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rain on mushy snow, oh no!

By: bawlf, 2:52 PM GMT on November 28, 2013

At 7:49 AM temperature is -10 C (14 F) with a SE wind of 8.2 km making it feel like -15 C. Sunrise will be at 08:24 PM and sunset 04:22 PM. Overcast with a chance of snow and rain showers in the afternoon. High of 1C. Breezy. Winds from the South at 10 to 20 km/h. Chance of snow 40%.

Oh no! Rain showers in the late afternoon, one of the worst conditions that a commuter can experience. The only saving grace is that the forecast will be correct of at least 1 C and that there will be no winds that might chill the air down. Edmonton's streets, other than the main arteries, have about 4 to 5 inches of slushy snow. Not wanting that to get capped with crusty freezing rain. We are having more 'like normal' temps for November now. Hopefully, this will continue. Or as some are wont to say, "We live in Northern Canada - suck it up and get over it."

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melting continues

By: bawlf, 3:16 PM GMT on November 27, 2013

At 08:09 AM it is -11.3 C (11.6 F) with 0 wind. Sunrise 08:23 AM sunset 04:23 PM. Overcast. Fog early. High of -4C. Winds from the ENE at 5 to 15 km/h shifting to the ESE in the afternoon.

Continues be very pleasant for walking in the evening. Now that Park Lane estates has lit street lights, we have taken to walking through Country Squire then moving through Park Lane. No need for a flashlight! Not to mention it feels much safer with cars approaching as we can both see each other. Because of Carlos' aggressiveness another problem has arisen. That is, meeting neighbours on their way escorting dogs for their business. Last night Carlos took off towards a neighbour who had just come out of his home with his cocker. Carlos bore through the snowbank by the side of the driveway, landed in front of them, and commenced to barking madly while I reeled him in. The only way around this is I will have to make a rule to myself to keep him on a very short leash while in our complex.

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funky melt

By: bawlf, 3:03 PM GMT on November 25, 2013

-8.7 C (16.34 F) feels like -9 C with no wind (yay!!). Sunrise 8:19 AM sunset 4:25 PM. Partly cloudy. Fog early. High of -6C. Winds less than 5 km/h.

A very mild and sunny weekend, now this is the kind of winter I really enjoy. Everything covered in lots of snow, visually it is compelling as the landscape offers up novel perspectives compared to summer. It's almost like walking into a completely different act in the seasonal play.

Our walks were consumed with Carlos trying to get as many white dingle balls as possible. It is his wont to burrow through all the ditches in his self-appointed task of 'Culvert Inspector.' It's actually more dangerous for him to be poking his head into culverts during the summer months. He has scared a number of surprised animals, and has even been 'speared' by a porcupine. A tough little trooper though, didn't budge or cry/whine when we pulled it out. Dastardly things those, with reverse barbs to make it even more difficult.

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moderating effect welcome

By: bawlf, 2:04 PM GMT on November 21, 2013

-12.7 C (9.14 F) feels like -13 C with a 3.5 kmh wind. Sunrise 8:13 AM sunset 4:29 PM with a waning Gibbous moon. Overcast with a chance of snow in the afternoon. Fog early in the morning, like usual. High of -8C. Winds from the North at 5 to 15 km/h shifting to the ENE in the afternoon. Chance of snow 70% with accumulations up to 4 cm possible (again, WOW).

Outside in the walk out this morning I could feel that the bite had gone out of the air. Simba wasn't staring at the door so early wanting to get back to her basket. We have started a new walking route and go through the estate before heading out to the country roads. By this time of winter we usually have quite a few rabbits hanging about - approx 20. I have only seen about 5 so far, they can still be individually identified by their markings as not all of the grey has yet been replaced by white. We have guessed at the reason they like to stay, usually overnight, at Country Squire and thought that it is more protected from the wind as they stay under the decks which may capture some of the radiant heat from the homes. Another reason is that there is high coyote traffic in the TUC (transportation utility corridor) behind our place, possibly hiding from them as well.


no more morning winter prep for Carlos and Simba

By: bawlf, 2:19 PM GMT on November 19, 2013

At 7:04 AM temps are -15 C (5 F) feeling like -16 C. There is a barely discernible wind with the weather station reporting 0.0 kmh. Sunrise 8:09 AM sunset 4:32 PM. Overcast with a chance of snow. High of -12C with a windchill as low as -23C. The situation with the wind will be developing throughout the day resulting in breezy intermittent winds from the NNW at 15 to 20 km/h. Chance of snow 70% with accumulations up to 3 cm possible. Again.

This winter a routine has finally become too arduous to continue. Taking the dogs right out of the complex to the country road for first and last business each day requires too much preparation for the amount of time in the great outdoors. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get Carlos or Simba ready with harnesses, boots and jackets. That's if everything goes well. Upon a neighbours suggestion we have prepared an area in the walkout for them. Now all I have to do is take them downstairs open the door and watch while they do their business. For the amount of time they spend outside, no winter gear is required. They seem happier with this arrangement as well. Or maybe I am just projecting.

The long walks will continue with yesterdays 'circuit' accompanied by street lights in Park Lane Estates. There are about fifteen homes occupied now and they have finally lit up the street lights that have been there for 4 years, never in use. As at our complex the country will not pay; so, the estate association bills each user a flat yearly fee.


110 Edmonton collisions - first big snow dump of the season

By: bawlf, 3:22 PM GMT on November 17, 2013

-19.2 C (yikes!!) (33.8 F) at 08:10 AM with 0 kmh wind - somewhat of a reprieve.

Today's (Sunday) day time forecast: Overcast. High of -11C. Winds less than 5 km/h.

Night forecast: Overcast with a chance of snow. Fog overnight. Low of -16C. Winds from the ESE at 10 to 15 km/h shifting to the NE after midnight. Chance of snow 50% with accumulations up to 2 cm possible.


icy roads/too fast = ditch

By: bawlf, 3:18 PM GMT on November 14, 2013

2.0 C (35.6 F) at 08:05 hrs with a East wind at 3.5 k. Sunrise 8:00 AM set 4:39 PM.
Partly cloudy. High of 3C with a windchill as low as -3C. Breezy. Winds from the WSW at 15 to 20 km/h.

Raining yesterday morning for the drive to work. I decided to go the scenic route out by the acreage division, Southern Properties, and came across an icy section. I took my foot off the gas pedal to slow down - nothing, no change in speed. Started to tap the brake, nothing. Pressed and held the brake slowly, started to slide out a bit to the right. I was coming to a fairly busy intersection at commute time and decided I didn't want to slide right through it, so I knew to prevent that I should take the ditch. I kept turning the steering wheel to the right to encourage the car to go into the ditch. As it went into the ditch it caught on the pavement edge and started to tilt. I was worried the car would roll. As it came to a rest it didn't roll but my rear passenger side wheel was up in the air about two feet. I called my wife who called AMA. Before they could arrive a passer by with a 4 X 4 offered to tow me out. It was an easy tow job and I was only 45 minutes late for work.


wet sticky slippery snow (again), nice temps though

By: bawlf, 3:05 PM GMT on November 13, 2013

2.3 C (36.14 F) at 7:53 AM with E winds at 6 kmh. Sunrise 7:58 AM, sunset 4:40 PM. Overcast with a chance of rain. High of 5C. Winds from the West at 10 to 15 km/h later today. Chance of rain 50%.

Simba's dogsitter's dog, Muffy, a Bichon-Cocker cross is really starting to show her age. Her and Simba are the same age so they are growing old together. Muffy's energy is low and her hearing has mostly gone. Whenever I've been over I've noticed that her speed is down, but she is still a very friendly dog who hasn't lost any of her interest in treats. It's like a long good-bye.

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milder temps soon to arrive

By: bawlf, 5:14 PM GMT on November 12, 2013

Took one of our long weekend walks with the dogs yesterday. Simba was OK for about 30 mins, then she started pulling at the velcro straps of her boots letting us know that she was uncomfortable. I adjusted the boot for a looser fit. 10 mins later she stopped dead in her tracks. This means she wants to be picked up. Picked her up and continued the walk. When I do this other dog owners always comment that she is tired and I tell them that she is 98 dog years old. They are always very surprised to see that this very senior dog is out for a winter walk. I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

This is the general area we walk:

-11.4 (11.48 F) at 8:34 AM with a 6.9 kmh wind. Sunrise 7:56 AM, sunset 4:42 PM. Overcast. High of 4C with a windchill as low as -7C. Breezy. Winds from the SSW at 10 to 20 km/h shifting to the West in the afternoon.

Updated: 5:23 PM GMT on November 12, 2013


Eskimo words for snow - snowy Remembrance Day weekend

By: bawlf, 3:53 PM GMT on November 10, 2013

-12 C (10.4 F) at 08:31 AM, feels like -20 C with winds at 17 kmh. Sunrise 07:50 AM, sunset 4:45 PM. Partly cloudy in the morning, then overcast. Fog early. High of -9C with a windchill as low as -18C. Winds from the SE at 10 to 15 km/h.

During the dog walk yesterday morning the snow falling actually felt like rain. Having always heard that the Eskimo dialects have many different words for snow I wondered which word they would use for this type of snow. Google found this list:

tlapa - powder snow
tlacringit - snow that is crusted on the surface
kayi - drifting snow
tlapat - still snow
klin - remembered snow
naklin - forgotten snow
tlamo - snow that falls in large wet flakes
tlatim - snow that falls in small flakes
tlaslo - snow that falls slowly
tlapinti - snow that falls quickly
kripya - snow that has melted and refrozen
tliyel - snow that has been marked by wolves
tliyelin - snow that has been marked by Eskimos
blotla - blowing snow
pactla - snow that has been packed down
hiryla - snow in beards
wa-ter - melted snow
tlayinq - snow mixed with mud
quinsy - snow mixed with Husky shit
quinyaya - snow mixed with the shit of a lead dog
slimtla - snow that is crusted on top but soft underneath
kriplyana - snow that looks blue in the early morning
puntla - a mouthful of snow because you fibbed
allatla - baked snow
fritla - fried snow
gristla - deep fried snow
MacTla - snow burgers
jatla - snow between your fingers or toes, or in groin-folds
dinliltla - little balls of snow that cling to Husky fur
sulitlana - green snow
mentlana - pink snow
tidtla - snow used for cleaning
ertla - snow used by Eskimo teenagers for exquisite erotic rituals
kriyantli - snow bricks
hahatla - small packages of snow given as gag gifts
semtla - partially melted snow
ontla - snow on objects
intla - snow that has drifted indoors
shlim - slush
warintla - snow used to make Eskimo daiquiris
mextla - snow used to make Eskimo Margaritas
penstla - the idea of snow
mortal - snow mounded on dead bodies
ylaipi - tomorrow's snow
nylaipin - the snows of yesteryear ("neiges d'antan")
pritla - our children's snow
nootlin - snow that doesn't stick
rotlana - quickly accumulating snow
skriniya - snow that never reaches the ground
bluwid - snow that's shaken down from objects in the wind
tlanid - snow that's shaken down and then mixes with sky-falling snow
ever-tla : a spirit made from mashed fermented snow,
popular among Eskimo men
talini - snow angels
priyakli - snow that looks like it's falling upward
chiup - snow that makes halos
bluntly - snow that's shaken off in the mudroom
tlalman - snow sold to German tourists
tlalam - snow sold to American tourists
tlanip - snow sold to Japanese tourists
protla snow packed around caribou meat
attla - snow that as it falls seems to create nice pictures
in the air
sotla - snow sparkling with sunlight
tlun - snow sparkling with moonlight
astrila - snow sparkling with starlight
clim - snow sparkling with flashlight or headlight
tlapi - summer snow
krikaya - snow mixed with breath
ashtla - expected snow that's wagered on (depth, size of flakes)
huantla - special snow rolled into "snow reefers" and smoked
by wild Eskimo youth
tla-na-na - snow mixed with the sound of old rock and roll
from a portable radio
depptla - a small snowball, preserved in Lucite, that had been handled
by Johnny Depp
trinkyi - first snow of the year
tronkyin - last snow of the year
shiya - snow at dawn
katiyana - night snow
tlinro - snow vapor
nyik - snow with flakes of widely varying size
ragnitla - two snowfalls at once, creating moire patterns
akitla - snow falling on water
privtla - snow melting in the spring rain
chahatlin - snow that makes a sizzling sound as it falls on water
hootlin - snow that makes a hissing sound as the
individual flakes brush
geltla - snow dollars
briktla - good building snow
striktla - snow that's no good for building
erolinyat - snow drifts containing the imprint of crazy lovers
chachat - swirling snow that drives you nuts
krotla - snow that blinds you
tlarin - snow that can be sculpted into the delicate corsages
Eskimo girls pin to their whale parkas at prom time
motla - snow in the mouth
sotla - snow in the south
maxtla - snow that hides the whole village
tlayopi - snow drifts you fall into and die
truyi - avalanche of snow
tlapripta - snow that burns your scalp and eyelids
carpitla - snow glazed with ice
tla - ordinary snow

I feel that their word 'carpita' would most likely be the best choice. While researching I noticed that there is quite a controversy in the linguist world as to whether this whole idea, of many Eskimo words for snow, is a hoax. The battle rages whether 'root words' should count as regular 'words.' The hoax side states that there are as many regular English words for snow as regular Eskimo words for snow.

Yesterday a bass player and I went to the grand opening of the Long & McQuade music shop in NW Edmonton. There was limited visibility and slippery roads on our way into the city. This didn't stop any Edmontonians from attending. I think many Edmontonians look at these conditions as a challenge rather than an annoyance.

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downtown construction

By: bawlf, 1:58 PM GMT on November 08, 2013

-1.9 C (28.56 F) feels like -2 C at 6:47 hrs. Sunrise today is at 7:49 with a sunset at 4:49 PM. Overcast with a chance of snow and rain showers. High of 1C with a windchill as low as -5C. Breezy. Winds from the NW at 15 to 20 km/h. Chance of snow 40%.

Carlos had a regressive moment last night. We were walking out of Country Squire and I had felt it was a bit chilly; so, I was raising the collar on my sweater and jacket. In order to do this I had removed my gloves and had both Carlos' and Simba's leash in one hand. Carlos hates the colour black on humans and animals. Just then a neighbour lady wearing a black trench coat walking a large black labrador came around the entrance corner. Carlos hates to be surprised. He tore off to attack the lab and Simba took off barking as well. I got a leash burn on my hands from Simba's leash and had to aggressively yank Carlos back, like reeling in a 30 lb. salmon. The neighbour lady just smiled and walked by, Carlos does have a reputation. Always extremely annoying when this happens.

Went to Audrey's Books on Jasper (Edmonton's main downtown avenue) yesterday at noon hour. Had to pick up a book I ordered. I go downtown about every couple of months. I was amazed at the degree of change since the last time. The Pearl, soon to be Edmonton's tallest condo tower, is coming along quite quickly and promises to be an attractive, formidable building. I don't know if I would sit around having a bar-b-que on some of the balconies on the higher floors.


mild this morning, nature smells

By: bawlf, 2:35 PM GMT on November 06, 2013

At 07:34 hrs it is -3.2 C (26.24 F) and feels like -7 C (19.4 F). Sunrise at 07:45 hrs and sunset 04:52 hrs. Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear. High of 3C with a windchill as low as -9C. Breezy. Winds from the West at 10 to 20 km/h.

On our dog walk this morning the mildness of the air caused the smell of dog business to rise up to the road. Simba was not liking the deep snow so she kept lifting up her paws and getting stuck in the arms of her jacket. We've been talking it over and she may be getting a reprieve for the winter as we'll let her go outside through the walk out. There is definitely a lot more care for dogs as they enter their very senior years.

Updated: 2:41 PM GMT on November 06, 2013


icy roads

By: bawlf, 1:29 PM GMT on November 04, 2013

Overcast and -9.1 C (15.6 F), feels like -9 C at 6:21 hrs. Sunrise at 7:41 and sunset at 16:56 hrs. Clear. High of -3C. Winds less than 5 km/h.

Snow, wet snow and some rain earlier on has led to icy roads. On our way to Spruce Grove Sunday morning I could feel the car slipping at 60 kmh dealing with the crosswind.

We took Carlos and Simba for a long walk in the high mucky-muck area south of us. Simba had a lot of energy and walked briskly the duration of the walk. With her heart problems her energy level is quite variable. We let Carlos run free as he always comes when he is called, Simba usually won't, she'll carry on ignoring us. We can't chance it, if she ever saw a rabbit she would be gone. Getting mellow after the walk, the dogs were quick to nap.


wet sticky slippery snow

By: bawlf, 2:24 PM GMT on November 03, 2013

We have -2.8 C (26.96 F) at 07:16 hrs which feels like -6 C. Overcast with a chance of snow. High of -3C (?) with a windchill as low as -11C. Breezy. Winds from the NNW at 15 to 25 km/h. Chance of snow 40%.

Yesterday I did a tire/wheel change-over on our Versa. I was talking to a clerk who said that his girlfriend's brother went to get his tires changed over at Kal Tire and they told him he may have to wait awhile as there were cars ahead of him. "How many are there?", he asked. "About 50." Doing it myself I can pick a time and proceed at my leisure.

Simba not liking the snow during our morning walk. As soon as we got out to the road she stopped and started lifting her paws with a look as if to say, "Are you serious? ….let's go back inside." Meanwhile, Carlos can't get enough of a fresh snow, he was burying through it like Bugs Bunny.


35 mm photography - addressograph

By: bawlf, 11:51 AM GMT on November 02, 2013

Early Saturday morning and it is 0.2 C with a high of 5 C. Overcast with a chance of rain in the afternoon. Fog early. High of 5C. Winds from the NNE at 5 to 15 km/h. Chance of rain 40%.

Shopping trip last night. Went to a shoe store and, while completing purchase, the saleslady whipped out an old addressograph machine. Remember those? She said their system was down nationwide. Funny that, watching these 20 somethings trying run the credit card carbon slips and complaining about 'old school.'

I've been thinking about how much I enjoyed 35 mm photography and decided buy some film and shoot neighbourhood photos. Miss experimenting with f stops and working the camera not knowing the result until 10 business days later. Went to the local quality photo shop and picked up three rolls of 400 ASA.

Always fancied having a weather station at home, and picked up the current version at Costco for 30 bucks.


cosmic consciousness

By: bawlf, 1:28 PM GMT on November 01, 2013

Presently 3.1 C, winds at 13 km/h, sunrise 8:35 - sunset 6:02. Clear in the morning, then partly cloudy. High of 10C. Breezy. Winds from the West at 15 to 30 km/h.

Simba, our 14 year old Cock-a-Poo, has an annoying habit: she always wants to go to the verboten side of the road to do her business. The service road which borders the East side of our condo development has a cut seeded grass ditch, while across the service road is a prarie grass ditch. Because of the number of dogs at Country Side Estates, and because of a consensus opinion of our neighbours whose backyards are across the fence from the seeded ditch, they have asked us not to have our pets go on the seeded ditch.

Trouble is, this is ditch Simba prefers - she will not (unless she is walked approximately 3 blocks) go on the prairie grass ditch. She usually simply waits until we are near home and will then go the road within Country Side. Does anyone have any ideas on how to correct this?


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