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Hummingbird season

By: calpoppy, 3:52 PM GMT on April 01, 2013

In SoCal the Anna's Hummingbird is year round, even in our high desert winter the Anna's will stick around. Going to a frozen feeder!

One of my favorite seasonal hummer is the Rufus, small but mighty around the feeders!

Here is a male Anna's Hummer

The female on the next two pics I believe are Anna's.

The blogger on WU WatchinTheSky has the most hummingbirds I have ever seen! He even has a cam set up for both the hummers and Orioles.

Besides photographing the coyotes, Hummingbirds are my favorite. Since I am not set up like the professionals with all their flashes it is a challenge. But these birds can be quite tame and like I said in my previous blog, they don't seem to mind a big old lens in their little faces.

Enjoy the pics and for people in SoCal enjoy the weather it is way to nice for our high desert spring!!

Updated: 5:40 PM GMT on May 13, 2013


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