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Farm Implement Scrap Metal Art Sculptures, July 4th, Black Bears

By: WeatherWise, 5:04 AM GMT on June 30, 2014

A few years back, my brother took me out to Bob Cage's farm to see the huge display of amazing Scrap Metal Art Sculptures made from old farm implement parts. I was down in Halifax and South Boston on Friday and happen to notice some of his work all along the way. I decided to stop and take photos.

July 4th

Looks like the town of Halifax, VA decorated one of Bob Cage's iron sculptures with a patriotic them. Bob Cage has created over 80 sculptures from old farm implements scrap iron. Many are on display in Halifax and South Boston, Virginia, plus he has a farm display full of his creations. Some are huge.

Scrap Iron Sculpture

Found this in the town of Halifax, one of Bob Cage's iron sculptures. Bob Cage has created over 80 sculptures from old farm implements scrap iron. Many are on display in Halifax and South Boston, Virginia, plus he has a farm display full of his creations. Some are huge.

Scrap Metal Art Sculptures

Throughout the town of Halifax and South Boston your will find weird Scrap Metal Art Sculptures from old farm implements along any street corner or on display on Bob Cage's farm. This one appears to be made from old plows

Links to articles about Bob Cage: _boston.asp
Not Your Typical Farm Produce in South Boston, VA
Bob Cage Biography - Halifax County, Virginia rt-bob-cage.aspx#axzz35sS8U5BM
Ironclad Art by Bob Cage r/2012/06/a-surprise-find.html
A surprise find h-boston-company-makes-inflatable-aircraft-and-bui ldings/315894
the Bob Cage Sculpture Farm. Cage, known as South Boston’s oldest living hippie, has created up to 80 metal sculptures.


My Latest Photos:



WildlifeWhy are there so many black bears this year?

The answer is pretty simple: they’re hungry and looking for trash, bird feeders and even pet food here-so-many-black-bears-this-year/article_26dde06 c-fe48-11e3-b639-001a4bcf6878.html

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Tribute to WU USER Endofstreet Fledging Time, SUMMERTIME Flowers, Drink Water

By: WeatherWise, 3:32 AM GMT on June 16, 2014

A Tribute to My Good Friend - WU User - Endofstreet - Jim Bond!
Jim pass away Thursday afternoon after a short month and a half
illness! He got such pleasure from viewing the photo gallery on
WU. He will surely be missed.

James Bond

This is a photo of Jim's dog, Sammy. That is probably how I met
Jim, while he was taking Sammy out. Sammy would always head
straight toward me for a little lick or nudge and then run straight
into the woods. He would come right back when called. Quite
obedient and a constant companion to Jim and family as well.

This is a photo of Jim's apple tree. He nurtured it through the
winter After he got sick, his son planted it outside in the
backyard. I checked on it this afternoon and it is thriving
beautifully! I will try to take new updated photo. He
started it from a tiny appleseed.

This was Jim's second photo on WU and he received an AC for this baby owl shot.

It is almost time for the Bluebird Babies to fledge. Today is Day 11 for 4 of them and Day 10 for the younger one. Last year, the last photo I took was on Day 10. My sister came to visit for the weekend and I did not want to be rude so skipped watching the bluebirds. When she left, I checked the box and they were gone. I am not sure when the baby left. With 5 babies, I hope to get some shots of the babies hanging out of the box waiting to be fed. I have seen some posted on WU like that. My baby never did that last year as it was an only child and did not want for anything. The parents kept it fed and sleeping. I thought about doing what Doesiedoats did and just camp out one day and watch them.

You might say they have painted the town pink!

I am not certain if I will open the box tomorrow as they are quite active and surely don't want one to fly out before they are ready. Will give you updates as to the happenings.

Echinaces x 'Hot summer' Coneflower Still Forming And Getting It's Colors

When it gets its full colors it should be a fairly bright orangish red the best I recall. I was happy that it wintered over. I thought it was quite pretty. It will be interesting to see what color it gets to be this year.

I think this special aster that I got last summer is pretty and was happy that it wintered over. It had a bee or butterfly on it when I bought it at Niche Gardens. Stokesia Laevis 'Klaus Jellito'

Summer is almost here! The Stella de Oro daylilies have about played out. Somehow with the reunion and all or perhaps because they were almost hidden, I missed my first two specialy daylilies bloom completely. When I got home I saw two that had shriveled. With the specialty daylilies, that is exactly what it means - a day. The blossom is open when I get up and the next day it is shriveled. You just enjoy them for a day. However, one plant has many buds on it and give you beautiful joy for a few days everyday. So I am quite sure I will have another tomorrow! I will post some photos as the blossoms come in.

Stella de Oro

My daisies took a toll from the extreme winter - not as many came back this year. I either need to reseed or transplant some that I have in a pot. I have a pot full of daisies that bloom beautifully but would be a big daisy plant if put in the ground. I will count the plants in that one pot tomorrow and tell you. I pulled a bunch up several years ago that were really too near where I had to turn the water hose one. I gave a bunch away and stuck the rest in a couple of pots.

Happy Summer, Everyone! May the flowers keep on blooming all summer long!

So how do you make yourself drink more water? It comes natural for many, but for some a reminder is needed. One thing I like to do is make fruit flavored water. I have been putting a few strawberries in a small pitcher and filling it with water. I place it in the refrigetator for about 8 hours. Then I have a refreshing drink - nice and cool. Sometimes I do the same with lemon, even thought lemon pretty much flavors immediately. Today I am drinking Peach flavored water. Most any fruit works. Also flavored water cuts down on intake of soft drinks. Now, I know you are thinking oh I buy flavored water. However, check out the ingredients. Making your own, you control what is in there and keep it all natural with no sugar or NO artificial sugar. I enjoy it. Of course there are many other refreshing summer time drinks. SO DRINK MORE WATER!

Radar for my area:

Local Radar

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Bluebirds Growing, Trouble at Cardinal Nest, Bears, Danville Trail #1 in Virginia

By: WeatherWise, 8:35 PM GMT on June 08, 2014

Bluebirds are doing great! You can see that they have developed a nail from this photo and the feathers are popping through. They will be flying away before I know it.

Okay, I am getting really ill now. I have typed this little part about the Cardinal's Nest about 3 times now and it disappears as I am scrolling down to click submit. What is the deal? Is there some cyber troll hanging out in the gully of the scroll bar. It seems to be.

It seems that the cowbird has slipped into the cardinal's nest and tossed an egg to the ground and replaced it with one of its big egg.

Cowbirds do this. They do not build a nest but spend all of their time laying eggs in other birds nest. This little blip is from a website on cowbirds. I did not know the number of eggs was that high. d.htm

Cowbirds rely on other birds to raise their young. The cowbird eggs hatch sooner and the cowbird chick is much larger than the host's chicks. The hosts feed the larger and more demanding cowbird chicks first which often lead to the demise of their own offspring.

This is believed to have cut the eastern woodland birds by half and even entire species of birds have nearly vanished. There are over 200 species of birds that can be the recipient of their actions with warblers and vireos usually being the unsuspected host. Cowbirds can lay as many as 80 eggs in one season.

AllAboutBirds website does not give a number so big. The say three dozen which is still a lot considering most birds lay 2 to 5 and perhaps 1 to 2 clutches. owbird/id
I have typeded this part of the entry so many times that I am not sure what I have in here. Did I say how disappointed I am and how I should not be as it is natures way and that sure did not make me feel any better. I am saving this one line at a time and NOT using the scroll bar as it seems to eat every thing I have typed. I am clicking in a white space outside of text box and then using arrow keys to get down to the submit or update button. Anyone else dealing with such?

Another news article by Denice Thibodeau from the Register and Bee caught my attention today, Monday, June 9:

Franklin TurnpikeBear sightings 'pretty common right now'

It seems that a guy that works for the newspaper spotted this bear crossing the road as he was heading home yesterday. He said it was over six feet tall and that it would have filled up the bed of his truck.

From the news article, it did not sound like the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries was very interested in doing anything about relocating it.

Article From today's local paper: The Register and BeeLink

Danville trail named No. 1 in Virginia, attracting visitors from all over

Posted: Sunday, June 8, 2014 12:00 am

Special to the Register & Bee

The scenic trails of Danville's Angler’s Ridge are designed for all skill levels from beginner to expert.

Biking at Angler’s Ridge is a year-round sport. With great drainage along the hilly terrain, the trails never close due to weather. In addition, the Boy Scouts built a bike wash to clean off any mud after a ride.

From the easier trails such as Riverside Drive, which is a relatively flat shaded ride alongside creeks and through the woods, to the difficult trails like Witchback and Hidden Hollow, which are more technical with climbs, descends and switchbacks, the Angler’s Ridge Trails draw riders of all skill levels from across the country.

As the miles of trails and the core group of riders increased, the Southern Virginia Mountain Bike Association was formed. Their mission is to promote mountain biking in the area and maintain the trails. The group partnered with Danville Parks and Recreation to use the area for the trail system.

Danville area is fairly hilly with mountaint biking trails that match any in the state of Virginia.

It turns and twists uphill and downhill known as the the Angler’s Ridge mountain bike trail system and its 35 miles of stacked-loop single-track trails is ranked No. 1 in Virginia — and 32nd in the world according to the article in the newspaper.

The trails pass through scenic area and adapt to all levels from beginner to expert. The trails are said to have plenty of gravity drops, log pyramids, tight switchbacks, moguls, rock gardens and 40 bridges to challenge you as you bike along through complete with creeks and wildlife.

You can read Okeefe's article with the following link with more detailed descriptions.


Updated: 10:35 PM GMT on June 09, 2014


Ever Seen Cardinal Eggs Before?

By: WeatherWise, 3:11 PM GMT on June 06, 2014

Ever Seen Cardinal Eggs Before?

I never have! I discovered my cardinal's nest this am. I was shocked. I was walking around the overgrown redtips that my neighbor will not trim looking way up high as they are above tall tree height. However I spotted something interesting down low. About that time the bird which I did not see flew. However I heard the sound of the cardinals spitting and picpeck sound. I was amazed but remember now that they do sometimes like low spots.


I have fed these cardinals year after year and watched them bring their little ones to the feeder. The babies perch on my trellises and wait for the parent to hop over to feed them. This has been year after year but never had I ever discovered the nest in my yard.

I did discover their nest in a tree across the street one year after the babies were born. It was too high up for me to see. I tried though. I got the ladder out and went across there and climbed up and held the camera up as high as I could to get a shot. I am sure the folks that drove past as I was doing this crazy stunt were shaking their heads and laughing. Oh, well - whatever floats your boat!

Guess that means I might be a Cardinal Granny, too!


Bluebird BABIES! Contraption! Still LOVE Cardinals!

By: WeatherWise, 8:46 PM GMT on June 04, 2014

I have at least 4 bluebird babies! I did not check closely except with photo and think looks like one egg still in there. However with so many babies it was hard to tell. On DAY 13! How about that! Very advanced babies they are. Oh, and for those of you that don't already know - baby bluebirds! YEAH! I am a BLUEBIRD GRANNY!

Yesterday, the eggs were very shiny as they said they would be.

Day 12 the eggs were very shiny and looking ready to hatch. I had suspected the parents perhaps were hearing noises from the eggs. They hatched sometime between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon DAY 13. I know there was activity at the nest this am even. I make myself wait until the warmth of afternoon before checking the box.

More to come - but just have to post this immediately - YES, I am excited!

Coming: Herbs, and more - Granny's brain is not getting too far past these little bluebird babies at present.

Despite all of my bluebirds and all, I still love my red cardinals!

I have found a new robin's nest that has four eggs - will try to get a photo in a bit.

Updated: 8:04 PM GMT on June 05, 2014


About Family, Yellowstone, Putting this Contraption Together, Bluebird Watch. Pain

By: WeatherWise, 3:53 AM GMT on June 02, 2014

It's All About Family, Yellowstone, Putting this Contraption Together, Bluebird Hatch Watch Day 10, Pain

It's All About Family, Yellowstone, Putting this Contraption Together, Bluebird Hatch Watch Day 10, Pain


It seems it is all about family for me. Yesterday was special - I had lunch with my son that had just returned from his Coast-to-Coast walk across England. After lunch, I met my son that had just returned from a mission trip to the Congo and his family at the ball field. My grandson was just finishing up his tee ball game, so we all went back to their house for a short visit. Was a wonderful day for me!

So both sons are back in the states - Now my daughter and family are off on an adventure of their own - a roadtrip to the Bad Lands, Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Cheyene, Laramie and who knows where else before they return. Here is her photo of a Bison Jam from Badlands National Park.

Putting This Contraption Together

Okay, it is Sunday and I am still procrastinating about putting this thing together. You know how I was all excited about my water filter system coming by the end of the day on Firday! Well, UPS did not deliver until late just before I was meeting friends for Mexican. I rationalized that it did not make sense to start on a project at 8:30 or 9 at night. Then I was up and off for a day trip to see my sons and back home and off to dinner with friends. So still, contraption not put together. Sunday has passed and it is still sitting there. Seems I have to assemble the lid by putting the knob on - no tools needed just hand tighten. Next is the spigot to lower chamber assembly. The BIGGIE is Priming the Black Berkey Purification Elements. Says follow printed instructions provided within the element box. Then the upper chamber assembly. Somehow, I had not thought about any assembly of this thing. I will get on to it eventually. Sure wish I had thought to take it with me to my son's as he would have gotten it done in a flash.

Bluebird Hatch Watch Day 10

The Bluebirds showed back up at my birdbox on Sunday May 11, 2014. They came earlier in the season but the Carolina Chickadees had already put nesting materials in the box. I was pleased to see them show up again as the Chickadees abandoned their nest. This is the female - very pale colors in comparison to the male's deep blue. Surely thought perhaps that day was moving in day.

Bluebird Nest Activity

First sign of nest building May 12

Nest completed fairly quickly

First egg laid May 18

Second egg May 19

Third egg May 20

Fourth egg May 21

Fifth egg May 22

Incubation began May 23

Day !0 Okay, do you think the eggs look slick? Supposedly around Day 10 and before the eggs hatch they begin to look slick! Eggs should hatch between 12 and 14 days - so I have read! So VERY soon - BABIES!

Pain - still having the pain - think perhaps a trip to doc might be in order. Thing is I am just fine otherwise! Yes, a bit of pain when I reach backwards but is not unbearable.

Coming up: Vacation Bible School Crafts

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