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Florida Power Outage

By: biff4ugo, 8:24 PM GMT on February 26, 2008

The power outage that started in Miami rippled through North Florida close to 3pm when the news down south is that everything is under control.
We are on generators.
This is being under reported.
It is the end of the day and the severe thunderstorm outside looks and sounds like armageddon.

Updated: 9:42 PM GMT on February 26, 2008



By: biff4ugo, 1:53 PM GMT on February 21, 2008

Saw the total lunar elips last night. Even got out my big telescope. The moon filled the whole viewer with its frosted cherry brilliance. My view finder is bent and off kilter so I didn't manage to find Saturn.
It was very cloudy to start with but cleared out during the total eclipse faze. Awesome!
It was Will's first time to see an eclipse.

Updated: 2:27 PM GMT on February 22, 2008


Not as cold as expected

By: biff4ugo, 12:55 PM GMT on February 20, 2008

Usually there is ice on my car if the thermometer is in arms reach of 32, but not this morning.
The airport is reading 37 but alot of car thermometers were in the 40's. Perhaps the lack of wind kept things warmer?
We have clear conditions for the eclipse tonight.
The space shuttle should boom boom overhead at any moment and the military may shoot down a sattelite tonight.
Big doings in the sky!

Updated: 1:16 PM GMT on February 20, 2008


Florida Frost

By: biff4ugo, 3:07 PM GMT on February 14, 2008

We got lots of rain from that last storm but no tornadoes. "dead tree" lake returned from a puddle to wet bottomed lake. The wood storks already cleaned out the big fish there. I guess this is the tree growing phase again. ET will dry it back up in a heartbeat without sustained rains.
There was frost on my car again this morning, since I parked it on the street. It is amazing how the micro-climate caused by trees makes the difference between an icy windshield and clean/dry one. It was 29 degrees and the water I poured on the windshield managed to mostly refreeze.
With development and deforestation statwide, this has got to have a regional effect on climate.


Strong Weather headn our way.

By: biff4ugo, 2:10 PM GMT on February 12, 2008

Looks like we may get a taste of some of the tornados that hit the Mississippi valey late last week.
The fair is over but vids of the Thieves Guilde are still getting posted on Youtube. Some very funny stuff.
Having fun designing a marsh.


Faire Fairwell

By: biff4ugo, 3:48 PM GMT on February 04, 2008

Aah, another year's medieval fair is over. The first Saturday was wet and cold on the same day. Sunday was sunny and great. This week only had a slight drizzle early in the morning on kids day with none of the promised lightning. Tempratures did dip back into the mid to upper 30's. Highs ending up in the 70's which was lovely.
Hope the cast picture comes out.
Our video did sell several copies.


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