Canada Day, or if you will, Dominion Day!

By: Teaser, 3:46 PM GMT on June 30, 2015

A Happy Canada Day! The weather looks good for tomorrow, it is good today, I have been busy at the weeds in the flower beds, garden. The weeds, especially the invasive ones are going full speed ahead, while the flowers and strawberries, etc., are way behind. We had a heavy winter, and cold spring, which was sort of dry, but heavy rain last week, my vegetable garden is still too wet to plant...... I guess that we will have to learn to adapt to the changes...

Valentine's visit.

By: Teaser, 9:24 PM GMT on February 16, 2015

Two blizzard days, the temp got up to -10, wind up to 103 K on my station, snow in Charlottetown, 80 CM or three feet! They have a big job to get rid of all the snow, considering that they just got cleaned out from the last one... To further add to snow and wind, some like myself, lost their power, I was out to my garage, Snow all over the place, I never has snow in there before. The wind/snow found places that I was not aware of.
Anyway, it is PEI, it is wint...


By: Teaser, 5:49 PM GMT on February 08, 2015

Quite a nice day, sunny and calm but cold! Last night was -21C, didn't feel that bad when I went out earlier. Now at noon it is -13, my Grey and I were out and she immediately dropped her coat. which inspired her to run up and down the lane. (I live in the country).
We have had a lot of snow , even one of my heat pumps was almost covered in snow. This side of the house is usually bare ground, not so this winter. The other pump on the opposite, East, side still ...


By: Teaser, 12:28 AM GMT on January 28, 2015

After sort of a lull, for a few weeks, however cold, we are now having a blizzard; it has been warming up, -5C now at 8:30 AST, and I can hear pellets on the window. There is a freezing rain warning for East of here, and we are on the western side of the warning area. Hard to say what we got for snow, the snow gauge will give me a rough idea, the wind is averaging 26 K/Hr; gusts of 60 K, from the NW. The highest was this morning was 82 K. It is not suppose to abate...

More cold.

By: Teaser, 11:29 PM GMT on January 14, 2015

Well, we had another cold snap, wind but it did become light last night with temperature of -17 here. Some places went down to -20. They are talking rain this weekend..... Unlike my previous Greyhound Teaser, Starr minds the cold on her feet. I put my socks on her today which seem to help. And still the birds don't seem mind...
With all the killings, wrong-doings, I guess we have little to complain about...

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