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Solstice Solace

By: RobDaHood , 3:27 PM GMT on December 20, 2012

Welcome to The Ark

If you need to get away from all the "end of the world" hullabaloo, well, what better place to hide than an Ark?

Hang out, play some music, have a cookie, some eggnog, or maybe some grog. Be ready to celebrate that we're all still here!

The tutorial for the Youtube code generator is now in Post 7 and 8 of The Ark help files. The link to the generator is now in the right column in my links section here.

Please read the tutorial. It's really easy once you know what to and not to do.


Here is a link to the previous blog.

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Hullaballoo ?

I hadn't noticed, you know. Seeing as how I have been on a Secret Mission, for Snakeymon.
Research on Worms has driven me deep underground. And I have spent days there, deep in the worm-holes and tunnels and tubes under one of the Worlds teeming cities.

Hanging out with tube-dwellers in the Deep Underground is rather perplexing, you know, and this has been a Trying Mission.

I met and Interviewed many wormy people, and I dressed just like them too.... dark clothes in several thick layers, from head to toe in tones of grey, brown and dark black. This allowed me to be disguised you see.

They were all quite pleasant. At first. But when I had gained their confidence and proceeded to query them by saying things like "why are you eating Snake's grass?" and "why are you breeding like termites?" they move away, and one even called the Guard?
Especially the Female ones, who for some reason made up 98% of the Sample.

Anyway, the long and short of my research has led me to believe that these Worms are NOT the same species that are affecting Snake's lawns.

I am now in Bournemouth on the south coast.
It will be 21 Dec.in a couple hours.
I will report further, later, possibly.

Keep Warm (I never thought I would say that.....)
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Thanks for all the laughs. Let's do it again next year.

Happy Holidays, Rob.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Yeah, I got stories to tell, but they'll have to wait. Too busy at the moment. No way the world ends this week. The universe won't let me off that easy!
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Good plan RTLSNK!

Hello Todd and YCD! Glad you stopped by. Hang in there. There have been several times during my brief stay on this planet that all was supposed to end. Glad I never held my breath.

Today I'm bottling up the honey-ale. Doing some other things around the house. Found the problem with the car. Injector leaking down when it shuts off making it load up on fuel real bad when you restart it. Got the parts ordered this am.

Anyhow, for the end of the world as we know it...I feel fine.

(that kid really needs to clean his room. Even the dog is gonna move out)
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According to the end of the worlders, it is supposed to
start at 0611 eastern time in the morning.

At 0600 hours tomorrow morning I intend to be having
coffee and stuffing my face with Christmas Cookies.

SugarBear will still be asleep and I made so many
cookies she will never know that some of them are missing. :)
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Good morning Rob:
I'll be visiting as long as I can still access the internet ESPECIALLY if the Hullabaloo doesn't die down.
See ya on the 22nd if not before.
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good morning
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