Remote Sensing 28 year time series, and how not to be globally ignorant.

By: biff4ugo, 1:30 PM GMT on September 19, 2014

Amazing climate change and development timelapse images!

go to the Explore The World and type in the county or city you want to see, then zoom to the scale you want.
It shows from 1984 to 2012.

Global not to be ignorant. See how much the media knows and remember that they are informing you.

Updated: 1:32 PM GMT on September 19, 2014

Shelf Cloud in Palatka

By: biff4ugo, 1:28 PM GMT on July 16, 2014

I thought we would get a twister out of this one for sure, but the sky never turned green. The rapid movement, and shredded clouds in the disturbed air behind the front were impressive too.

Even with all the rain in the area, Lake Apopka isn't getting it and has 18" before it gets up to minimum levels and the dams can start working again.

Lakes downstream are above minimum and are edging close to regulation levels. When they get there, the dams...

Updated: 1:40 PM GMT on July 16, 2014

Reflections on the Ocklawaha

By: biff4ugo, 12:29 PM GMT on March 19, 2014

While studying the Ocklawaha, I noticed how amazingly reflective the dark tannic water was. The green "snow" in this image is Azola or duckweed. The day was grey and ominous, but when you rotate the image upside down, you mind does cool stuff. The snow is not in the air, it is on the water.

Updated: 12:30 PM GMT on March 19, 2014

Termite Flight! Spring is Here!

By: biff4ugo, 8:30 PM GMT on March 03, 2014

For those of you not in Florida, take heart. Termites are swarming and the robins are finally heading back north.
The bugs know the conditions are right. I hope they are too.

Great weekend weather at the Hoggetown Medieval Fair

By: biff4ugo, 4:53 PM GMT on January 28, 2014

It was perfect dry, not too cool not too hot. Just right for Land Pirates!
Hope it is great and warms back up for next weekend.

Updated: 4:55 PM GMT on January 28, 2014

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