Weather or Not!

From Bad To Worse!

By: chatcat, 2:31 PM GMT on December 21, 2008

Just when you think that it can't get any worse, IT DOES! Our morning is starting out with partly cloudy skies but with the wind howling like it is, what good is it?

Our forecast is calling for 20 mph sustained winds gusting to 35 - 40 mph this afternoon. We are supposed to go to Houghton, MI for Christmas but we can't seem to get a break in this weather to get packed. My daughter is almost out of firewood so we need to get up there to split more for her. She has a boiler for heat but when the temp goes to the single digits, it doesn't do much to keep her house warm. Looking at her forecast, it appears that she'll see another foot of snow today and tomorrow. Oh Joy! What a winter season this has been! Her one saving grace is that she lives in the middle of the woods so wind chills don't affect her much. Neither do blizzards. I really have to say that this is one of the worse winter seasons that I can ever remember AND WINTER IS JUST BEGINNING!
I probably won't be blogging again until after the holidays so just want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. I hope thaat 2009 is a good year for all of us!

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A Brief Warming Period!

By: chatcat, 1:56 AM GMT on December 14, 2008

We are starting to see a bit of a warming trend through this weekend. Tomorrow should reach the low to mid 40's, but with that will come rain and much wind. We really haven't seen much sun most of November and so far this December. With the below normal temps of November, many thought that we were well on our way to a severe winter. This may be the case but I'm still hanging on the theory of the weather balance. I've found in my 63 years that when the weather poses extremes one month, the opposite extreme often takes place a few months later. If that's the case, we may have a beautiful, warm January or February. Could we be that lucky? We can hope can't we?

At any rate, we have all had heating bills that are much too high for this early in the season. Its hard to believe that winter hasn't even officially begun yet. A warmer than normal January and February would be very welcome to most. I could even get my bike out and ride 10 miles or so. That would feel like complete freedom in comparison to being stuck in the house like we are now.

Is it my imagination or are there not as many Christmas lights this year on houses as in the past? We have decorated the outside of our house for the past 20 years but we won't this year. It isn't because of the economy or anything like that, but we'll be gone the week of Christmas and just figured, "Why bother if they won't be lit on Christmas Eve?" We'll be spending Christmas week with my daughter up in Hancock, MI. That's way up in the Keweenaw Peninsula where they get 3-4 inches of new snow everyday. They always have a white Christmas.

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Where Is All This Snow Coming From?

By: chatcat, 1:03 AM GMT on December 08, 2008

I can't ever remember getting the unrelenting weather that we've had this year. We just can't seem to get a break! Now the weather service has issued a winter storm watch for us beginning tomorrow night. If one looks at the dopplar radar, there is nothing but snow to our west and it is coming this way. If anyone is worried about not having a white Christmas this year, I don't think you need to be concerned.

Today we did see the sun for at least half of the day. This morning I actually saw the sunrise. I'm getting used to seeing clouds and snow every morning so this morning was a pleasant surprise. The temp only got up to the mid 20's but with the light winds and sun, it felt a bit warmer. I'm wondering when we will see above freezing temps again without the precip to go with it. This looks to be a hard winter so far. With the economy the way it is, especially here in Michigan, that isn't a good thing. It makes me wonder why propane hasn't come down in price since gas has. Probably because they know we have to have it.

My snow shovel has been working overtime. I've been shoveling everyday, sometimes twice. I have to keep the deck cleaned off for my dachshund, Nellie. She doesn't like the snow too well, especially when her belly drags in it. My husband just told me that we could get up to 8-10 inches with this upcoming storm but I haven't heard anything of that sort and he does like to exaggerate.
We have about 6-7 inches on the ground at this time. We sure don't need anymore!


First Snowstorm of the Season!

By: chatcat, 1:16 AM GMT on December 02, 2008

Yesterday's snowstorm left us with 6.2 inches of new snow. I believe the official amount for Flint was 7 inches. This broke all records for Nov. 30. I know that I don't remember ever having this much snow in November.

Yesterday, my husband and his sister were driving home from Cheboygan. The roads were fine until they reached Clare. They were traveling on M-127. After passing Clare, the snow began and soon the road was a mess. If anyone has ever traveled home from up north on the weekend after Thanksgiving, you know that it is about as bad as 4th of July weekend. The holiday travelers are heading home as well as the deer hunters since it is the end of rifle season. The last thing needed is a major snowstorm. Traffic was bumper to bumper complicated by the slippery conditions. They couldn't move any faster than 35 mph. A normal 4 hour trip became 6.

This morning was glorious to behold. Everything was white! The snow was wet and heavy and clung to everything. . . branches, tree trunks, power lines. Due to the weight of the snow, some broke taking power lines with them . . . and yes, we were without power for about 2 hours early this morning. We were lucky! Some folks around Flint and Saginaw have been without most of the day. I had to waddle through the snow on my deck to fill my bird feeders. The birds were all sitting there waiting.

My son had to return to school near Kalamazoo today. We were wondering if we could make it, but my oldest son called at 10 am and said that most roads were clear. So we left at 1 pm and headed west. The trip going was fine, but coming back, we ran into snow squall after snow squall. By the time we reached Lansing, the roads were starting to get slick. When we reached our exit, they were snow covered and traffic was really slowing down. I was so glad that we got home when we did.

With a storm like this so early in the season, you have to wonder what else Mother Nature has in store for us. I'm still going to stick with my "warm up" prediction, that we'll have above normal temps most of December since November was below all month. I may have to eat my words!

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