-ocean-tunnels.html?m=1


By: cyclonebuster, 6:12 AM GMT on February 24, 2015


Updated: 11:28 PM GMT on April 06, 2015

Hi Edouard @ 27N 76W WNW 10MPH.

By: cyclonebuster, 3:51 AM GMT on February 22, 2011


Not only can the tunnels weaken a hurricane and restore summertime Northern Arctic Ice extent but they can also make many many Mega Watts to sell to the public to pay for the project and make a nice profit from them. It just depends on how much cooling you want from them while in cooling phase. A great advantage is the ability to REGULATE SST's over anytime period with them. Can also be used with OTEC technology.Importation of Fossil Fuels...

Updated: 9:50 PM GMT on September 10, 2014

Life On Earths Moon Is Possible

By: cyclonebuster, 10:52 PM GMT on January 03, 2011

I found this data and it is very possible that life already exists on the moon.Link

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