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Serviced Weather Station

By: SaskGrass, 7:38 PM GMT on June 18, 2013

Took the weather station off line today for about 2 hours. Tore it down and cleaned all parts. Checked all wiring and seals. I re installed the station on a new mast giving the anemometer an additional 4 feet of height bringing it to 28 feet above ground. I was quite surprised to see the unit was as clean inside as it was. Anyway, it should be good now for about a year.


External Temperature sensor errors

By: SaskGrass, 5:42 PM GMT on June 10, 2013

Okay, I just checked the transmitter for the station and blew out all the connectors and circuit board. Used compressed air and blew out temperature and humidity housing. The only thing I could see was some condensation inside the transmitter / circuitry. My plan is to replace the oring on the access door and silicone the port where all the signal wires come in at the bottom. I will also be taking the station down for a thorough cleaning and inspection at that time - hopefully 3 or 4 days from now.


External Temperature sensor errors

By: SaskGrass, 2:56 AM GMT on June 10, 2013

It figures.. we get a good solid rain and NOW my temperature sensor gets attitude. Every once in a while, it will drop from the current temperature (13 celcius) to near zero. I don't know why and I won't have an opportunity to check it out till tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Sorry for any inconveniences.


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