Convection Initiation This Afternoon in Kansas

By: Skyzics, 3:04 PM GMT on May 16, 2015

Probably around Liberal, KS, around 4 PM is my guess.

Smoking Pacific Northwest

By: Skyzics, 1:45 PM GMT on September 22, 2012

Wildfires are definitely leaving their mark on satellite images recently, especially in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and western Montana. Above is an image from GOES East on August 28th. Fires in Idaho rage while smoke from other fires in northern California stream northeastward in a strong southwest flow.Above is an image From GOES East taken September 18th. Huge billowing plume near Bend, Oregon with other significant smoke plumes ov...

Pollution Fire

Updated: 2:12 AM GMT on September 23, 2012

Martian Landscapes

By: Skyzics, 1:58 AM GMT on September 15, 2012

Some fantastic images are coming in from the Curiosity Rover located in Gale Crater and heading across various terrains to the base of Mt Sharp, the 15,000-foot central mountain peak in the middle of the crater.Here are a few of the images:The above view is toward the base of Mt Sharp in natural Mars light, as if you were on the surface with your digital camera taking a photo.The above view is the same image, but with the white balance adjusted to be the same as Ear...

Mars Images from Curiosity

Updated: 5:13 PM GMT on September 16, 2012

Summer of 2012 for Kansas City, Kansas

By: Skyzics, 11:36 PM GMT on September 08, 2012

Summary of weather for the months of June, July and August of 2012 at KKSKANSA15 (Kansas City, KS, located 3 W of KMKC, or 3 W of downtown Kansas City, MO):Three month precipitation: 6.84 inches. June Precipitation: 2.28 inchesJuly Precipitation: 0.73 inchesAug Precipitation: 3.83 inches3-month total pcpn: 6.84 inches Note: Significantly skewing August and the summer total precipitation was the 2.85 inches that fell on August 31st from the remnants of Hurricane Is...

Drought Climate Change

Updated: 2:46 AM GMT on September 09, 2012

Isaac Rainfall in Kansas City

By: Skyzics, 1:18 PM GMT on September 02, 2012

The Kansas City area experienced an unusually good 'hit' from the remnants of Hurricane Isaac. This helped make up for the August 25-26 big miss as I detailed on my previous blog entry. As can be seen from historical paths, such storms rarely if ever move into the Kansas City area. Nevertheless, the storm was forecast to hit the area for several days by the NWS forecasters, though at the last minute they downgraded forecast amounts. However many in the area were ...


Updated: 11:00 PM GMT on September 08, 2012

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