October 26, 2011 was an eventful day

By: adams19, 1:46 PM GMT on October 27, 2011

What a day!
The low this morning was 16.7 degrees.
As I was cleaning out my outside flower pots, there was one geranium still green and healthy looking. I took it inside. After surviving that cold, it deserves to be warm for the winter.

It was also the day that Condit Dam was breached. I watched the live coverage online.
I have mixed feelings about destruction of the dam. I recognize the amazing engineering skills of the builders and how important electrical power was in 1911. One hundred years later, we take our electricity for granted.
But, if I had lived in 1911, I would have been very saddened by the blocking of a river.



By: adams19, 12:02 AM GMT on October 17, 2011

After a good rain shower last night, today was a pleasant fall Sunday.
Opening weekend of deer hunting. The Grange had a scrumptious turkey dinner and the chantrelles are popping up everywhere.
The main topic of news in the area is the progressing work toward the removal of Condit Dam.
A blog with a time lapse camera has been set up.

Updated: 12:07 AM GMT on October 17, 2011


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