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Canadian Weather Blog #6

By: SteveDa1, 6:42 PM GMT on November 30, 2006

Good Afternoon everyone.

November 29, 2006 Extremes:
Coldest: -34.2C(-29.6F) in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
*Warmest: 18.3C(64.9F) in Lincoln, Ontario
Difference of: 52.5C(94.5F)

*personal blog record

Eastern Winter Storm:
First of all is it ever mild right now across eastern Ontario and southern Quebec and cold on the back side of the cold front. Here are some of the temperatures and dewpoints as of 1:00PM; just look at the contrast between dry, cold air and warm, humid air!

Cornwall --> 19C, 13C
Montreal --> 16C, 13C
Sherbrooke --> 18C, 12C
Kingston --> 12C, 10C
Fredericton --> 12C, 10C
London --> 7C, 6C
Toronto --> 6C, 5C
Windsor --> 6C, 5C
Hamilton --> 15C, 13C
Peterborouh --> 9C, 7C
Parry Sound --> 3C, 3C
Sudbury --> 0C, -3C
North Bay --> 2C, 0C
Timmins --> -7C, -15C
Wawa --> -8C, -15C

The Cold front is a sharp one! Huge contrast in temperatures all the way to texas:
-1C as of 12:20CST in Dallas, TX
25C as of 12:20CST in New Orleans, LA

The storm is expected to bring quite extensive freezing rain to a line from Barrie to Ottawa to Montreal to Fredericton and about 150KM North and South of that line. Snow is expected north of there and will be heavy in the laurentians of Quebec where 20+cm could fall. South of that line its going to be mostly a rain event. Southwestern Ontario and the Niagara Falls region could see 50+mm before its all set and done. The first storm will bring all rain to most areas. All this freezing rain and snow will occur Friday with the second storm coming up the cold front.


No Warnings as of yet issued by Environment Canada but will post them when they do pop up.

Updated: 9:49 PM GMT on November 30, 2006


Canadian Weather Blog #5

By: SteveDa1, 6:54 PM GMT on November 29, 2006

Hey all, hope you are enjoying the last days of November 'cause whether you like it or not winter is on our doorstep or already here if you live in the west.

November 28, 2006 Extremes:
Coldest: -35.9C(-32.6F) in Faro, Yukon Territory
Warmest: 16.0C(60.8F) in Sarnia, Ontario
Difference of: 51.9C(93.2F)

Eastern Storm:
A colorado Low is developing along the cold front and will bring rain to the major city centres in the east on thursday. There will be a second storm forming on the same cold front, this one could be interesting! The first real snow of the season from Windsor to Montreal might just come this weekend! All rain from 7am-7am Thursday-Friday EST (Figure 1). Its the 7am-7am Friday-Saturday time frame (Figure 2) that could bring lots of snow from London to Toronto to Quebec City and south of that line. It is a tough call though. It is forecasting 25+cm (10in) of snow to fall throught those areas! Not all of it might stick but this is making me excited. More info on this situation Throughout the day and on tomorrow's update.

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

BC storm(again!):
Another Powerful storm will slam into the BC coast bringing with it another round of snow to the lower mainland and including Vancouver.

Temperature and Precipitation Forecast for 4am-4am Wednesday-Thursday:

British Columbia Warnings:
Snowfall warning for Boundary
Snowfall warning for Bulkley Valley-The Lakes
Snowfall warning for Cariboo
Snowfall warning for Central Coast-Coastal
Snowfall warning for Central Coast-Inland
Snowfall warning for East Vancouver Island
Snowfall warning for Fraser Canyon
Snowfall warning for Greater Vancouver
Snowfall warning for Greater Victoria
Snowfall warning for Fraser Valley
Snowfall warning for McGregor
Snowfall warning for North Coast-Coastal Sections
Snowfall warning for North Vancouver Island
Snowfall warning for Okanagan
Snowfall warning for Prince George
Snowfall warning for Howe Sound
Snowfall warning for Sunshine Coast
Snowfall warning for West Vancouver Island
Snowfall warning for Inland Vancouver Island
Snowfall warning for Williston
Snowfall warning for Yellowhead
Snowfall warning for 100 Mile
Snowfall warning for Southern Gulf Islands


All of the Snowfall warnings in effect. A general 10-15cm(4-6in) of snow expected for North-Central Regions while the central and southern coast get 10-20cm(4-8in). Up to 10cm(4in) in southern Interior.

I have found a better surface map for North America:


Maritimes Nor'easter for early next week is looking more and more impressive. The 12z GFS has the minimum central Pressure at around 970mb and just to the east of Halifax. The 12z CMC also makes it quite strong but a fast mover so well east of St-John's by end of the run.


Canadian Weather Blog #4

By: SteveDa1, 1:00 AM GMT on November 29, 2006

Sorry this one is late, I had school today. Very active weather across Canada today.

November 27, 2006 Extremes:
Coldest: -39.9C(-39.8F) in Faro, Yukon Territory
Warmest: 15.8C(60.4F) in Hamilton, Ontario
Difference of: 55.7C(100.2F)

Arictic Outflow Warnings for central and northern coast of British Columbia and snowfall warnings for Wednesday for Vancouver and East Vancouver Island. Wind Chill warnings for most of the southern-half of Alberta where wind chills overnight are expected to reach 40 below zero. All of the southern half of saskatchewan is under a Winter Storm Warning still but will likely get lifted this evening as the storm that brought all the trouble in BC earlier, moves east. Snowfall Warnings continue for all of interlake regions of Manitoba. All of Northwestern Ontario is under a Snowfall Warning where 15-20cm(6-8in) of snow is forecasted. Freezing Rain Warning for all of Northeastern Ontario including Timmins, Chapleau, Kapuskasing.
A large and intense winter storm moving into northwestern Ontario this evening is spreading a large area of wintery precipitation into Northern Ontario. Most areas will experience at least 4 to 6 hours of freezing rain with ice accretions of 5 to 10 millimetres possible.
Eastern southern Quebec is also under the same Freezing Rain warning with the exception of extreme southern Quebec.

Some Snowfall accumulations for Manitoba as of 3:00PM local:
Winnipeg -- 14 cm
McCreary -- 25 cm
Beauséjour -- 20 cm
Pilot Mound -- 10 cm
Elphinstone -- 22 cm
Virden -- 12 cm
Melita -- 10 cm
Brandon -- 20 cm
Dauphin -- 20 cm
Emerson -- 10 cm
Yorkton, SK -- 25 cm

WOW. I don't think I have ever seen that many Warnings. If I could just find a map with all the Warnings throughout Canada it would be great but I have no luck. This Winter Storm is quite the talk of the week and has caused a lot of trouble in BC earlier this week.

Yukon expected to be Normal again for the next 10 days while the southern prairies and southeastern BC stay cold. Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec are going to be above normal:

In the long range (in 6 days), the 18z GFS is bringing up quite a Nor'easter for Nova Scotia at the end of the run we will see if it holds in the next several days. The 12z CMC shows that storm as well just a little slower to develop.


Updated: 1:35 AM GMT on November 29, 2006


Canadian Weather Blog #3

By: SteveDa1, 6:15 PM GMT on November 27, 2006

A lot to talk about today!

November 26, 2006 extremes:
*Coldest: -41.7C(-43.1F) in Faro, Yukon Territory
Warmest: 16.0C(60.8F) in Lincoln, Ontario
*Difference of: 57.7C(103.9F)

*personal blog record

Here are some snow accumulations from yesterday in southern British Columbia (snow is still falling in most places).

-Abbotsford: 40.5cm(15.9in)
-Victoria: 27.2cm(10.7in)
-Vancouver: 20.6cm(8.1in)
-Campbell River: 18.8cm(7.4in)
-Penticton: 11.0cm (4.3in)

Major warming for southern and central Alberta come Thursday because a pacific flow will be setting up. Wednesday's high in Calgary is -19C(-2.2F) and Thursday's high is -4C(24.8F). A 15C(27F) bump! They deserve it after the extremely cold weather this past week. The prairies have had above-normal snowfall for november. Manitoba and Sasketchewan are in for yet another snowstorm which will just add to the snowfall amount. A line from about Prince Albert to Pickle Lake on south to the US border is expected to get 10-20 to locally 25 centimetres of snow(4-8 locally 10in) tomorrow.

Snowfall Map of Eastern Prairies for tuesday:

No, I didn't forget eastern Canada. No snow in the forecast for you anytime soon :( but rain is coming beggining wednesday as spotty showers in a triangle from Geraldton, Ontario to Windsor, Ontario all the way to Gaspe, Quebec. The rain will practically stay there thursday but will be heavier. Newfoundland will be beautiful Wednesday before the rain arrives on Thurday.

I found a Snow Cover and Ice map for Canada and the US for sunday (much farther south in the west than it was saturday):

Updated: 6:30 PM GMT on November 27, 2006


Canadian Weather Blog #2

By: SteveDa1, 4:38 PM GMT on November 26, 2006

Hey all, hope you are having a great end to the week-end!

November 25, 2006 extremes:
*Coldest: -41.6C(-42.9F) in Faro, Yukon Territory
*Warmest: 16.0C(60.8F) in Collingwood, Ontario
*Difference of: 57.6C(103.7F)

*Personal blog record

Continuing to be extremely cold in the yukon and as well in the prairies where temperatures are running 10-25C(18-45F) below normal! For example in Edmonton the high today is expected to be no higher than -22C(-7.6F), 19C(34.3F) below normal. In Vancouver there is a Snowfall Warning because 10-15cm (4-6in) is expected to fall.
"A strengthening Arctic ridge over the British Columbia interior is pushing cold Arctic air up against the east slopes of the coastal mountains. Strong outflow winds have developed through the valleys and inlets as the Arctic air rushes towards the coast."
It is pretty rare to have snow in Vancouver but not unheard of.

The East has been enjoying nice weather the past couple of days but from now until late next week it will be cloudy and showery, although still above normal so there isn't much to complain about. It's only if you are in the west that you can complain! There are indications that December will start of below normal for Quebec and Ontario but that's in the long range and it will probably change.

Temperature Forecast and Anomaly for Canada from November 26 to December 3:

Precipiation Forecast and Anomaly for Canada from November 26 to December 3:

Better look at the snowfall for southern BC as well as the High and Low (high on top of low) for today:


Canadian Weather Blog #1

By: SteveDa1, 5:51 PM GMT on November 25, 2006

Hey all, I am new to this site (joined about 2-3 weeks ago) and I thought I would make a blog about the weather in Canada because:
1. I live there.
2. It is a vast country with extremely varying weather.
3. I think there are enough blogs on the tropics.

Everytime I update this blog I will post the coldest and warmest high in Canada from the day before.

November 24, 2006 extremes:
Coldest: -40.2C(-40.3F) in Faro, Yukon Territory
Warmest: 10.7C(51.2F) in Long Point, Ontario
Difference of: 50.9C(91.5F)

The weather as truly been COLD in northwestern Canada since the begining of november caused by a mammoth arctic High Pressure System at 1051hpa!

Latest Canadian Weather at a Glance (date shown bottom of image):

10-Day Mean Temperature Forecast:

Overall it is still expected to be Below Normal in the west and Above Normal in the east while Northwestern Ontario and Eastern Manitoba stays Normal in the next 10 days.

Updated: 5:11 AM GMT on November 26, 2006


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