Snow all gone...

By: Teaser, 2:53 PM GMT on December 06, 2014

Since the last full moon we had our first snow storm, about 20 mm of rain since, mild weather, has taken it all away! It is now above freezing with quite a bit of rain to come.... It is expected to be on the mild side for the next week.

Winter Weather

Firrst storm.

By: Teaser, 1:03 AM GMT on November 27, 2014

Bracing for the first snow storm, with rain popping in at times, so nothing certain until after the fact. I noted on TV that there is a race to get crops such as soybeans and cabbage in. They said that many of the cabbage were about 22 lbs, they were as big as pumpkins!
I lost Teaser, my Greyhound in August. I wasn't going to get another dog, but one was returned from her forever home, and they thought that Starr would be a good fit, and that she is. She looks...

Fall day

By: Teaser, 11:17 PM GMT on October 07, 2014

Tomorrow morning the Hunter's moon will be having an eclipse, near sunrise.... not a good time. I have seen the blood red eclipse before, it is neat. Another complication is that there is suppose to be light cloud near the horizon. As for me, I have seen them before, sorry for those who have yet to see it.
Even though the rain rate is being displayed, I have not been able to get the amounts displayed. For those who want to see the rain amount, go to.

Fall??? Where did summer go?

By: Teaser, 2:42 AM GMT on October 05, 2014

Here it is FALL, did I miss summer??? No not really, I was busy! Yes I was watching the weather, working in my yard and working at friends five star inn every Saturday. It is quite the place, not a place that I would be comfortable in staying, I am too casual. I have some clutter around me, but my bed is made right after breakfast, dishes are always done. I eat well, keep the place reasonably clean, not sterile.!
Sadly my pal Teaser appear to have a tumor whic...

Spring is here

By: Teaser, 2:07 PM GMT on May 14, 2014

I guess like most of the country, we are emerging from a long winter, and a cold spring, however it is starting to look up. This is my first entry so bear with me!!! as noted on my weather station, I have a site where I try to post pictures from time to time.
My cam is currently pointing towards the Confederation Bridge. On occasion, I will point it towards an eagle's nest, or other interests.

Enjoy the Spring!

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I am retired, always followed the weather, as it is a big factor. Teaser is my Greyhound who is very good at predicting thunderstorms!

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