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Watching Erika

By: RobDaHood, 6:00 AM GMT on August 30, 2009

Welcome to The Ark

Just hangin' out, watching the tropics, and having a little fun.

September 1:
Hurristat is doing a project to create a playlist of all the videos we post here. Here's what he sent me:

I have been working on a project for you guys, and this will help tremendously. On September 1st, could you post this form:

Song info input form - click here.

[the periods at the end are part of the URL] onto your blog. It's a form for the music, and it would be nice if, when someone posts a song, they put it on there. What happens is I get a spreadsheet of all the songs and artists, etc, and when the month's over, I'll make the spreadsheet available to everyone, and then everyone can go and listen to that month's playlist.

So...if you'd like to help out, you can just right click on the link above, open it in a new window/tab, put in your song infos and submit it.

Nice Idea, Hurristat!

Hurristat's list of Ark songs for June 2009

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Watching Danny

By: RobDaHood, 6:07 PM GMT on August 24, 2009

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Storms & Stuff

By: RobDaHood, 9:14 AM GMT on August 16, 2009

Need a good excuse not to sleep? Bored at work?
Well, I'm just gonna hang out and watch weather,
play tunes, and chat about what ever else comes up!
Fee free to join me!

Well, we're all waiting and watching to see exactly what Bill is going to do. One thing for certain, He's churning up the water from Canada to the Caribbean. Dangerous waves and rip currents. A good weekend to stay out of the water!
Moving the NHC graphics to the top so I don't have to post them on every page.
What The Heck Is Ana Gonna Do?

Tropical Storm CLAUDETTE!

Not a lot of notice on this one boys and girls.
Overnight the low in the gulf form TD4 off Tampa Bay and is expected to move nw towards the Panhandle region.

see the comments section for more info.

Any preparations should be quickly completed.

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