Vog and Garbage !!!

By: clearlakemike, 1:31 AM GMT on January 14, 2015


Widespread Vog & Haze Today, Dry Weather


Three bedroom with nursery and laundry room! Nice wooded backyard.

One car gar(b)age! (Thanks, Briar, lol...)


Meditation For Protection From Radiation With Simrit Kaur

(can also be practiced for prote...

Updated: 7:42 PM GMT on February 04, 2015


By: clearlakemike, 9:20 AM GMT on December 31, 2014

Karnataka Express

...Tina Turner the great american singer singing the sanskrit mantra Sarvesham, The translation for this this verse is given below. Though it is of Hinduism it is applicable to all beings including animals.
Om Sarvesham Swasti Bhavatu,
Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Purnam Bhavatu,
Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu

Meaning -
May auspiciousness be unto all;...

Updated: 10:36 PM GMT on January 10, 2015

Dispatches from CTIH

By: clearlakemike, 7:01 AM GMT on October 07, 2014

Christian Th(Dr)ugocracy of Hawaii and Hawaiian Stasi

Terrorists, Thieves, Thugs...and Garbage

Hawaii Suffering From Racial Prejudice
Hawaii Has a Racism Problem

Der Zeitgeist ist hier Scheiße

By Rob H (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

OPINION: Hawaii’s Guide to ‘Blending In’

Updated: 2:49 AM GMT on December 31, 2014

Virtual Palm Springs

By: clearlakemike, 3:23 AM GMT on August 20, 2014

Recent Earthquakes in California

Click for weather forecast

"The "Gayatri mantra" has been personified into a goddess" by bazaar art - http://www.columbia.edu/itc/mealac/pritchett/00rou tesdata/bce_500back/vedas/gayatri/gayatri.html. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Th...

Updated: 5:42 PM GMT on October 06, 2014

Reporting from The Moon

By: clearlakemike, 1:29 AM GMT on August 11, 2014

Adios Julio!


Landing vehicle irreparably damaged upon Moon Landing...STRANDED!!

Forecasters with the Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu are monitoring two areas of disturbed weather more than 1,000 miles east-southeast of the Big Island. - See more at: http://westhawaiitoday.com/hurricane-season-2014/f orecasters-monitoring-areas-disturbed-weath...

Updated: 2:27 AM GMT on August 13, 2014

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