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Atlantic and EPAC Tropical Cyclone Reports

By: Tropicsweatherpr, 7:00 PM GMT on July 11, 2011

This blog will be used to post the tropical cyclone reports of every system that will form on 2011 in the Atlantic basin and in the Eastern Pacific. So far, the Arlene in Atlantic and Adrian,Beatriz and Calvin in the EPAC have not been released. Members can come and discuss about the reports.

Updated: 2:58 AM GMT on July 14, 2011


Global Model Runs

By: Tropicsweatherpr, 5:44 PM GMT on July 09, 2011

Here is a blog to post all the runs from the global models as from now going foward they will be very important as the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season draws closer.

Runs at 7/9/11

Here is the 7/9/11 12z CMC that shows a system tracking thru Central America without much development,contrary to GFS that has a TS in the SW Caribbean.


Here is the 12z GFS that has a TS in the SW Caribbean.


12z NOGAPS also has the system in SW Caribbean.


Updated: 7:10 PM GMT on July 09, 2011


Global Tropical Activity is down

By: Tropicsweatherpr, 5:47 PM GMT on July 01, 2011

I find it interesting that the tropical areas around the world have seen a decline in activity. What is the culprirt of this?



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