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By: charlesimages, 6:26 AM GMT on February 14, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm just checking in to tell you about what I've been up to lately.

First of all, I am proud to announce that I have given a complete makeover, and now it's better than ever before! I urge you to check it out, I have some awesome stuff posted over there.

Secondly, it's winter! Real winter. A nice switch from last season, when we had a very warm winter, one of the warmest on record in fact. This time around, things have been significantly different, and it's definitely making an impact in our climatology. Precipitation is now above average for my area, and ground water is being replenished. Rivers and streams are running back near normal levels as well. Great to see.

On the photography side of things, I will be digging deep into my photography roots this year, getting back to what I used to do. In 2012, I was solely concentrated on the weather photography and storm chasing side of things. This year I am going to be concentrating on the other aspects of photography, primarily nature, where I have produced a plethora of great imagery in prior years.

I'm fighting hard with my depression and anxiety as well, taking new measures this year to make sure that these things do not limit my abilities to produce good photography and videos.

I also will be adding new products to my online store soon.

I'll be trying to spend more time here than I have in recent years, trying to get back into the swing of things, and here's something you'll love. I'm going to be posting more WunderPhotos!

Below, I have added some excerpts from my website's articles, and also some media, just to show you what sort of things I have been up to. I also recently unveiled brand new Photo Gallery pages on my website! Be sure to check those out as well.

I'll also be moving more toward funding by donations this year to further my business of storm chasing, photography, event photography/videography, and more! So if you're feeling generous, and/or like what I do, feel free to use the donate button on my website!

It's like coming back to visit old friends, I've missed you guys, and I hope you've missed me as well! 2013 here we come!!

New Photography Galleries!

Over the course of the past couple of weeks or so, I have been working tirelessly to bring a new look and feel to The main focus for most of my work has been on the new photo galleries, and photo gallery pages. I developed an attractive way to showcase each gallery by combining 6 of my best shots into a cover for each parent gallery page. I added all of these cover images to sliders, which showcase them brilliantly. Read More...

Sunset Icicles, Prism Effect, and More! (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

I have been watching closely for icicle photography opportunities this winter. On February 8th and 9th, I had two of my best icicle photography days ever. I even captured what I’m calling my “crown jewel” of icicle photos. Icicles At Sunset is by far, the best icicle photo I have ever captured. The colors, the lighting, the sharpness, just everything was absolutely perfect for this shot. I also was treated to a very nice Prism Effect with first one icicle, and then two at the same time! Read More...

Check out my most extreme hail intercepts of 2012!! From pea size to tennis ball size! It's all here!!

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