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less suburbia please

By: bawlf, 1:12 PM GMT on October 31, 2013

All the properties surrounding my 25 building condo development are consumed by 1 to 5 acre yards with very large homes. I first moved into this area 5 years ago and the land to the North and East of us was undeveloped except for the infrastructure; that is, paved roads and short approaches. Nature was plentiful: deer, rabbits, moles, coyotes, gophers, hawks and one well known and talked about brown owl 'Barney the barn owl."

Alas, for the most part, this has come to past. The acreage estates are about 55% built up and the wildlife has moved on. Sad, really, and I have gradually become aware of how important viewing wildlife, on a daily basis, has become important to me. I have especially noticed a very significant decline in the number of deer and coyote sightings. A bright note - a movement is swelling in the Edmonton city council, demographers, tax payer advocates and environment activist to make Edmonton a city focused on beginning the journey of pursuing 'infill' new housing activity as well as the genesis of a less automobile intensive way of life.

Presently 4.4 C with a high for today of 10 C. Scattered rain in the morning with a chance of 60% precipitation.

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Simba and Carlos update - mild air clear and brilliant sky

By: bawlf, 12:24 PM GMT on October 30, 2013

It is 2 C at 06:23 with a continuing brilliant sky. There are a few thin vapour trails for clouds, but the stars are visible. Reprieve, again, from the onset of winter - above average temperature. It is a waning crescent moon, can almost imagine someone hanging out on the bottom tip.

Simba, 20% cocker spaniel/90% poodle, is 14 years old and has developed arthritis to the point of not electing to jump on the bed by herself. She also gives a low growl when picked up. Has a heart problem; however, with medication, she still has plenty of pep.

Carlos, a Havanese, is 5 years old. Captivating dog, for the most part; unfortunately, he retains his lease aggression even after 3 school terms to correct it. He is much better off leash, but other owners have to be aware that he will attempt to chase and nip at, even large dogs, until he establishes alpha male status. This is instinctual as the breed was a working dog in Cuba, their native country with the job title of chicken-herder.

The current night sky for west of Winterburn on Parkland County/Edmonton boundary: r=Up&TheLat=53.53343582&TheLon=-113.91874695&TimeZ oneName=America/Edmonton

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simba is not liking the cold

By: bawlf, 12:47 PM GMT on October 29, 2013

Hello from Parkland County near Spruce Grove. I haven't been adding any entries for a couple of years, so here goes.

At 6:41 it is -10.5 C with a forecasted high of 11 C. As I took Carlos and Simba out this morning I was amazed at the clear sky. You know when it is so clear you can see past the immediate star field? It was like a dark blue construction sheet of paper poked with pin pricks and the light shining through. Truly amazing as I haven't seen a sky that clear for a long time. We are truly insignificant as beings inhabiting blue mother earth spinning in the suns pull.

As a former co-worker said, "It doesn't feel like winter until it gets below 10 degrees."

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