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Stormy Sunday

By: calpoppy, 5:18 PM GMT on March 20, 2011

Rainy and windy with a little frozen mix thrown in for the fun of it.  High wind so far 47 mph, with a lot of gusts very near that.  Rain gauge isn't showing much, rain is going sideways for the most part.  Radar is really lit up, with yellow, orange, green, pink and blue (very pretty to look at, LOL)  We were going to take a walk to the creek to see what was going on there, but it is awful comfortable in the cabin.

Tomatoes are all up and growing well in the greenhouse, garlic looks good too.  I planted Spanish Roja, Killarney Red and a Korean garlic last fall.  The Spanish Roja always does better when the winters are cold so I am expecting a good crop this year.  For you garlic lovers, Spanish Roja wins every year at our cabin for the best garlic.  I always try new types of garlic but they have never won against Spanish Roja.  But I always like to experiment with new veggies.  For new tomatoes this year I am trying Matt's wild cherry (in the greenhouse) Legend and Oregon Spring.  My usual Better Boy, Chocolate cherry and Shady Lady are my tried and true tomatoes. 

Power is flickering off and on so I better get this blog uploaded!!


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