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Why Do I Walk - A Bit About Me - My Photo Walk

By: WeatherWise, 4:23 AM GMT on March 24, 2014

Wonderful Nature Walks, Spring Rains, Winds, Flowers Birds & the Bees, & Deer!

I am SUPER happy to see that my nature walks and talks have inspired several of you to give it a try.

Why do I walk? Well, yes, I do get a chance at many nature photos along the way. The real reason I walk is for my health - When I retired, I decided, "Okay, Shirley, you can retire and die or you can retire and stay active. I figure a nice daily walk is preventing me from having to add another pill. Walking is just great getting all the fresh air and sunshine but also helps your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, when I went in for my first bone density test a few years ago, the tech told me that my walking was making my bones more healthy especially the hip bones. That inspired me even more to get out for my walks.

Another reason for me walking everyday is to keep myself in condition for taking vacations with my grandkids. We have spent 8 weeks in Disney since I retired and THAT'S a LOT of walking. We have been every year except one - We get a 3 bedroom condo and 10 day tickets for Disney. We really have a great time and if I did not walk daily I would not be in shape enough to walk.

My neighbor and her two little doggies used to walk with me, so pretty much did not linger for long photo shoots. I would walk 1.3 miles with her and then turn around and walk it with my camera for a photo walk.

At first, the photo walks were just an occasional treat or outing for me and at some point they became a habit as well as a late afternoon walk. So in pretty weather, I pretty much walk 3.6 miles a day. In summer, I get up early and get my walk over before the heat of the day. Last spring, when the pileated woodpeckers were nesting, I found myself walking about any time of the day and staying by the woods long hours waiting for the parents to feed. If I did not feel it was a good feeding, I would wait and hang out until the next feeding. It became more let me go down to check on the woodpeckers than let me go for a walk.

A bit about me, the mother of three - a daughter and two sons. I have 4 grandchildren a little over a year apart ranging from a bit over 5 1/2, 7, 8, and 9 years old. My children and grandchildren are the joy of my life. My goal is to be the very best mother and grandmother I can be. I am a retired elementary school teacher and loved every moment of my teaching career. I love children, I enjoyed my co-workers and really missed teaching the first year of retirement. I was running over there volunteering several days a week. I even did a fill-in for the media specialist that went out on maternity leave. That was really great as it happened to run through the holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas - I just love holidays with the children. Right after the six weeks ended the weather turned SUPER COLD and winter set in - I had no desire to get out that much to run over to school - plus flu season hit and another reasond to stay out of the schools. I still did some volunteering in the spring and the following year. My teacher friends always included me in get togethers and parties so I was still in the loop. All of this helped me to adjust to retirement and to be content at home.

My daughter still plans some type of vacation for us about the time I should be going back to work. I think that helps too. If you have ever been a school teacher, you know there is nothing like the excitement of starting back to school in the fall - just like a kid. You think on it and plan for it all summer and pick up all kinds of neat things for your classroom every time you go out almost.

I had a tremendous collection of materials. I gave everything to two young teachers that were moving up to my grade level except my special books. I gave those to one of my best teacher friends across the hall. Problem came when a couple of years later, she retired. She insisted that I should take all of my special book collection home - that my grandchildren would love them. So I still have my beautiful collection of children's books and yes my grandchildren love them. Well I have filled your ears and I better stop and run out for a late afternoon walk. It has been one of those funny days. We had a cloudy sunrise. Then the sun actually came out, however by the time I headed out for church it had clouded over and was much colder than I thought. As I came out of church, it started drizzling rain. It seem so cold after having a 74 F plus yesterday. Now all of a sudden the sun is out full blast. So off I go for my late evening walk at 6. Maybe I will see the deer.

My Photo Walk

Sunday Sunrise - Cloudy Start to the Day And Later Rain

Robin Splashing Like a Duck in the Puddles Near Cardinal Tree

Cardinal in the Cardinal Tree Surrounded by Flowering Buds

The Day Ended With a Cloudy Sunset

As the Sun Was Setting, the Fog Started to Roll In

The Lady Dear Deer Found My DEER Cardinal 

Pileated Woodpecker In The Perching Tree Pileated Woodpecker  
Deer On the Edge Deer It's Snowing
Resident Lady The Fabulous Three Tuesday Deer at Dusk 
Red-Bellied Woodpecker The Lady Wednesday Bluebird Evening Couds

 Wednesday Deer My blebird 
Squirrel Cardinal Red-Bellied Woodpecker Red-Bellied Woodpecker


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Days Of Old, Looking for GREEN/SPRING, Planting, Birds, Buds, and Patience!

By: WeatherWise, 4:17 AM GMT on March 11, 2014

Of Olden Times - Found this right in the city but actually the folks on this particular street - their backyards are like country backyards backing up to the woods with clotheslines, woodpiles,and vegetable gardens, etc.

Last night it occurred to me as I was deleting 2013 photo files from my computer that what I am hungry for is GREEN! I want to see green sprigs, green grass in yards, green leaves on trees and more. Just hungry for GREEN! I am tired of brown grass, bare limbs, brown flowers and more. I want to see lots of GREEN, Green, green!

Speaking of Greens - Great news - The little pots of Basil and Parsley now have little green specks showing up. It is so amazing to watch nature through planting. I have six tiny spinach plants and 6 small kale plants to put in the ground. I think that may be on tomorrow's agenda. I am trying to decide whether to put in the ground or to plant in pots.

I have been watching the birds out and about the neighborhood as they are vying for their favorite nesting trees. I have observed them fussing and flying at other birds that visit their tree. I have seen robins running at little birds and chasing them out of yards.

Buds seem to be on trees and soon will bloom. However the little green shoots for daffodils and other early flowers just are not up yet. Last year they were in bloom at this time. It is always amazing to watch 3 blocks over blooming earlier or daffodils protected by trees getting it's buds earlier. I am really looking too closely for spring I know. It will be here before I know it and I need to be patient.

Buds 3 blocks over

Little Shoots Peeking Through on My Street

Red Cardinal Little Guy Little Bird Cardinal


Silver King Mr. C   Today's Cardinal Red Bird Kind of Day 

In the Dogwood My Favorite Color
Moon Wednesday Moon Spring Blending 


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