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By: birdyboo, 7:53 PM GMT on July 02, 2005

This place is unique. What it is and will continue to be is dependent on us, the users. Wunder admin has set up an inviting environment what is here on any day is up to us.

The approvers do a job that is vital to making and keeping this a site we can come to 24/7 and know we will find only places and things we will want to see.

The Approvers Choices are problematic for many people. Sometimes they are great, sometimes they stink its all a matter of taste.

Several people have suggested that the blogs become, in part, a place for photographers to make their own choices known. Some are already doing just that. I think its a great idea.

Im going to call them User's Choices UC. You see this one? These are my UC for today.

Updated: 3:30 AM GMT on October 31, 2005



By: birdyboo, 3:48 AM GMT on June 25, 2005

We are all photographing outside so bugs are popular subjects. Once you have a picture, it is relatively easy to make an identification that is close if not exact using one of the web based guides to insects. I like bills itself as an online community of naturalists who enjoy learning about and sharing our observations of insects, spiders, and other related creatures.

Not only can you search their database, photos are accepted for identification and for inclusion in their database.


Roses Roses Roses

By: birdyboo, 11:59 AM EDT on June 13, 2005

I love to shoot roses. And they are favorites of many WU photographers. In the US there is an association of commercial rose growers that tests roses and markets quality roses.

If you dont have roses or your roses are past their prime you might find one of their associated public gardens worth a visit. This is a link to the AARS web site

Good luck finding a rose garden near you.

This is a stunning cropped rose shot from WU member CharlesT. Thank you Charles for sharing this beautiful rose.


This remarkable site

By: birdyboo, 9:41 AM EDT on June 12, 2005

This remarkable site just continues to amaze me. A full featured weather site with a broad range of weather information and weather related educational material it has also hosted a unique photography section open to people around the world.

I thought it was great when I first discovered it over a year ago. If they had changed nothing it would still be one of my favorite spots in the www.

But during that time there have been almost continual improvements made to make the site more photographer friendly. The series concept introduced a short time ago opened up new possibilities for people to organize their pictures to tell about where they live and the interests and events in their lives.

And now blogs. Already in the very short time since their introduction there is a diversity in blogging that reflects the wide ranging interests of the talented people who visit this site.

Thank you This is going to be fun.