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By: Squid28 , 5:41 PM GMT on May 23, 2006

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Here is a link to one persons input on use and stoarge of a generator and stroing fuel for the same. Although it is a bit mundane for anyone with a lot of experience in the area, for new owners and the un-seasoned it has some good info. I'm a chemist, and spend a lot of time working on oil formulations for various applications relating to hydraulics and internal lubrication of engines. If their is one piece of advice I can give and know what I am talking about, it is too make sure you have adequate oil on hand for keeping the generators topped off. Also, make sure it is the best oil you can get your hands on (if you can source a good synthetic go with it). The last thing you want is for the generator gods to tear away your one source of power at the worst time possible due to thermal breakdown.

Finally, one little extra bit of information on storing fuel in cans.... Regardless of if you use a fuel stabilizer or not (if you don't your crazy), always fill your fuel can up to the neck of the can (works for fuel tanks on equipment too). Yes, it does make it harder to pour the fuel out. The plus to it is, that it reduces the available surface area to be exposed to the air. By reducing the available surface area, you drastically reduce the rate at which the fuel can absorb moisture. As an example (taken from my own five gallon can in the garage) if the can is filled up to the max fill line I have the entire surface area of the interior can space to allow moisture uptake to occur (4.5 x 14=63 sq in). If I fill the can up further towards the neck (4.5x3.5=15.75 ) then I have reduced the surface area to about 16 sq in. Thus reducing my absortion rate by approximateley 75%. This just helps to slow down the effects of moisture and oxygen on the fuel but will not prevent deterioration.

I use Sta-Bil in my tanks, I always add the double quantity for long term storage, and have nothing bad to say about the product. You can buy a jumbo size bottle at Wally World for a good price back in the automotive section. Fuel stabilizers absorb moisture to a point, but that also means that they "attract" moisture, so make sure the cans are sealed up good and tight (don't leave the vent open, otherwise they will suck water in.

Sorry for the novel.....


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7. JeffStang
12:40 PM GMT on May 26, 2006
That is some pretty good info there. I never thought about the surface area in my fuel can before. After Katrina (and those awesome guys from Kentucky that fixed my power) I changed my oil and ran it dry on gas. I cranked it the other day and it took about 15 pulls to get it running. Whew, I was tired but I was happy she ran so good.
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6. Sheraqueenofthebeach
12:28 PM GMT on May 26, 2006
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5. Sheraqueenofthebeach
3:08 PM GMT on May 25, 2006
Good information!
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4. WSI
1:09 PM GMT on May 24, 2006
Good tips! Nothing like trying to start a generator with bad gas. I have seen it. The generator had sat so long the carb was fouled up from the fuel that was never drained or treated. Bad news when you need it the most. Thankfully the person had another one.
3. Redhead
6:34 AM GMT on May 24, 2006
Thanks for all the good tips! I printd them out for my husband to read later.
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2. FLCrackerGirl
7:10 PM GMT on May 23, 2006
Welcome Squid, Thanks for the Info & Linkie.
Good Tips & Tricks are Always Appreciated.
(don't apologize for the length :o)

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1. DannDe
6:15 PM GMT on May 23, 2006
Hi Squid28, Welcome to the Wunderground, tips are always welcome. D
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