Rain Rain Go Away....

By: cristind93, 5:25 AM GMT on May 30, 2013

Rain is nice, storms are nice. What isn't nice is when it sticks around for about 300 years. I am sick and tired of waking up to overcast and rainy days. Where's the sun?! I want a gorgeous day!! The clouds don't allow it to warm up, so it is still rather chilly outside....I am not happy about it. The worst is that it's not over. We have several more rainy days ahead....not how I wanted summer break to start. My birthday is coming up and it better not be just another dreary, rainy, crappy day! :P



By: cristind93, 1:00 AM GMT on May 18, 2013

Lately, it has been so much warmer here. It was a loooong winter and even mother nature couldn't put up with all that crap!! It's been warm and sunny most days, with one day getting close to 95. That's when it starts to get too hot for me but I didn't really mind. Today was rainy and dreary. It sucked, because this is my first day of summer break. But we do need rainy days too, plus I love listening to the rain. :) There is a chance of storms this weekend. Nothing better than a good, old-fashioned thunderstorm. :) The snow is all gone now and the grass is green and the leaves are budding on the trees. Glad to see spring finally arrive! Hoping for plenty more beautiful days coming up. :)


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