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By: Toby Skinner , 11:45 PM GMT on February 04, 2011

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It's been almost 3 days since the launch of the new site and as expected, we've had a huge amount of feedback from you all. We appreciate all of your comments - both the positive and negative - and rest assured that we are listening to each and every one of you. We would like to address some of the recurring concerns that have been raised:

How long will the classic site be available?
The classic site is not going anywhere. We will be running it alongside the new site but as we add new features and data the classic site will not benefit from these additions. For further reassurance, I can tell you that we are still running our Telnet site from back in 1992 before The Internet took over.

Why change for the sake of change?
We are one of the oldest sites on the Internet and this new site design is the first major overhaul of the user interface for 16 years. The fact that we have had one overhaul in 16 years demonstrates that we do not 'change for the sake of change'. We have added so much data and so many new products over the years that we simply had to re-organize the architecture of the site. Also, we appreciate how much our loyal users love the appearance of the classic site, but for visitors less familiar with it, the brand impression was not always so positive. We have conducted research that showed that many people did not trust the weather data on the classic site because of its dated appearance. Of course our existing users remain our number one priority and these changes are designed to enhance your experience - but to continue to be here and provide you with our unique quality of data then we have to appeal to a wide audience.

I can't find data on the city forecast page?
The number one rule that we set ourselves when looking at the city forecast page was that absolutely no data could be taken away from our users. The focus of the redesign was to instantly surface as much data as possible for our users - but with a layout that doesn't feel like such a data overload. Despite its cleaner appearance, there is in fact more data available on the city forecast page than before, without having to click to a new page.

Why has the 5-day Forecast been moved further down the page?
We understand that some users are not happy about having to scroll down to the 5-day forecasts. We introduced the 'at a glance' data at the top of the page so you can see what weather is heading your way over the next 36 hour period. We could not keep everything at the top of the page but please note that the new city forecast page is more customizable for users with the collapsible functionality of the content sections. In response to many requests, we have just launched a new tab next to the radar image on the city forecast page that will give you the 7-day text forecast in one piece at the top of the page. If you click on this new tab, it will remain the default for your next visit.

Why did we launch the new site during major storms?
We had planned the re-launch for Groundhog Day for several months and we unfortunately could not have anticipated the level of severe weather activity that far in advance.

Are we 'going to do a Facebook' and keep changing the interface?
Again, this is the 1st overhaul of the site for 16 years. If you've used for a while you know that we are constantly making small changes to improve the site and this will continue on the new site. I can't promise that we won't redesign the site in 2017.....!

You can still go to your settings page and view both fahrenheit and degrees - it still needs some work integrating with the new site - we're working on it!

We will continue to listen to all of your feedback as we move forward with the new user interface. Ultimately, our focus is on delivering the most reliable and in-depth weather information - you can choose which version of the site you wish to view the data on.

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I have been using this site since 1996 when I started flying lessons at my local airport. I have always found this site to have the best presentation of weather data on the web. Now, after fumbling through the site for several days I hate it. I don't like the appearance and I am having difficulty finding the basic features that mean most to me-those that always appeared in what is now the classic view. This is a step in the wrong direction. I recently heard this quote: "solutions are the source of most problems". In this case, a lot of things that weren't broken were "fixed". Not happy. Now I am going to accuweather and weatherbonk...darnit.
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299. han3
I have been using this site every day for the past 12 years.... A wonderful and great site where I can see all in one page. All valuable information. the best weather site ever...

But this redesign is the worst. I have to scroll down to see. I am using 17 inch monitor. Nothing appears in without scrolling down.
Can't the "anything different and the classic view" tab be switched above in the first line itself along with the search field. The search box can be made little smaller. too much of white space....It needs 2 clicks to view stats/history page.

Now, I would hesitate to recommend to others.Sorry....

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
298. corgi
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
While I hate change as much as the next guy, I'm impressed with the new look. I see the information I'm usually looking for and I like the little graphs (are they called sparklines) on the weather conditions. I also like the breakout of Civil and Nautical twilight. Good job!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
"Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Love the new site. One suggested improvement, however. In the Classic view, I can easily select either the standard radar for my airport or the "high definition" TDWR radar. The new view has eliminated the easily selectable TDWR radar (Washington, DC, for example)

Please add back in an obvious and easily "clickable" link for the TDWR and standard Nexrad radar. Where there is both, it should be obviously displayed.

One other suggestion, and this is only tangentially related to the new site. When a personal weather station stops reporting data, WU takes it down and stops displaying it as a choice for local weather. Unfortunately this gives the impression that the station no longer exists when it might have been down simply due to a power outage or due to maintenance.

I suggest that when a personal station stops reporting data, you leave the station available as a choice, but display a message such as "No Data Available" or "Down for Maintenance," much as you do with the NEXRAD displays. This will allow a person to check back later when the station is back up rather than permanently choosing another station on the mistaken impression that the station no longer exists.

Even if the station has not been reporting data for a long time, the old data might be useful or interesting to people. They may want to look back at what the historical temperatures were even if the current is not available.

Finally, you have a substantial error/problem with the way the search field works. If I type in a personal weather station ID, such as mine: KMDTAKOM2, the search box filters as I type. This is a nice addition. If I finish typing, however, and then hit RETURN to execute a traditional search, I receive a "There has been an error! City Not Found" message. Please fix this.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I don't like the new page at all, gives me a lot of useless information below the current weather info on the left side. I cannot get the 5-day forecase now. I live in the USVI. Before I could at least get the 5-day forecase without the pictures (clouds, sun, rain, etc.) but now I get NOTHING! I think the new page is awful! I think I will be looking for a new weather site. This one is hard to find the pertinent information, you've got too much stuff in little letters plasterred all over, hard to focus and find the really important info. Sorry about the bad report, but just my thoughts.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
To the person telling me to use the Mobile site with the mobile device, yet again, the classic site worked fine on my mobile device. I'm just pointing out how much better the classic design was.

Also, the entire idea of a special mobile version of a website is to misunderstand the web and in my opinion, bad design. One site, if written appropriately and using standards, should work everywhere. Read up on the whole point and plan of the design of HTML back at CERN.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I love the new site but I really miss the favorites side bar! I used to depend really heavy on it since I have a list of 50 cities that I constantly check data on.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:

Member Since: July 3, 2005 Posts: 433 Comments: 132175
The new site is growing on me as I find out where things are. Still is not as friendly as old site. Needs to be a little brighter [bolder] to make it easier to read. Will keep using the site
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Just adding my .02....

Hate it for all the reasons above except for mobile devices which I don't use.

Please reconsider but I won't hold my breath.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
no improvement, classic site better.
font on new site is hard to read. information is spread out too much. sorry for your work but please keep the old site.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
The new page is 'OK' but even though you claim innocence, it really does seem to be change just for the sake of change. Thank you for keeping the old page up. That's where I'll be getting my weather.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:

Quoting minnenana:
The Weather Events box is the biggest waste of space. Put the radar or something local up there instead. The first thing I always looked at was the radar picture for my city. Now I have to scroll down before it appears.
The Weather Events window and the Weather Summary are what the paying customers get instead of ads. 
Member Since: November 8, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 41
Don't know how you could make it more BORING!!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Old site completely incomprehensible? Really? Isn't that a touch hyperbolic? I had no trouble comprehending it, nor do I have trouble comprehending the new one, but it is missing info standard to the old.
Member Since: August 29, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 100
The Weather Events box is the biggest waste of space. Put the radar or something local up there instead. The first thing I always looked at was the radar picture for my city. Now I have to scroll down before it appears.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I don't pay to use this fantastic weather site so I can't complain. Keep up the good work Weather Underground!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Since the majority of comments seem to be wailing about how this design is absolutely terrible and might as well be the end of life as we know it on this planet, I'd like to tell you that I think it's great. As an intermittent user not intimately acquainted with the site's design, it is *much* easier now to find whatever piece of information you're looking for. For me, the site used to look like Sprint's "Now Network" dashboard. That is to say, completely incomprehensible at first glance.

This new one's great. It's clean. I can find my way. Thanks, guys.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Looks good OK. I am a newby so I will get used to this and then get PO'd when they change it again. "Change"; isn't that the stuff you give to kids or throw in a box/jar somewhere and forget about?!?! I guess I am getting old...I am not a fan of most "change" good or bad...But thanks anyway for trying to improve. We am sure we will all persevere.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
No, all the data isn't there. The UV forecast isn't there. I live in the sunshine state and routinely use that to judge how thoroughly I'm gonna be cooked. And forgive me, but classic does not have every last bit of info crammed on one page. It has more useful info on one page. Matter of opinion, I guess.
Member Since: August 29, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 100
I have been a member for sveral years, but if you call this new site a improvment then you have some serious issues with web desing. Just leave it along I prefer the classic view,as the new is DULL with little information. Forget your new page and just leave what was already good alone.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
The new site has no way to access this page.

I had it bookmarked, but from the new site you do not provide the level of information found on this page. The new site's "Maps and Radar" page does not present the options near the map - you have to scroll to the bottom to select certain maps and furthermore it lacks categories compared to the old page (Less data - snow depth? jet stream? etc.). Also, the old page allowed you to view zoomed in sections of the country (Northwest, Southwest, Midwest,South Central, Northeast, Southeast). This feature is greatly missed.

I get it. Facebook is huge!!!! The new site looks more like FB. I personally think facebook has crested as people realize it can be a useful tool but for the most part it is a huge waste of time. I am getting used to the new look but loved your old site and am not thrilled or impressed you have changed. I am down right upset you have taken data away from the users as I mentioned above.

Make your new look provide all the data the old site perfectly provided and you'll make this user happy again.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Been using your site for at least ten years.
Absolutely NOT loving the new design.

Yes congratulations are in order. Your new design looks like FaceBook. Yes, I hope that they buy you and you guys make a zillion dollars: you are worth it and you deserve Biblical amounts of cash for your vision and work.

I do not like the way that FacebookWunderground presents information. But since I know that I cannot fight City Hall/WunderGround can those of us who feel this way have the option to log into our accounts, have preferences kick in and show data the way that we are used to seeing - without additional clicking?

If you guys can't make that happen, how about a different login (i/.e. "") where we can get to the interface that is much loved?

Love your site and I am on it several times a day (more than FaceBook). Did I mention that I dislike your new interface to the point of borderline hatred?

BTW, no matter what your text might indicate your site does look like it has been changed just to keep up with the FB crowd. Especially given the new palette and design. Good design is good design. Great design is timeless. What you now deprecatingly refer to as "classic" is an example of great design.

Thanks for reading - and for the amazing service your site provides.


Member Since: February 5, 2011 Posts: 0 Comments: 5
Relax folks, the new site looks good, it's a clean fresh look and all the data is still there - it's called tabs - click on them and you'll find more information. Much better than trying to cram every last bit of information onto a single page.

As for the person testing it on their mobile device and complaining it doesn't fit... USE THE MOBILE SITE - THAT'S WHAT IT'S FOR!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Yes I did find that, but why make it harder to find info? Why couldn't the rain chance percentage still be in the quick 5 day? Also, UV index is not there.
Member Since: August 29, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 100
Hourly Forecast:
In Bottom half of the Forecast window is a chart with data for every 6 hours of whatever day you have selected in the 5 day forecast.Below that is a link for the Detailed Hourly Forecast every three hours as it is in the classic site.
Member Since: November 8, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 41
Yes, classic isn't auto updating. That's awful! What's that about?
Member Since: August 29, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 100
271. awsak
I truly dislike the new site...Scrolling and tabbing is waste of time.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
270. CRCM
I keep revisiting the new site to see if your web site whiz kids have increased the font size and contrast. Nope, I'm still doing the wince and squint when all I try to read tiny gray font against a sea of white.

I liked the 5-day layout on the first screen, but it's not that important to me. I always used to keep WU displayed all day on my computer at work. It's easy enough to scroll to where I want it and leave it there. But not when it's an effort to read.

I've notice the classic site no longer has automatic updates. Major bummer, since I can actually read the text on that site and it's disconcerting to glance at it, think you have the current conditions, and realize it hasn't updated in a few hours.

I tried the CTRL + method of increasing the screen size, but it only increases the screen size. There is still the same proportion of white space to little letters. It also screws up with the locations of stuff.

There is so much white space, there is plenty or room to increase font size and weather icons.

BTW, love having sunrise/sunset on the first page. If only I could read the numbers...
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I really like the new format overall, but have 2 major gipes.

1. Please put the most relevant information at the top of the page. I think 98% of the users who hit the site are interested in the weather at their location. So why not put as much local info at the top of the page? Seriously, do we really need 1/3 of the top line of the page taken up with world weather events?? If we want to see what the weather is in Africa we can surely scroll down after we've seen all the local info at the top. Same goes for that national summary taking up the 1/3 of the page right under the world weather events. We can scroll down for the national essay too... and BTW we really don't care what the person who wrote it looks like so you could dump their photo as well.

2. Most people with a modern computer have a wide screen monitor. I have 4 inches of wasted white bar on each side of the page. Can you not format it to take advantage of wider monitors? If you could, most all the local info could be visible without scrolling, that is if you would move the world events and national writeup down below what we really want to see.

Overall it's very slick and looks great. Maybe you could give the user the option of placing sections in the order they think is most important.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Why are the rain percentage chances and UV index gone from the 5 day and hourly forecast? What good is it to see 'chance of rain' without an idea of how much chance there is? And no, I'd rather not have to click on each day. That compact 5 day on the classic was great for a quick glance, so why change it to convey less info?
Member Since: August 29, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 100
Easy Access to Hourly Forecast
I used your weather website because of the easy access to your hourly forecast. Without that, your website offers nothing more than any other website.
Since I do a lot of outdoor sports, this information is crucial to my planning. Btw, I only signed up so I could tell you how much I hate your new format. esday
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I really do wish you'd just roll back this change - put it back in the can and do some basic usability testing.

It really feels like you missed the boat. The use of white-space is terrible - the size of various page elements just seem wrong, and the muted color of the text just make the bright ads look obnoxious.

You have to scroll to see favorite items like the Radar image. Why?

Lastly, when you do make a major change like this - for gods sake let your users know the change is coming, then manage the process with incremental changes, doing usability testing at every stage.

I can't fathom what decision making progress led to this.

And seriously, doing this in a major blizzard "because it was planned on groundhog day" ? Did nobody look out the window ? Talk about poor judgment. Way to kill a popular website.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I have a weather station on Wunderground and have been a user of the site for many years. I feel the new format is unacceptable and will continue using the old format, which is much more concise and provides more USEFUL information. The new site has so much unwanted fluff it's ridiculous. If/when the old format leaves, so will I.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I miss the hourly forecast. You say nothing has been taken away, but I cannot find it.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Beta 1 maybe
Can't move around maps, temp map gets stuck either in Canada or the USA, automate button may not come up , can't move to jet Stream map. lets get back to 7 day forecasts, from 5 note: Cant move foreward in time to find out the day to day increase in daylIghT. average temp to often missing Needs work by the way, MB is Manitoba not MN
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
262. ciaoc
I would like to congratulate you for this excellent update. It's more efficient, more modern, more cool than the old one.
We all know that many people doesn't like changes but once they get used to it, they will find it better than before.

I'm one of your fans, keep going this way!

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I apologize to the users who claimed the redesign was all about ad space. I pretty much ignored them - until I signed out, turned off Ad Muncher and surfed around both the new site and the classic sites of the free version. I now believe the primary intention of the new design was to pull the ads closer to the center of the screen.

Those of us who pay for the no-ad version get, in place of the ads, questionably relevant features like Global Events on the Local Weather page. They can't put weather information in the margins, where the ads are on the classic site, because that would attract attention from the ads %u2013 as well as making it more difficult to scan the weather information. They didn't use a beta version with user input during development because the users weren't who the redesign was for. Oh well . . . So it goes.

Another thing I just noticed - The fonts and background for the weather info are small and muted, but the ads are still large and bright.

Also, the more screens you visit and scrolling you do looking for information - the more ads you can be exposed to.
Member Since: November 8, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 41
I so much loved the old wunderground site, it was my favorite website, it was great, had so nice and attractive design and all useful features. It was the only, singular in the net. I'm so sorry to lose it.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Just thought I'd say "good bye" to what was once my favorite site before I switch to The Weather Channel for good.

You took what was a great, fun, easy to use, and very informative web site and totally destroyed it. It is an unmitigated disater from start to finish. I don't even know where to begin!

Too bad; this was once my weather "favorite" but now it's going in the "trash."
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
After many posts about how not everyone has a large monitor, I decided to try the new site again on my Cruz reader running Android and Opera Mobile 10.1 - so a small screen. Now the darn site is too wide. Why fixed width in this day and age of multiple devices? The whole point of HTML is to allow the device to render the content so it fits. All these sites miss the point of the web and try and make it a magazine. As others have said FAIL.

Back to the older site - works as expected, the plain text can be reflowed by Opera to fit in one screen and I'm not scrolling back and forth to read the nowcast!

I'm glad some users like the new site, but I can hardly use it. I can't figure out how to get the extended forecast. Everything I click on on the local site just returns to the same local site - I JUST CAN NOT get the information without going to the classic site. Does the new site even work in Opera 11?
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
257. ringc
I rarely join a website to chat. I don't want to start a "Weather Chat!" or a "Tropics Chat!" or a "WunderPhoto Chat!". I want to see the weather in my region with the next week/ ~2 weeks shown neatly, with a simple half-scroll of the mouse for everything on the main page that this website used to provide. I only joined this site to comment that wunderground was my favorite weather website, that I enjoyed showing to friends who hadn't seen it before, and now the redesign is about as appealing as (read: dull). Something as simple as the boring new graphics for the day and evening turned me off (I liked the larger, darker icons, which stood out on the page); more so, I accidentally moused-over some advertisement and was subjected to a flash ad about who-knows-what that I had to reach for the mute button to turn off. Perhaps those ads were there before, but I don't remember them. I'll try using the new site across the multiple machines I use (and the multiple users I support) but I'm guessing that I'll switch to classic mode and use that until wunderground either switches back, re-redesigns, or I find a new site for my weather needs, and recommend that to my users. NOAA is looking good these days. Website design change can be good, like the ability to switch to multiple stations nearby at the BOTTOM of the screen, but I really don't see the other changes as positive in this case.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hi, I've had a chance to look things over a little bit now and see how the changes affect my ability to navigate and make changes to my blog as well as get weather information that I need.

I'm glad that you took the animation feature off of the conditions maps, especially the Current Conditions Map. One thing that I'm come to be used to is that I can click on a state and get quick weather information for that state and cities. The animation feature you had initially got in the way and made that impossible for me to do. It forced me to enter the cities of interest one by one which is more time consuming. Don't ever forget that speed of accessing information is of key importance to those of us who maintain several weather blogs.

The one thing that I still see that I don't really like is that when I click on a link, the color doesn't change according to my browser set up so I have no idea if my click is actually connecting until the page begins to update. Also I have no reference by color change of the link to let me know if I've clicked on that link recently. That makes it hard for me to tell what I've done and clicked on. At my age, I need every tool I can get my hands on to help me keep track of where I'm at and what I've done.

Thank you
Don aka: MNTornado
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I love it except for 2 details: you need a quicker way to get to HD radar, and the the print is way too small. You also seem to have much more free space that you could fill with more weather info, so we don't have to do so much clicking for forecasts etc.
Thanks for all your hard work :)
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I really appreciate the new site - sure, it will take some time to get used to, but it's so much easier to read. Also like being able to select the weather station for my current conditions.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Mixed feeling about the change. What I would like most of all is to have back the one-click access to the 'HD' or Terminal Doppler radar that used to be available from a city's main weather page. It's a real pain to go to the standard definition Nexrad imagine, and then target click the right TDWR radar from the national map. Other than that, I don't care for the world weather events frame to be in the immediate field of view where to forecast used to be. And that's my two bits. The rest of the changes are okay, although I will confess that after a week, I still prefer the classic view to the new one. Hopefully the new site will grow on me, and I think it will after a few changes, especially the TDWR link, are made.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Yeah - bad, bad, bad. New design ignores (better yet, declares aggressive intention to ignore) the basic & obvious principle that as much useful information as possible should be viewable w/o scrolling. What's now viewable w/o scrolling is mostly white space, tabs to places most of us don't want to go, ads, and miscellaneous 2nd- or 3rd-order info like latitude and longitude(!), elevation(!), moon phase, sunrise/set. The sole useful immediately viewable info is current temperature & 24 hr forecast & perhaps wind speed/direction. *Consider how much useful info COULD be fit w/o crowding into the initially viewable page with just a little strategic design thinking which evidently has not taken place.*

Numerous other gripes, but to single out just one, the "hourly forecast" (which of course requires scrolling to view) quickly becomes over the course of the day not a forecast at all but a quartile record of basic data. It should shift over time so that it forecasts ahead 24 hrs; e.g., as I'm looking at it now, at 8:30 PST on Monday, it should show the hourly forecast for midnight, 6:00 a.m. Tues, noon Tues, 6:00 p.m. Tues. To get to this valuable info at present, I have to (a) scroll down from the initial screen, (b) click the "View Detailed Hourly Forecast" link, and (c) click the Tues tab.

Notice, incidentally, apropos of the "hourly forecast" section, the redundant sunrise/sunset times, which appear in three separate places on the initial screen and the 1st 3 scrolldowns.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
This change somehow relates to "the Peter Principle", but instead of employees tending to rise to their level of incompetence, it's the website that has risen. (though it may be both, I suppose)
So sorry for the wunderphoto guys since their ad has to be searched for now, like that's going to work. And the local weather stations.....where are they??
WU was loved for 16 years cause it was already good.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
250. Donem
One thing you could've done is leave the annoying Interstate Batteries sponsor logos off the wundermap. How cheezy and unprofessional. I can't even block it by saving preferences. In fact you could get them off my default classic wundermap as well.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:

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