Florida Fires

By: Skyepony , 3:54 AM GMT on May 04, 2006

Florida Fires Current Situation
roads are open
~ Could change at anytime, so check link below. Smoky roads are dangerous!. Closures are possible on I-95, SR 50, 520, 528, 192, 27, 44 between 6-9am.

Sunday's East Central fl weather~ high 84�, wind to 20 mph, humidity in the upper 80's, it's gonna rain~
Link to Melbourne Radar.

Monday's new fires

4 new fires burnt 1.4 acres, 171 uncontained fires are burning on 20450.5 acres at this time in FL.

Looking at the active fires map~ south fl is good. East & west central as well as the northeast part of the state have little change from the other day & could use some seriously soaking rains.

Sunday's new fires
~County : VOLUSIA Location : I-95 NB x[MM239.0] [OSTEEN]
~County : VOLUSIA Location : I-95 N x[SR-442] [EDGEWATER]

9 new fires for the day consumed 28.2 acres in the state. Best fireday in a while~ Thanks TS Alberto!

Saturday's new fires~
~County : BREVARD Location : I-95 NB x[MM232] [MIMS]
~County : OSCEOLA Location : US192 x[SR429] [KISSIMMEE] roads closed
~County : VOLUSIA Location : MAYTOWN RD [3754] x[SB I-95 WOF] [OAK HILL] smoky
~Fl had 35 new fires on 147.7 acres. There is 198 active (not 100% contained) fires burning on 21963.7 acres.

Big fires update a great source to get info on any large burning or smoldering patch in the US

Heat (Florida Division of Forestry): 48,000 acres at 50 percent contained. This fire is 21 miles west of Tamarac and is burning in saw grass. A major power transmission line remains threatened. Active burning and moderate rates of spread were reported. Difficult terrain is hampering containment efforts.

NEW Tractor Pull (Florida Division of Forestry): 254 acres at unknown percent contained. This fire is seven miles northeast of Forahome and is burning in hardwood litter. The fire is burning in a swamp, making access difficult and hampering containment efforts.

Check for current central Florida road closures & fires here

Check for current roads closures & fires for the entire state of Fl here.

~link to the current Orlando Fire Complex & Brevard County Media Releases.

All the active fires in Florida~ wild or precribed, burning presently.
Florida Division of Forestry's Fire Management ~ interactive map~ click on ~ FMIS Mapping System.

Link for big active wildfire updates

Okaloosa County Emergency Management's updates

Volusia/Flagler Gov't fire info page

USFWS & Brevard County Emergency Management

National map of hazards & watches

credit NOAA

Red Flag Warning
Fire Weather Watch
If your conserned about a color over your house go here

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218. Skyepony
1:09 PM GMT on June 12, 2006
Loving this soaking rain:)

Tornado watch up on the east coast

not suprised at the strengthen over night, might even see Alberto make cat 1.
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
217. Skyepony
5:15 AM GMT on June 12, 2006
Hey Snowfire, I'm hoping for a put this blog to rest rain:) & if it doesn't I'll start a new blog, cause this one is getting long to load.

OrlandoHokie~ See it took them near 24 hrs to reopen 192? I'm dancing for this rain.

My best guess~ just n of Tampa, as a strong TS, exits N Brevard- Volusia County, Monday night-tuesday morning. I stand by that rain on the way, that I forecasted in lastnight's poem. Noticed a pine in my yard that has the pine beetles is suddenly looking bad, a sign of TD - TS winds.

We scrambled today & got the last of the siding on the house, yeah...

Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
216. OrlandoHokie
6:58 PM GMT on June 11, 2006

It looks like we're going to get some relief from these fires, especially the one near Disney/US192. It's POURING here on the east side of Orlando! It will probably be soggy here for the next 48 hours. We'll see how much of our 8+ inches of rain deficit Alberto eats into by the time it is done.
215. Snowfire
5:55 PM GMT on June 11, 2006
Looks like Alberto may give you a little break here. Let's keep fingers crossed......
Member Since: June 29, 2005 Posts: 24 Comments: 313
214. Skyepony
3:58 AM GMT on June 11, 2006
Hey Everyone~ Thanks for coming by & keeping the blog alive. Threw a party & it's spring at the stud pony farm. I did go back & update for thursday & friday on the fires. The few minutes I spared for here was blob watching..lol.

disneylogic~ I hadn't looked at a big fire picture in a week. Was that HUGE fire still burning in Mexico? Arizona had the most on the big fires page tonight.

As for my backyard...
The ants are on the move &
there's a ring around the moon
but I don't have hurricane hair

Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
213. disneylogic
9:13 PM GMT on June 10, 2006
i was checking the GOES images and, while they aren't related to Florida fires, there's a big patch of fire in northeastern Missouri, too, along with spots all over the state and nearby ones.
212. cgableshurrycanegal
7:48 PM GMT on June 10, 2006
Hey Skye!!! Let's hope this rain predicted wets up your area enough to dampen all those *&^#+_ fires your way!!!
Member Since: July 12, 2005 Posts: 24 Comments: 214
211. seflagamma
7:27 PM GMT on June 10, 2006
Sure hope some of this rain we are suppose to get from TD1 helps out this fire situation in Florida!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 309 Comments: 41110
210. roatangardener
7:21 PM GMT on June 10, 2006
skyepony.. looks like you might get a break from the fire with the td #1 that just left our neighborhood and looks like it might head to yours. hope the folks in cayman, cuba and florida dont get more than they need... but a good rain would surely help the fire situation. my mom lives in vero beach so i watch that part of the state closely. try to have a good weekend.
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 55 Comments: 198
209. Raysfan70
10:34 AM GMT on June 10, 2006
Good Morning {{skyepony}}.
Have a Great Saturday.:)

Watching and Waiting. Watching and Waiting.

Hope that we can get some rain out of this system.
Member Since: July 28, 2005 Posts: 138 Comments: 57354
208. StormDrain
4:49 AM GMT on June 09, 2006
Hi Skyepony, Been meaning to stop in a say I love the Cheerpony photo! Good Night to yas.
Member Since: October 9, 2005 Posts: 16 Comments: 515
207. JerseyDevil
7:42 PM GMT on June 08, 2006

It shocked me too because yesterday morning they said it was 50% contained, then last night they said it doubled in size.

Here is a link to news source out of Miami. I noticed many of the media outlets haven't updated their coverage on it yet online. These guys just did a few hours ago.

Brush Fires burn for seventh day in a row

WEST BROWARD (WSVN)-- A brushfire that has plagued a large area of west Broward for nearly a week is showing no signs of burning out.

"Officials say the fire has doubled in size over the past 24 hours. The fire began last Sunday on U.S. 27, the cause of a lightning strike and so far it has destroyed more than 45,000 acres."

206. Skyepony
6:52 PM GMT on June 08, 2006
Hills ~ that is AWESOME! Hope you get published. I live around a lotta people that like to set the fireworks off for every special occation including wednesdays & weekends. In the last 2 months it's been cut to 6 quick displays...

Thanks for the info JerseyDevil, yeah that one site is usually behind but inclusive~ check out Tuesday's fires (where I had none). I can't find a media story on it since that last I posted at 20,000...odd. I think more than doubling overnight to 45,000 would be huge.

Ogal ~ LOL~ I gotta go back & see what I wrote in the night...My point was...I'as about to get on the~ need to gain weight list. We didn't hardly eat & certainly didn't have time to go to the store for food. All the while doing survivior like challenges of how long can I hold this board over my head. Midday we'd eat crackers & cheese with things from the garden stuffed between. Yum
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
205. OGal
12:16 PM GMT on June 08, 2006
Mornin Skye, if you were gonna knock a hole in your house now was a good time. You have been lucky we have not had lots of rain. As far as your eating lots during this construction period I am sure as hard as your work it will be gone in no time. Keep our finger crossed that there are no really bad fires.
Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
204. JerseyDevil
11:59 AM GMT on June 08, 2006
The everglades fire has consumed 45,000 acres as of 7 a.m. June 8.

It doubled in size overnight on Tuesday. The report I got at 10 p.m. last night was 41,000 acres.

I heard about the 50% containment yesterday morning, then in the evening heard the fire doubled in size, which doesn't sound too contained to me.

The one site must not update often it still shows 16,500 acres. The Florida Division of Forestry site reports 45,000 acres though.
203. HillsboroughBay
11:58 AM GMT on June 08, 2006
I wrote to the Tampa Trib about the nonsense of selling fireworks from tents on the roadside with these conditions. They called yesterday to say it MAY be published.

Where is the FireChief??? DUH!
202. Skyepony
4:46 AM GMT on June 08, 2006
Thanks for the bump Redhead, I'as off galavanting & living...

Oneshot~ looks like the LPGA fire is still abit active, broke her lines for another 18 acres yesterday. Big fire, near 500 acres... Sorry about the missed shots...it'll be there a while. I've been meaning to get pics of the Wickham Park fire, I love the hope rapped up in the emerging new post fire growth. So colorful.

Everglades fire 20,000 acres~ that one's outta hand. Glad to hear of the 50% containment compared to this morning's 0. Hope they maintain & gain...
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
201. whitewabit
4:43 AM GMT on June 08, 2006
Night Skye...
crashing early tonight...
Member Since: August 17, 2005 Posts: 380 Comments: 36255
200. oneshotww
8:44 PM GMT on June 07, 2006
Drove up I-95 to Daytona Beach today and wished I had brought my camera! Big burnt areas along both sides of the highway and in the median. Shows you why the interstate had to be closed.

Didn't see or smell any smoke from the LPGA fire (a bit further north) so that's good. Dry here and a not a cloud in the sky though and that's NOT good!
Member Since: October 12, 2003 Posts: 322 Comments: 1807
199. Redhead
3:23 AM GMT on June 07, 2006
Member Since: April 29, 2006 Posts: 10 Comments: 7042
198. oneshotww
9:56 PM GMT on June 05, 2006
So far so good today - didn't smell any smoke when I went out to do some errands. Haven't had a chance to watch the news today and check on it but plan on doing that later tonight.

Thx, for the welcome back - would prefer to still be in the desert or the mountains!
Member Since: October 12, 2003 Posts: 322 Comments: 1807
197. Skyepony
9:44 PM GMT on June 05, 2006
welcome back oneshotww! Sorry to here the smoke up your way is so bad. So is it still smolderin up your way or is fire runnin between the containment lines?
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
196. oneshotww
4:32 PM GMT on June 05, 2006
Morning Skye, a bit smokey and very stinky on the Beachline this a.m. around 1:30 coming home from the airport.

Also very stinky between SR442 and SR44 (Edgewater & NSB) driving north on I-95. I imagine it's from the LPGA fire??? Will have to watch the news and get caught up.
Member Since: October 12, 2003 Posts: 322 Comments: 1807
195. Skyepony
2:43 PM GMT on June 05, 2006
Hey all, got my nose all buried in "The Grapes of Wrath" really awesome book. Timeless & timely. I'll mention more on it when I'm done with it.

NE FL looks a bit more on fire. Someone needs to string up the Brevard fire bug. That one's elusive, never caught it in '98 either. But this place is a burnin.

Thanks for the update native. That's a big one & if I'm not mistaken that's a major electrical artery. Tracking these fires is really beyond one person, I miss alot & appreciate the group effort of gatherin info:)

LOL~bug, your a riot!

I imagine Rays will be by soon so you & everyone else make it a great Monday...& a good start to a new week!
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
194. plywoodstatenative
10:39 PM GMT on June 04, 2006
WESTON, Fla.--Crews from Florida Power & Light worked alongside firefighters Sunday as a brush fire in a remote part of the Everglades grew to 8,500 acres and threatened power lines, though authorities were able to reopen U.S. 27. It was not immediately clear how close the fire was to the lines.

``The fire is still burning. There's zero containment,'' Division of Forestry spokesman Scott Peterich said. ``Our main concern right now is the protection of the power lines.''

No injuries have been reported and no structures were threatened, he said.

Heavy smoke from the blaze had forced the Florida Highway Patrol to close a 25-mile stretch of U.S. 27 on Saturday between Interstate 75 and the Palm Beach County line.

Since January, more than 2,970 wildfires have burned nearly 122,000 acres in Florida, according to the Division of Forestry
Member Since: November 15, 2005 Posts: 16 Comments: 4189
193. palmettobug53
2:45 PM GMT on June 04, 2006
(Sound of approaching footsteps, running....)BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM....
(Bug comes into view...she's looking very stressed) GAWDELPUSALL!!!!!
(Bug disappears around the corner of the blog, and the pounding footsteps recede into the distance....)
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 247 Comments: 26433
192. Raysfan70
1:30 PM GMT on June 04, 2006
Good morning {{skyepony}}!
Have a Great Sunday. :)
Member Since: July 28, 2005 Posts: 138 Comments: 57354
191. Skyepony
5:15 AM GMT on June 04, 2006
Thanks carolinagal glad to appease the out of state lurkers:) I'm ichin to get to the Carolinas...

No rain today, least not here, my county saw a lot of flare ups & a few new ones there all contained again (luckily most fires lay down at night) except one in Cocoa. With the fire outside Daytona Beach started by lightnin it was against hope today Rays... but thanks. Great day though, hope the same for you.

That LVRI looked interesting for tracking smoke.
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
190. Raysfan70
11:34 AM GMT on June 03, 2006
Good Morning {{skyepony}}.
Have a Great Saturday. :)

Rain should get you all this afternoon, hope that it helps the fires and does not start more with the lighting.
Member Since: July 28, 2005 Posts: 138 Comments: 57354
189. carolinagal
5:11 AM GMT on June 03, 2006
hi again -
Good job in giving such information. I know that it is relevant daily to folks in your area. It is interesting/informative to me also - as information - even though I don't live in the area.
Member Since: July 15, 2005 Posts: 157 Comments: 6834
188. Skyepony
10:02 PM GMT on June 02, 2006
Fire watch is up for some of the state. Except for the Christmas fires (3 in 2 days~ 2 still burning) the state is looking okay as far as new fires go.

West central fl~ never seen a wreck list so long.

Ya'll have ya a great day.
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
187. Skyepony
5:15 AM GMT on June 02, 2006
Veracity~ so sorry to have missed you & yes my bedtime keep getting later & later it seems. Due to the house remodeling I think.

Rays~ It was a great day! The house is dried back in. My husband & I built the most beautiful window from glass blocks with different designs arranged to look like a waterfall. We even impressed our worst cridics~ ourselves. 2 layers of siding to go & the house will be better than new, well atleast the wall we replaced,lol.

Ogal~ enjoyed the rain? We sent that to you. Had a few sprinkles this morning & tarped where the potting shed walls will go again soon, so we could work on that window in a downpour. As soon as the tarp was up the moisture was gone, chased by high winds. Which in the tarped potting shed I was no longer privy to enjoy. But it's done (well atleast the hole in the house part) so perhaps I can get a little more blogghopping in instead of stopping in to catch up with the comments here once a day.
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
186. OGal
5:53 PM GMT on June 01, 2006
Skye, I hope you guys are getting rain today. We have had several showers. Perhaps we will see an end to the fires. I am so ready for them to end as I am sure you are too. Make it a great Thursday!
Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
185. Raysfan70
10:25 AM GMT on June 01, 2006
Good Morning {{skyepony}}!
Have A Great Thursday. :)
Member Since: July 28, 2005 Posts: 138 Comments: 57354
184. Veracity
5:22 AM GMT on June 01, 2006
Hello Skye - you are up late....
183. Skyepony
5:18 AM GMT on June 01, 2006
Thanks for the bump Geez & the well wishes Finn.

Code I noticed lastnight on the fire map that the Panhandle is getting in on the fires a bit more than last week. Sounded active up your way today. I appreciated the info. Been busy...

The rain missed us though N Brevard & Flagler as well as some points south got some rain. 50% chance in the afternnon, hope we get our glass block window built before any rain. After that the house will be dried in again & the weather may bring all the rain it wants:)

Hope all has a safe & damage free season!

Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
182. code1
3:04 AM GMT on June 01, 2006
Hello Skye,
Hope you got all of your hurricane supplies in.
New fire today in Santa Rosa Co. 25 acres and mostly contained at this point.
Member Since: September 18, 2005 Posts: 66 Comments: 13872
181. LakeWorthFinn
2:49 AM GMT on June 01, 2006
Skye, I wish you a safe hurricane season!
Member Since: October 6, 2005 Posts: 69 Comments: 7833
180. Wxgeezer
9:27 PM GMT on May 31, 2006
Member Since: September 18, 2001 Posts: 45 Comments: 623
179. Skyepony
5:04 PM GMT on May 31, 2006
Hey Rays~ Thanks for the update, by the time I checked the FHP site it wasn't there. I know I miss alot of new fires per day, the active fires map says so. So thanks again for the info.

Back to the house~ we have a wall with a window opening now!

Got alot of hurricane supplies bought yesterday on a house fixing supplies run. Today is the last day of tax free 'cane shopping in FL! Got candles & lamp oil to pick up this afternoon.

Everyone~ make it a great day & get your supplies!
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
178. Raysfan70
10:22 AM GMT on May 31, 2006
Good Morning Skyepony.

Another Fire to the south in gibsonton. Close to hills.
Member Since: July 28, 2005 Posts: 138 Comments: 57354
177. Skyepony
5:29 AM GMT on May 31, 2006
Veracity~ Thanks for the resubmit tip on the Cheerpony pic. Finally got around to it, had to use the comment to aprover, but it worked! She's rateable now.
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
176. Skyepony
5:00 AM GMT on May 31, 2006
acduke~ the big totally outta hand firestorms like '98, '78 & sometime early '80's- I think is worse than a 'cane. The smoke, the drought & fires goes on for months. Several times the natives have said give us a 'cane (TS or Cat 1, preferably) to put out the fires, but when a 'cane comes I've never heard "I'd rather be having a firestorm".lol

We definatly need less beach weather & more rain! But I need 2 more days til the house is dried in completely. Looks like a decent chance of halted work & the scurry tarping tommarrow, with low clouds blowing quick in off the ocean tonight.
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
175. stormydee
5:46 PM GMT on May 30, 2006
I was at the beach Sunday night when they started evacuating the west side of Titusville, the Great Outdoors. I heard it was pretty bad. I saw on the news the past two mornings how horrible it looked to drive. MORE RAIN NEEDED!!!
Thanks for keeping us updated!
Member Since: August 25, 2005 Posts: 39 Comments: 517
174. acduke
6:12 AM GMT on May 30, 2006
Thanks...and boy, you guys can't catch a break! Firestorms or hurricanes...which is worse?
173. Redhead
5:40 AM GMT on May 30, 2006
Hello, Skye! Hope the weather is good for you and repairs can be completed!
Member Since: April 29, 2006 Posts: 10 Comments: 7042
172. Skyepony
5:35 PM GMT on May 29, 2006
Here's an update with some good video of th SR50 1000 acre fire. 20% contained.

Glad to here the trip is an adventure oneshot, I lunched in Monument Valley once, such a pretty place. Dust storm must have been wild!

Ogal & everyone else ya'll have a great Memorial Day! The hole becons....
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
171. OGal
12:05 PM GMT on May 29, 2006
Happy Memorial Day Skye! Hope you get your house fixed. Let's keep our fingers crossed that there are no new fires today. The 417-408 fire didn't last long, thank goodness!
Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
170. oneshotww
4:28 AM GMT on May 29, 2006
Oh but Skye, even if I did get to miss the smoke I got to drive through a SANDSTORM in Monument Valley in AZ!!!

We had to pretty much "hunker down" in our hotel room all afternoon and into the evening because of it. Saw tumble weeds flying across the parking lot and all that jazz.
Member Since: October 12, 2003 Posts: 322 Comments: 1807
169. Skyepony
2:04 PM GMT on May 28, 2006
Don't see anything new on the FHP site. Volusia & Flagler is getting dry lightning this morning:( ~ worst counties that could be happening too. Figures oneshot our Volusia fire chaser got wanderlust, at least she's missing the smoke.

Ya'll make it a great day! The house hole calls...
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540
168. Skyepony
5:03 AM GMT on May 28, 2006
I checked the fl active fires map on my last update though I didn't update the list~ frankly it was too many to count being so late & all. I counted the worst & here's our area to watch~

Volusia 17 ↑11
Flagler 13 ↑10
Putnam 9 ↓3

Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 364 Comments: 42540

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