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By: RobDaHood , 6:32 PM GMT on March 02, 2009

The help files

I've done some post to help people learn how to embed video, insert links, post images, etc. The Idea here is to gather them all in one place that we can link to. I'll go back and find the info and post it here. I'll try to update it from time to time with new stuff from myself and others. If you need some help with something not listed here, send me a WU mail or ask me on the current blog and I will try my best to help you or find someone who can.

Don't post questions here as I may not see them for a while.
Would like to say thanks to the people who have helped me along the way and to those who ask the questions so I will know what needs to go here.

If you find something here useful, please "pay it forward" by trying to help someone else.



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11. RobDaHood
11:51 PM GMT on April 11, 2015
Okay, here is how the YouTube embed code generator works:

Go to a YouTube page of a video you would like to embed. You want the URL from the address bar at the top. On my browser, if I right click, it altomatically selects the entire URL. You may have to left click it first to select, depending on your browser, but what you want to do is copy the entire URL. In this case it is

Please note that the entire URL might not show up until you select it.

Next go to the embed code generator page:

http://www.robdahood.com/resources/tools/embedgen .html

This is written in javascript so you have to have javascript enabled to use it...just like WU,

Paste the URL that you copied into the top box that is highlighted here in yellow.

(like this)

Now you can select the width that you want it to display if you want to change it from the default of 480 pixels and you can select the box for a link to the youtube page to be included in your post if you want. You don't have to do either.

Then click generate.

You might notice that the URL you posted changed to only the part after the v=, That is the only part that we need. You may just enter this part if you want, but usually fewer mistakes are made by copying the complete URL.

You should see 4 boxes of embed code at various resolutions. The bottom one is the one I almost always use with WU and it works fine. There are a lot of options set in the code, some of which are not needed for WU but with other sites.

if you right click in the box to select and copy the code, it will automatically highlight. Copy it.

Then you simply paste it into the WU comment box.

Post it.

I will place a copy of this into The Ark Help files for future reference.

If you wish, you may save the generator to your computer as an HTML file and use it locally. You may modify the code to suit your own needs, you may post it elsewhere, but please don't remove the credits to the people who worked to develop it. Oh...and if you modify it and break it...it's not my fault! LOL But do go ahead and break it...that's how you learn to fix stuff.

Feel free to ask for help if there is something you don't understand.
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8. RobDaHood
7:35 PM GMT on December 13, 2012
Continued from post #7

This post removed to avoid confusion as it is no longer relevant
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7. RobDaHood
7:30 PM GMT on December 13, 2012
YouTube Update.

This post removed to avoid confusion as it is no longer relevant
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5. miajrz
2:21 AM GMT on November 07, 2009
Thank you, Rob!
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4. RobDaHood
4:30 PM GMT on May 05, 2009
Please feel free to WUmail me with any suggestions on improving these help topics, with questions, or suggestions for further topics.

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3. RobDaHood
4:28 PM GMT on May 05, 2009
Posting Images

Very similar to posting links with some slight differences.

The first thing you need to know is that you can't just post images from your computer directly. They have to be uploaded to the internet somewhere.

That means they are on another web page, or server like photobucket, WU photo gallery, your own server or someone elses.

you then need the url of the image.
this is something like:


if you can see the image in your browser, you can usually right-click on it and select "copy image address, or image properties to get the image address.

Now you go to the comments box click image and paste the url (image address)into the pop-up box just like posting a link.

Look at it...make sure it is okay, and click OK
*****edit**** This section is obsolete due to the WU redesign****
There will be 2 more boxes pop up one asking for width, another for height. You can usually ignore these and the WU server will attempt to make the image fit. If the image is under 480 px wide this is almost never an issue. Sometimes however part of the image will get cropped off on larger images.

This is the annoying part.
you can do the math and proportionally resize the image. For instance if the image is 640x480 pixels you can insert 480 for width and 360 for height (in the popup boxes) to downsize the image to 75 percent of the original size and that should work.

640 x .75 = 480
480 x .75 = 360

****end edit****

you can type in text before or after, (just like linking or YouTube above) then preview your post to see what it will look like.

I'll add images to this post if needed, but it's pretty similar to the link and YouTube instructions above so if you made it this far, it shouldn't be a problem for you.

One further note about images. Linking to images on other web pages is called "Hot-Linking" and is frowned upon and therefore blocked by some server administrators. The reason being that the image is not stored in the web page itself, but is loaded from the server hosting it. Everytime the image is loaded to someone's browser, the server must find it and send it out. Bandwidth cost money and for some servers that is an issue.

If Hot-Linking is blocked the above will not work, even though you may see it, others will not (your pc already has the image in it's cache and is loading from there). There is nothing you can do about that except to download the image and upload it to somewhere else that you can link to.

The other issue is one of copyright. I won't preach to you on this topic, but you should be aware of it and try, when possible to use your own images, public domain images, or images that you have permission to use. Wikipedia is one source of
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2. RobDaHood
7:23 PM GMT on March 02, 2009
Important note: Due to changes on YouTube and WU, this procedure has changed somewhat. Please see comment 6 below:

Embedding YouTube Videos in a post.

Okay...Gonna try to do an illustrated tutorial about posting YouTubes.
first...you have to find the video, then if you have it in the player...

click the little up arrow thing in the bottom right corner.

a little menu containing 1 or more buttons will pop up. click the one on the bottom and the video will shrink revealing this:

What you want is the embed code...if you click in the box that shows it, it should become highlighted. Right click and select copy to copy the code.

Next paste it into the box where you type comments. Don't click link or image or anything like that, just paste it in like it was text and you should get something like this:

Then just click preview comment or post comment to see the results.

you can also get the embed code from the utube page in the top right corner, if it is easier for you. you can get there from the video by clicking in the middle of the video.

I usually type my comments in first then leave a blank line or two...makes it easier to read and easier to fix if things go awry.

Basically what all that strange code does is tell your browser to insert an object at a certain place on the screen. That the object is a video that should be fetched from a particular address, and be displayed in the Youtube player, etc...

Hope that this is helpful. And don't feel bad, took me a bit to figure it out too. I was trying to make it harder than it really is.

Also if you try it and it doesn't work don't delete it. leave me a note immediately following it and send me a WUmail with the post number, I will look at it and try to solve it, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to handle it now.
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1. RobDaHood
7:09 PM GMT on March 02, 2009
Posting Links to other pages, documents, or images.

Everything on the internet has a URL or Uniform Resource Locator. This is how your computer knows where to look to find a specific website, page of a website, or file on the page. There are various types of URLs for different things, but the one we are concerned with here is an http address.

We are going to assume you have already located a page that you want to post a link for. In the example I will use the address of my Wunderground blog.


you can get this address in one of two ways. By going to the page and copying the address from the taskbar, or by copying a link to the page.

To get it from the address bar

In most browsers, you can click in the address bar and the link will be highlighted. Next simply right click and select copy.

Next go to the post box as shown below:

type the text you want to use for your link, in this case rob's blog, click and drag to highlight the text, then click the "Link" button.

Now you should see this:

http:// should be highlighted. Right click on that and select paste. Now you should see this:

This is where a lot of problems occur. If you clicked in the box instead of on the highlighted http:// you might see this:

Take a look and make sure it doesn't say http://http://www.wunderground.com/blog/RobDaHood/... If it says http://twice you need to fix it by deleting the extra. (If you can't see the beginning of the link press the home key and it should take you to the beginning of the line. If it all looks good, click OK and you should see something like this in the post window:

Finish typing anything else you want to put in your post and click preview or post comment.

That's all there is too it. Sounds a lot more complicated than it is, once you've done it a few times it is easy.

The other way to get the link URL is by copying the link, for instance, if you Right click on someone's name at the beginning of their post and select copy link address it will give you the address of their blog.

Have fun and happy posting!
Member Since: September 2, 2008 Posts: 111 Comments: 38477

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