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The Ark Music Festival - 2nd Annual

By: RobDaHood, 8:04 PM GMT on January 26, 2010

Welcome to The Ark

It's a few days earlier than last year, but who's counting.
Last year we had a blast and I think everyone enjoyed rediscovering old tunes with new friends as well as being exposed to things that were new and different to them.

At the risk of sounding repetitive I'll copy and paste the header from last year...

Hey Everybody it's Music Time!

Some of you already know that music is a big part of my life. I know there are some here with musical backgrounds, others who just like to listen, or sing along. However you derive your enjoyment of music, here's your chance to share your favorite tunes. You can put up a YouTube video, Lyrics, a favorite memory involving music, or a note about how music has effected your life.

I think that 99.9 percent of us can agree that, while beauty is in the eye of the beholder...all in all music is a good thing and has a net positive influence upon our lives.

I enjoy many varied types of music, from Metal to Classical, Rodgers and Hammerstein to Kid Rock, Lerner and Loewe to Deep Purple. and it goes on forever.

Won't put too much more here, else I won't have anything for the comments later...but the point is, post your favorites, and give a listen to other folks posts. You may discover whole new flavors...or you might find a favored old memory awakened. LOL Angie insist that my brain is organized by what music was playing at the time...

Two things I ask...
1.)keep it clean. There's a lot of stuff I like that I can't post here. If it's not suitable for the WU, you can always post the name and artist and folks can look it up for themselves.

2.) (and I know I don't have to say this to my regulars) Be respectful of other peoples preferences. Remember, your parents probably hated your music too!

If you don't know how to post a video...don't worry, you can do the Help and Tutorial blog (link below) you will find illustrated instructions to help you through.

Have Fun!

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Dearly Beloved

By: RobDaHood, 2:39 AM GMT on January 23, 2010

Welcome to The Ark

A wedding in Trinidad.

We gather together on The Ark, in celebration of a very special event in the life of a friend.

The Youngest Lady of Pottingham Forest (aka: Central Trinidad), Ailis is to be wed Saturday, January 23, 2010.

I cannot think of any event in the life of a father that compares to the wedding of a daughter. Very mixed emotions. Though you are happy to see her starting out on a life of her own, your little princess is leaving to share her life with another man. You are happy for her for having found someone truly special that she wants as her partner in life, yet you know what a huge step it is and what challenges they will face as a couple. Most men tremble at the mention of the word Wedding, as we know it can only result in weeks of turmoil where we seem to be the only ones who can't grasp what's going on and why certain things have to be certain ways and what all the fuss is about. So, most of us sit quietly in our corner, sipping our rum and signing checks.

Kidding aside, Lord Pottery has assured me that Ailis's betrothed is a fine young gentleman and Pottery is pleased as (rum)punch with the arrangement.

So, from all of us, Best wishes and Blessings to the happy couple. We wish you many years of wedded bliss, happiness, good fortune, and success.
And Pottery, my friend, congratulations on a job well done!

The Lord and Ladies of Pottingham, Ailis, Bunty, & Nancy

Please feel free to post your greetings, romantic notions, love songs, and (clean) marital humor below in honor of this very special occaision.

Coming soon...the 2nd annual The Ark Music Festival!
Get your songlist ready!

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Cool Stuff!

By: RobDaHood, 9:38 PM GMT on January 17, 2010

Welcome to The Ark

So, You've all got Internet. You're mission, should you decide to accept it is to search out wild, crazy, and cool stuff and post it here!

Have Big Fun!

Okay, judging from some mails and posts...I should have said wild OR crazy OR cool! Doesn't have to be all 3!
Basically, whatever you have stumbled upon that made you think " Oh, I like that!" and would like to share with your friends!

Coming soon...the 2nd annual The Ark Music Festival!
Get your songlist ready!

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Operation Ice Cube

By: RobDaHood, 8:13 PM GMT on January 06, 2010

Welcome to The Ark

Okay we made it through the holidays, now it's time for some fun. Story time.
(aka:cooperative fiction)

Too cold. Already way too cold and I’m just getting started. While the crew slept I set The Ark down in these wretched waters, launched the 38 ft Mares cat and sent my ship on it’s way under autopilot. Heaven forbid Surfy should wake up and see icebergs and snow! On a mission. Some company wouldn’t be bad right now, but no way I could ask Pottery to come along. Heck he’s just now thawing out from his last trip. So for now it’s just me and the two wolves. They are huddled under the center console trying to avoid the spray that flies up every time I hit a wave at 60 plus mph. Sorry pups, we need to be there before sunrise.

I finally see the hidden inlet, right where it’s supposed to be, but not on any map and snake my way between the boulders dropped here from the glacier above. The cavern I’m looking for is just ahead and well hidden. I check sonar and radar one last time as I approach the entrance, shutting down the big V8s and proceeding on electrics. In the daytime this approach would be well guarded, but only a fool would venture here in the dead of night in mid winter. Hahaha…yeah, that would be me.

“There it is” the dock in front of the longhouse is unattended. “ ‘Bout time we had some luck, huh guys!” I cut power and drift the rest of the way, securing the boat and grabbing my sword. Ice-breaker. Like several handed down so many generations ago no one remembers the reason for the name, but it is unmistakable, an image of a sword thrust into and splitting a mountain of ice etched into it’s blade by some long forgotten process. I brought this one because the name seemed appropriate for the mission.

I motioned the wolves to follow, but silently. I reached for the door. Quiet. Too quiet even for this hour. Well, I’d come this far…no reason to get cold feet now. I had to swallow the laughter. My feet couldn’t get much colder!
Creeping inside I found the reason. They were here alright, every last one in a drunken stupor! In the dim light I search until I found a familiar face. I touched my blade to his cheek. No response. I slapped the blade against his cheek…hard. He barely stirred. Okay, guess we’ll do this the hard way. Heaving him by the breastplate I dragged my catatonic friend across the mead soaked planking, out the door, onto the pier and tossed him into the freezing water. A camera would be nice, haha, his spitting, sputtering, and cursing was cut short when he found cold steel at his adam’s apple.


“Greetings, Thorleif! My but you’ve grown round!”

He smiled and laughed. “What brings you to this place old friend?”

“Where is Kristoff?”

“In his room at the back of the mead hall, but I wouldn’t…”

“Where is Valkyrie?”

“Right where she is supposed to be, all safe and sound and good as new. But what…”

“I need you to make her ready. Roust 120 of the best men, arm them, and load supplies for 90 days journey.”

“What are you…Von Snake is gonna…”

“I’ll deal with him. You have your orders. Go! Do!” With that I tossed him a sack that got his attention. 40 lbs. of gold coin. Nothing inspires a Viking like gold coin…lots of it.

(continued in comments)

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