DOWN with winter!!

By: cristind93, 12:25 AM GMT on March 31, 2014

I am so sick of winter! I sense that there is an end in sight, but you can never really tell. Today it got into the 60's....the warmest it's been all year. Not bad...though there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground and it is supposed to dip in temperature again and snow (or that disgusting slush...ugh hate it). I don't truly think that winter will last into May like it did last year. However, it could be a few weeks before we see definite and permanent signs ...

Catching a Break

By: cristind93, 8:37 PM GMT on November 15, 2013

Lately, it has been very cold outside. I've been sick on top of it, so the cold makes me feel worse. The days I hate the most are WINDY cold days. The wind is almost painful!! We got some snow a few weeks back but nothing much since then. Just the miserable cold and mostly overcast skies. The sun peeks out every now and then, but not enough for my liking!
However, today is beautiful out!! It is sunny, calm, and in the 50's. It is much better than the weather w...


By: cristind93, 6:30 AM GMT on November 09, 2013

It is SO COLD outside. It is uncomfortable and I hate it. And next week it'll be below freezing. :( Someone bring me back my summer!


By: cristind93, 4:07 AM GMT on October 29, 2013

Well, here we go again. The warm weather lasted into this month but was relatively short lived. It has since been replaced by cold weather, and yes, snow. The dreaded snow. So far it has only been flurries, nothing significant enough to accumulate. The cold has come in full force, with temperatures already getting below freezing (mostly at night for now) and wind chills in the teens.
I hate the cold. I always have to bundle up to go outside and even then it ...

It's a Good Start....

By: cristind93, 10:13 PM GMT on September 26, 2013

What a great start to fall!! The days are still plenty warm and sunny, and I am definitely a fan of it. I love it! The colors are starting to change but aren't super noticeable yet. They will be soon I'm sure. The days have been pretty breezy, which, I must say, is NOT fun, but oh-well. We do still need more rain, so hopefully we will get some more soon. I was hearing tomorrow night? We'll just have to see.

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