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The Three Snowstorms that could

By: TheDawnAwakening, 8:09 PM GMT on February 05, 2014

NEw England has been hit by two of three potential snowstorms in the next 7 day period. The first two have already occurred in the first 3 days, the first one brought 3.5" while the second one brought 5" of snow to Cape Cod, MA. Right now the third potential snowstorm is now out to sea on the models and no longer showing a potential phaser. However I believe the models will come back to a monster triple phaser that will bring New England activities to a standstill this weekend into next week. I think this snowstorm will travel around the benchmark as a potential miller B snowstorm that phases the northern and southern stream systems. Right now its a pain in the neck to watch these models struggle with the potential phasing of jet streams, and potential influence of polar vortex energy. Still we have until Friday 12z runs to get the storm idea back, and I put the odds of that occurring at around 60% for a storm potential.

Three New England monsters


East Coast Extreme Weather

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