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coyote sighting - crusty snow white dust

By: bawlf, 1:57 PM GMT on February 09, 2014

-27.6 C (-17.68 F) with 9.3 kmh SSE winds. Sunshine and clouds mixed. High -16C. Winds SE at 10 to 15 kmh.

Daylight: Partly cloudy. High -16C. Winds SE at 15 to 25 kmh.

Nightime: A few clouds. Low -28C. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 kmh.

Friday night Simba, Carlos and I encountered a coyote. Carlos picked him up first. I was watching Carlos walking and I noticed that his body went rigid and he sat down. I know this happens whenever Carlos sees another animal which he doesn't understand. It's as if he wants to observe for awhile. He knows it is a wild animal as there is no leash attached with a human attached to the leash. Carlos will then place his own boundaries. Finally the coyote had her/his fill of us, had assessed the risk and moved on. We watched it travel down the TUC corridor.

Later during the night while in the house we heard a group of coyotes howling. They were very loud. I went out on the deck and saw a lone coyote responding to the groups' howling. He was also very loud and close. Eventually he joined the pack and they moved. I felt privileged to witness these magnificent creatures in the suburban semi-wilderness.

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warming trend - dogs losing their boots

By: bawlf, 2:06 PM GMT on February 06, 2014

-24.7 C (-12.46 F) with a 9.3 kmh wind. It feels like -32 C. Sunrise 8:11 AM, sunset 5:28 PM.

Daytime Forecast: Sunny. High -10C. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 kmh.

Nightime Forecast: Mostly clear. Low -23C. Winds NW at 10 to 15 kmh.

Does anybody out there have problems with winter dog boots coming off during walks? This problem is starting to run into a few bucks keeping the pooches in bootches! Yesterday I had, what I thought, Simba's boots on at a comfortable level of tightness - loose enough that she wouldn't be in pain and want them off and tight enough that they wouldn't fall off. Well, she lost one and I back tracked for 1/2 the circuit and still couldn't find them. I was speaking to an exhibitor at a liquor store recently who said that 'onesies' would be the solution for this as the dog would not be able to lose a boot. I was not able to source a retailer for winter onesies. A onsies is like a kids pyjamas that has the shoe sewn right in as part of each leg of the garment. Will have to keep looking for them.

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weekend boxer dog sitting

By: bawlf, 2:31 PM GMT on February 04, 2014

-20.9 C (-4 F) at 7:27 AM with 8.2 kmh WNW winds. Sunrise 8:15 AM sunset 5:24 PM.

Daytime forecast: A mix of clouds and sun. High around -18C. Winds NW at 10 to 15 kmh.

Nightime forecast: A few passing clouds. Low -27C. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 kmh.

This past weekend we dog sat my step son's boxer - name of Zeus. Zeus is about 3 years and is a large playful loving boxer. He seems really immature, but the look of the dog is very dignified and regal. Posted Zeus on Facebook. 08996736&set=a.10151668934826736.1073741826.676871 735&type=1&relevant_count=1

Zeus was quite apprehensive and, at times, sad that he wasn't with his master. He sought a lot of attention and cuddles - as he does enjoy us and his buddy Carlos, the Havanese. When Rodney returned for dinner and pick up Zeus it was very funny as you could see all the tension fading away. Zeus was laying beside Rodney with a loving look, but he was so relaxed he was nodding off not able to keep his eyes open! It's nice to see a dog reunited with it's owner!

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bad service centre experience

By: bawlf, 2:46 PM GMT on February 03, 2014

-16.7 C (1.94 F) at 7:42 AM with a 8.2 kmh NW wind. Sunrise 8:47 AM sunset 5:22 PM.

Daytime Forecast: Overcast. High around -15C. Winds NNW at 15 to 30 kmh.

Went into town and drove around, making multiple stops, to get some errands done. We were told to drop off some blinds for warranty work at a service location from the retailer they were purchased from. I get there and this service centre says, no, they don't do it anymore and to call this number and handed me a card. I call the number and they put me on hold for 10 minutes. Finally I ask the clerk where this number I am calling is to. She says 'Toronto.' I asked her why the first place we went to could not have informed us of the change. She says they don't know, I suggested she inform them so that this doesn't happen again.

Meanwhile my wife calls the manufacturer and they tell her of a place that will handle everything for the warranty work that is in Spruce Grove! Spruce Grove is 10 minutes away from us! Bizarre how bad service is these days and how far the customer can be inconvenienced.

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