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Why Blame The Guns

By: SkyWatcher86, 4:38 AM GMT on May 01, 2013

One thing that has been bothering me lately is everyone obsession with blaming guns for killing people.Somehow its the gun fault that people die not the person using it.
If someone bombs a place do we blame the bomb or the crazy person who built it.
If someone goes into a public place and start cutting people with a knife do we blame the knife and say we need to pass laws that make it so you have to have duller knives no more sharp knife will keep our kids safe,no we don't we blame the person.
If a driver kills someone in a wreak do we blame the car and say cars need to be made to not go so fast to prevent fatalitys in wreaks no we blame the person driving.
If a person dies of alcohol poisoning do we have national cry out to ban it.
If a person gets obese do we blame the fork.
The reason we don't is its not the objects fault that these things happen its the poor choices people make with them.
So why is it that every time there is a shooting everyone wants to blame the guns as the problem,guns aren't the problem the people who use them are and the only thing that banning them will do is take them out of the hands of law abiding citizens.because the criminals will always be able to get what they want.Just look at every thing that is illegal in this country and is still everywhere.Just because its not on the shelf at the store doesn't mean you cant buy it from somewhere.I don't know about any of you but i don't remember the last time i saw meth,crack or heroin at the grocery store.


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