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Day by Day in NW Montana - July 2012

By: bionicdan, 5:09 PM GMT on July 01, 2012

July 2012 - Weather Summary

20120701: Cloudy Rain and thunder overnight Vcdy AM Psunny afternoon with passing showers
20120702: Cleared ovnt Sunny day.
20120703: Clouds overnight Light rain AM Vcdy day with showers from time to time. Cool.
20120704: Clear Nice Cool AM Sunny Great day!
20120705: Clear Mild Nice day again
20120706: Clear warm day Dry
20120707: Clear warm day TS West and North evening MClr late PM
20120708: Clear Dry Warm to Hot
20120709: Clear day Dry Hot Clouds late PM
20120710: Clear warm dry Nice day - summer-time in NW Montana!
20120711: Clear dry warm nice!
20120712: Clear day Dry Warm with cool overnight temps! Perfect
20120713: TS ovnt light rain Hazy sun warm to hot with humidity higher
20120714: TS early day Mcdy day but periods of sun Not as warm
20120715: Cdy morning TS & rain thru noon VCdy late PM
20120716: Sunny morning VCdy with high clouds afternoon and evening
20120717: MCdy AM thunder heard Light rain VCdy to clear late PM
20120718: Clear Warm Dry Nice
20120719: MClear Warm day High clouds late PM
20120720: High clouds day TS early evening Mostly clear late PM
20120721: Sunny with summer Cu Nice temps Breezy
20120722: Clear Dry Cool ovnt Warm to Hot day
20120723: Ovnt Am TS light rain AM parting Cds Clear Breezy Cooler day
20120724: MSunny AM Cu & Sun aftn Breezy Nice Clear PM
20120725: Mostly sunny Mild to warm Good Day
20120726: Clear AM Cds south and SE mid day Clear PM
20120727: MClr Warm day Cds South & East Evening TS w/hail and rain
20120728: Clear light fog AM Warm Bzy aftn Cool late day
20120729: Clear Cool AM Warm nice day
20120730: Clear dry warm day
20120731: Clear warm dry Nice!

Updated: 7:04 PM GMT on July 31, 2012


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