The Weather for all Season ~ August gusts

By: YelloworangeRose, 6:21 PM GMT on June 21, 2014

And so I talk about the weather....

Weather bureau PAGASA is keeping an eye on Tropical Storm 'Halong' (international name), which will be named 'Jose' once it enters the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).
The weather disturbance was last estimated 1,740 kilometers east of Central Luzon, with maximum sustained winds of 85 kilometers per hour near the center as it slowly moves west northwest.
'Halong' is expected to...

Updated: 8:32 AM GMT on August 01, 2014

June - Rain Showers

By: YelloworangeRose, 5:50 AM GMT on May 14, 2014

The beez Need You.
What will happen if the bees disappear?
By Marla Spivak

May 17, 2014 -- Updated 1537 GMT (2337 HKT)
(CNN) -- As thoughts turn to warm weather and gardening, it's a good time to consider planting flowering trees, shrubs and other plants that are attractive to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. You can beautify your yard, diversify the landscape and feed and protect pollinators, all at the same time.

Updated: 9:37 PM GMT on June 20, 2014

MAYbe maybe not ...Яaindrops & Яoses These are a few of my favorite things.

By: YelloworangeRose, 3:05 AM GMT on May 01, 2014

HAPPY LABOR Day to all Filipino kabayans.

Know your Labor rights READ IT HERE


MGA KABABAYAN KO! Hear ye! Hear ye!

El Niño Watch
PAGASA S&T Media Release
Quezon City, 01 May 2014

PAGASA has been closely monitoring the oceanic
and atmospheric conditio...


Updated: 12:42 PM GMT on May 24, 2014

Let us talk about The Philippine Weather & Other matters

By: YelloworangeRose, 9:24 PM GMT on April 16, 2014

Welcome to my Blog

Here I will talk about my weather and other related matters.
Especially Nature.

My Rose Survived from a worm attack while it was still a bud.
We see traces of its past yet we could see how beautiful it became

You have survived...
move on and go on living......

Do you have a story to share ?

This is my story.....


Updated: 11:48 AM GMT on May 23, 2014


By: YelloworangeRose, 11:49 AM GMT on April 01, 2014

The Weather this Hour : 12:29 pm - 31 C feels like 37.

If you're feeling fancy free, Come wander through the world with me,
And any place we chance to be
Will be our rendezvous.
Two for the road, we'll travel down the years,
Collecting precious memories,
Selecting souvenirs and living life
the way we plea...


Updated: 4:30 AM GMT on April 27, 2014

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