From Gorges to Gorgeous

By: Ylee, 9:48 AM GMT on July 15, 2014

Windows to the World

Yeah, I know, it's a cheesy title, but this blog has gorges, and several could be classified as gorgeous, so sue me, lol!

From the U.S. Forest Service, the Columbia River Gorge cam! Full Size

From Geirangerfjord Cruise Port, the Geiranger Pier cam! Full Size

From Amazing Thailand, the Chiang Rai 1 cam! Full ...

Updated: 1:56 PM GMT on July 19, 2014

Independence Days! - Chapter #4 is up!

By: Ylee, 11:42 PM GMT on June 27, 2014

I'm sure everyone knows that July 4th is the day of independence for the United States, and most of us knows that July 1st is Canada Day. However, other countries also have their "birthdays" this time of year. This blog salutes a few of them!

From the National Mall, the Netherlands Carillion cam! Full Size

From Sheraton Club Des Pins Resort,...


Updated: 4:11 PM GMT on July 01, 2014

Stylin' in Stykkishólmur!

By: Ylee, 12:53 AM GMT on June 12, 2014

Windows to the World

Stykkishólmur is a small village of 1,100 on the western coast of Iceland. Starting as a trading post in 1550, it has spent most of its existence as a fishing village, the main catch being scallops. however, in the past thirty years, it has transformed itself into a tourist destination, and as an environmental leader.



Updated: 1:34 AM GMT on June 12, 2014

Summer Reruns!

By: Ylee, 10:46 AM GMT on May 28, 2014

Summertime means many outdoor activities to most people. Folks don't bother with staying around the house, and watching TV. Programming gurus at the broadcast and cable networks know this, so they rerun shows from earlier in the year, as making new shows when no one is around to watch them doesn't make good business sense!

Although summer brings lots of web traffic here to check out the tro...

Updated: 2:47 AM GMT on June 05, 2014

The Sacred Bridge - Chapter 3 is up!

By: Ylee, 9:29 PM GMT on May 10, 2014

Shinkyo, or "the sacred bridge", is known as one of the three most beautiful bridges in Japan. Lacquered in vermilion and black, and decorated on top of its' pillars, the bridge crosses the Daiya river. Historically, it was the path for imperial generals and messengers to the Futarasan shrine, a Shinto shrine that is part of the Nikko sanctuary. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the bridge remained off limits to the ...


Updated: 11:33 AM GMT on May 21, 2014

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