I'm going on Welfare

By: auburn, 4:45 PM GMT on September 29, 2008

Gonna file chapter what ever it is....Uncle Same Bail Me OUT!!!!LOL

Quoting StormJunkie:
Afternoon all

Let me preface this with the notion that Dr Masters has encouraged us to post about this. Thoughts from all of you as well as the other committee representatives are appreciated.

We just got done with the Hurricane Ike WU/Portlight Relief effort advisory committee conference call. It was a great stride in moving forward with providing the relief that is needed in Texas. First I would like to thank all who were involved in that call (other than Dr Masters, I will let them disclose themselves at their own choosing) and especially Dr Masters. We are going to continue to pursue donated goods, transport for goods, as well as financial donations. Acquiring free goods and services is one of the ways in which we are committed to making the dollars go as fas as absolutely possible. This is part of being being good stewards of the donations already received. We will continue to ask for Ike Relief earmarked funds through the month of October. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated by those in Texas. One of our immediate functions will be to get the medical supplies which were donated (read more about this in my blog) to Bridge City, San Leon, and potentially Winnie. As I have stated before the hardest hit areas of Texas are going to need support and assistance for some time to come. We will also continue to provide updates on our efforts and we will also continue to keep all posted on the updates from the advisory committee.

Moving forward I would like to speak a little on a longer term future of Portlight.org.

Mission Statement
Co-opting with individuals as well as other organizations to cut through red tape in order to directly meet the specific needs of un-served, under served, and forgotten people.

We will be working on several initiatives to help support this. One of these will be to seek monthly donor pledges. There will also be several other fund raising efforts of which the details will be worked out as we move forward. I know some doubt the potential of smaller non-profits to be as effective as the larger more bureaucratic organizations. I for one can attest to the fact that as a smaller organization and with the mindset of cutting through red tape; we have, can and will perform in a highly efficient method.

All of that said, I guess there is still some potential to see press in a dress. Why anyone would want this is beyond me, but if it helps get the relief where it is needed then I honestly don't care why.

Thanks again for everyone's support and I hope that we can count on the support of this community well in to the future. Your/Our work is appreciated more then many of you know and hopefully one day we will have the time to tell the true stories behind what we have all accomplished and plan to accomplish.

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By: auburn, 3:04 PM GMT on September 18, 2008

+ one penny...thats 700 billion dollars...gezzzz

Dont think your rich?just think of all the things you have that money cant buy!

hello everyone - i am billybadbird. 7 days ago i woke up to a gigantic wave of water smashing through the front of my house and into into my bedroom where i was tossed around like a leaf blowing in the air. i escaped through my window where the oceans fury had taken my neighborhood. my neighbors houses were gone and the pets they left behind were clinging to milk crates and floating debris and i called for them to please come - please come and they tried but they got scared and drowned before my very eyes and this haunted me when i got to the highway trying to make it to the fort where i have weathered all the many storms everyone knows i so love.
the ocean was crashing through the levies- some waves were twenty feet- they would knock me down and i would scream - LORD PLEASE - i would get up and another wave- and another wave and my prayers could not not stop them and i felt like those dogs- i wanted to turn around and go back but i could not- and i had to force myself to move on- i was wearing boots but i let them go to save myself- i tried to climb a speed limit sign but that too was engulfed. i saw a large tree laying in the road and i made it - and climbed over it and took a half second rest because the fort was in sight- but the road was getting deeper and deeper. there WAS a grocery store with a two story hotel which became my new plan of action- i nearly drowned getting to the second floor- and when i did get there i had only 6 steps left not underwater- yet the wind was behind me- the rain behind me, too- i sat down- my head between my knees - me and a stray cat further down the hall- we knew each other was there- we would ride this out together- i knew i was okay- thank you lord - oh my god- thank you lord for letting me live through this----------i did not know what time it was- i knew at 2 am i would see an eye- that is what time i figured it was when the winds started screaming- when the water rose higher than the balcony- when i started screaming- lord please- lord please- holding onto each door handle that would snap under the concrete beam that would snap- no longer holding together the concrete roof that was bending while i moved to the next beam- then the next until i was no longer under the concrete roof i feared would collapse on me- until it stopped and i saw a full moon and i prayed again - oh my god- my god - thank you - thank you - until the second eye wall came in with a fury and a wall of water that engulfed me the whole 50 feet that it knocked me - and then i never prayed - please lord save me again- i only prayed for heaven- please lord- let my life be heaven- life was not important any longer- heaven was all i wanted. suddenly the windows blew out - i jumped in to safety- and my feet are still full of glass to prove it- hours later, when it was calm i left the bathroom where i hid and opened the door to see mr cat- who ran under the bed and stayed there the same two days as i- waiting for the water to recede. on the third day i went in search of food- i found only a can of sardines which went to the cat- the fourth day i made it down the highway to a school and slept on the back balcony in wet clothes under a beautiful full moon- on the fifth day i made it closer to my parents house- but was picked up by friend who had a lion with a story to tell far greater than mine- we were met by the military - with guns drawn- with orders to find a way out- or the lion would be shot and we would be shot, too- but helicopters came from everywhere- millions of them- everyone trying to see a lion- and suddenly military got scared- and all who were mean became friends without choice- and six days without food and water brought mre's and coke and everywhere i went i had 50 military follow- and everytime i heard a cat or a dog i went in search of- and when i found them i fed them an mre- and when i saw a dead cat or dod- still chained to a tree i let out a wail- and i set and cried- and cried- and the soldiers who watched the last cat eat- and me bust open a street lamp to make a bowl for water came and picked up the cat- and pet the cat- and kissed the cat- and told me - the cat had a home- when i first met the soldiers it was with rifles pointed at me from 100 directions- then it was with a bottle of water- then they asked my name- and i told them "Will, but everyone calls me billy." they didn't get to ask why before i found a big bag of cheetos and yelled- BIRD- i threw the cheetos on the ground and a million seagulls came from nowhere- they ate so quietly. i threw another bag and another bag-and told them- i have to go now- but daddy will be right back- we're gonna fix this- and get our life like it was before- the soldiers just stood there- never said another word- we got the lion in the cage and the tiger,too- and a 40 caravan escort out of town- one soldier shook my hand- "billy you're one bad bird" - yes, but i ain't no bad bird- that's just my name-

i never knew i had so many friends- robbi- saddle- bird- and everyone who wrote the best wishes i read- you guys are all just great- i'll never forget a word- would i? yes, i'll do it all over again!!!! that's the word, bird!

This is great news...Thanks for the update Saddle!!!

saddlegait 9:07 AM CDT on September 18, 2008
Will is o.k.! He managed to somehow find the guy in the church with the lion and tiger and was there when the troops arrived. He's been on network television but I haven't bee watching that footage. He's on the back of the truck they used to get the people out and the man with the lion and tiger.

Associated Press called him this morning and he is going to be interviewed by them sometime today or tomorrow. So, we will have to watch for that.

He sounds great! He's with his best friend in a safe and comfy place. His insurance agent is picking him up today and they will be riding back to Bolivar to do an assessment on his place. Everyone talks poorly about the insurance adjusters/agents, but he has nothing but good words for his

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Prayers for Billybadbird

By: auburn, 4:41 PM GMT on September 16, 2008

He made the decision to stay behind and help folks in his community...but now he is the one needing our prayers...he had stayed for past Hurricanes and the folks there were thankful for his help...but this time it was worse than thought...I don't ask you to judge his decision...just keep him and the ones he stayed behind to help in your prayers!
Prayers are all I am asking for here.....lots of people made the wrong decision..and it didnt work out...I think the ones with kids should be prosecuted and the adults should be fined for putting 1st responders in harms way...I really dont know what I think at this time...just kinda helpless really....

No Politics Please!!!!

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