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Something bad happened;

By: SaskGrass, 4:21 PM GMT on August 18, 2013

What a hair raising experience. I had the weather station running on my daily computer and everything being backed up to an external hard drive. I felt pretty good until the graphics card went! everything came to a screeching halt. I hauled the computer to the repair shop but it will be about 2 weeks downtime. I wasn't afraid of losing current weather data because the Vantage Pro 2 console was set to record everything in an event such as this. I just didn't want the community to be without the data. When I dropped off the faulty computer I bought a Mac Mini and set it up as the primary server for the weather station. The mini will run a lot cooler the the iMac and I'll be keeping the software for both up to date incase this happens again. The trick was figuring out how to get all the archived data onto the new computer and then hooking up the weather station and initiating the data dump from the console memory. Finally figured that out and then had to get the web cam going. Had to go into Terminal to initiate the FTP settings on the new machine. (Forgot.. Apple turns that off in the new operating systems. Drove me crazy last night!!). End result; all is as it should be now.


New Temperature and Humidity Sensor

By: SaskGrass, 8:06 PM GMT on August 07, 2013

The new sensors are installed and the station was only down for 50 minutes. I also calabrated the humidity sensor to more closely match the original. The was an 8% difference in the readings. The temperature readings were the same.


New Temperature and Humidity Sensor

By: SaskGrass, 7:00 PM GMT on August 07, 2013

I have received the new Temperature and humidity station and mounted it under the house to monitor conditions there. Instead of trading the sensor out with the original station as I previously intended, I spoke with Davis regarding the erroneous values I was experiencing. They sent me a new temperature / humidity sensor under warranty and I received it today. I'll be taking the station down for the repair.


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