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By: alienman , 11:55 AM GMT on August 06, 2014

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back in 1976 the government changed all the standards on the calibrations on thermometers by making them 4 degrees lower because of global warming so it is hotter than the weather people tell you. so there is global warming. but everybody is not told right how to calibrate there thermometers. you take 50% ice and water and have it room temperature or 75F -98F and it is going to be 36*F and not 32*degrees witch is solid frozen water when you just took it out of the freezer. and first starts to melt just a little after you take it out. but then it will start to rise up to 36*F the temperature of the water with the 50% ice is more even and constant temperature and stir it so you get a better calibration. But everybody has ben told to calibrate it to 32*F witch is not right. there is no way 50% ice and water at room temperature is 32F degrees it is impossible because it is not frozen it is melting and it is not in the frozen state. when there is no water and the thermometer is frozen in the ice solid and you just took it from the freezer then it will be 32F degrees. i have done this and have proven it to be true. i have all so checked the boiling point to and i will explain how to do that one take a pot of water at sea level turn on the heat and wait for the water to just start to get bubbles and you hear a noise that is your boiling point of water not when it is boiling hard when it boils hard it is going to be hotter than 212F because you are getting heat from the bottom and get hot trapped air in the bubbles so it will not be 212F it will be hotter closer to 220F. you want to look for the boiling point of water not when it is all ready boiling. i have all so had milk products back it the 1975 with a thermometer chart on the milk carton telling to put the temperature at 40F to keep the milk 21 days without it souring if you had the temperature just 5 degrees higher it would sour in just 7 days. so when all the thermometers that everybody has said is to be calibrated to 32F i know it can not be because my milk would sour when i used the calibration you people use i know it has changed this proves that ice and water can not be 32F degrees but it is really 36F degrees. i have given you people prof i have done this longer than you have had your weather stations on weather underground. earlier i said it is because of global warming thats what it is. so thy changed all the calibrations.

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calibrating thermometers since 1968 AND I KNOW that 50% ice and water at room temp is 36`F degrees not 32`F

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